The light and the dark of memories



After a month away from fabulousness (a word so fab, it’s not in my phone’s dictionary), a night out to Chams was just what I needed. Generally, I don’t mind a long stay on Planet Drab, but it’s good to get away and be all of yourself, once in a while.

Anyhoo, it was edging to the wrong side of warm, by the end of the night, but, we have to suffer for our art, do we not? It being summer, we had our party and everyone had chipped in, bringing plenty of snacks, cakes and drinks. I should thank Val for her photographic talents under the duress of balmy, summer nights. Those of you of middling ages, may have just sung those last two words 🙂

Sandi had been kind enough to sort out the insurance for the group (along with lots of other admin grind), so it was only right to offer a token of thanks. In this case, chocolates…. even if someone nearly opened them by accident. Whoops! Luckily, my superhero reflexes were there to save the day. By that, I mean a polite British ‘umm, excuse me…‘. Luckily, we both saw the funny side, so no worries.

It was great to see two of our trans-men chatting away and having a good time. For a long time, the group has been pretty much genetic males, to use some lingo. It seems things are changing – no pun intended – which I hope is a sign of things to come.


The music played on and it was Abba’s Dancing Queen. Yeah, we have all the latest *ahem* choonz, Innit 😛 Silliness aside, it reminded me of an evening many years ago (Feb 2007. Wow). Quite possibly the line dancing evening we attempted for a bit of fun. In fact, it went so well, we didn’t do another. 🙂 I’d like to think that’s down to our excellence, but reality may be somewhat different. But, it was a good laugh and I met another person I used to work with (and no, neither of us knew. So much for T-dar). What is it with IT people and being trans*? 🙂 How Dancing Queen ending up being played at a line dancing night, I don’t know, but I do remember dancing to it. Well, walking about in some semblance of timing. Organised dancing isn’t really my thing, I lack the coordination and just kinda want to do my own thing. Y’know, dad dancing, only in heels 😉

Larks. Look at that photo. How short is that skirt!? I remember buying a knee length one from a charity shop and then cutting it to fit while ‘working from home’. Well, I was working on something from home, not necessarily, feeding the red tape machine 🙂

Also, clearly I have a fashion thing for footless tights and shirts with a vest under them. Eee, you’ll catch your death withart a vest on, youth🙂 That 2007 snap is a few months before Little Miss was born (she’s 8 this year), the Black Dog was yet to make an appearance and my old job hadn’t been messed up by management. The light and the dark eh? I guess this is why I take photos. I don’t remember as much as I probably should do and there are trans friends I don’t see any more. People move away or move on (hello, transition and real life), so keep an album is, for me at least, a good way to hang on to those happy times.

Take care,




  1. Hi Lynn,
    Yes, a photo album is a great thing to have. Even if (speaking personally) some of those older snaps are a bit embarassing….
    All the best

    1. I know that feeling. You look back at some early (or not so early! 🙂 ) snaps and think, "what *was* I thinking wearing that?". Ah well, all part of the learning curve.

  2. I must admit I'm not a great one for keeping photos, though I have a few other things that help remind me of times past. One is a bunch of scrapbooks containing copies of pretty much everything I ever had published in the street mag I used to write for (sadly, after going through a lengthy period of decline, the magazine in question finally went out with a whimper at the end of last year), while the other are a few expanding files (and a small filing cabinet) filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful newspaper and magazine cuttings that have caught my eye over the years. I remember going through the latter things one day a few years back, and finding they'd become a sort of inadvertent time capsule – a record of things I'd been interested in at one point in time (though not so much any more). It was sort of a weird, almost bittersweet experience: a reminder that, although it might not feel like it sometimes, my life 10+ years ago really was very different from what it is now.

    1. Things and people change, I guess. Sometimes we change with them and other times, we don't and we move on. A scrapbook sounds interesting. What's your favourite item in that book?

      I have started to keep a memory jar, on Pandora's suggestion, which I write down good things that happen and pop them in. Doing quite well, so far and no doubt I'll have forgotten a lot of them come New Year.

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