Kill it with fire!


How’s things? The week I’ve had, work-wise, it’s not been great, mainly very frustrating. But the main thing is I get paid, it’s in the past and it’s the weekend. The vagaries of the events are such, that I
wonder how we managed to master fire, let alone cross the oceans and get people on the moon.  I’m sure that come the Asteroid Apocalypse, there will be three groups of people:

  1. Some folk already space, trying to help the rest of us.
  2. Some folk making it to the spaceplane / survival vault with a few minutes to spare
  3. A group of people arguing over what colour the Word template heading should be. They’ll pause for coffee and biscuits. Comment on the lack of traffic and then get a megaton suntan.

That’s one way to purge the gene pool, I suppose. 😉

Was it like this in the past? A group of hunters encounter a tiger and are attacked. Do they form a Threat Analysis Committee and Tiger Outreach Programme?

We mustn’t prejudge the tiger. That would be discrimination and it could be vegit – ARGH! MY LEGS!

It’s eaten the project plan and documentation bark! What do we do!?

If they did, did they enjoy their Darwin Award (posthumous). Or, did they use an existing plan, which was kill it with fire or just run away? 😉 Sadly, these milestones of history, are probably lost to us.

Secret Histories

In other news, I found out that one of the ladies in the office had, some years ago, had a photo-shoot with a tabloid paper. Nothing rude, as far as I know, although she did have the images taken offline. Part of me would like to ask her how she was treated and what happened afterwards. But, I won’t because I think it would be rude. She’s put it behind her and it’s in the past.

So what about this blog? What about any photos you may have put on-line, or into social media? Yes, we do as we wish and accept the risks. That’s the rub with being ‘out’ I guess. Given the choice between playing it completely safe and staying in, not shopping, not doing anything on-line….. Well, it doesn’t seem much like choice at all.

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  1. For some years I wondered how these idiots could have put a man on the moon. The answer is that they didn't. And couldn't now if they had to.

    The folks that DID put a man on the moon were a lot younger then, and very sparky. They have very sensibly moved on now, leaving their place to be taken by management consultants and people who coin phrases like 'we have to compress the timescale'.

    Sadly you have to learn to play them at their silly game. I recommend 'The One Minute Manager' and 'The Mythical Man Month' (both available cheaply from Abe Books). And 'Office Politics' by Oliver James.

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