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Rejoice, smile and praise, for it is half-term and that means a break from the red tape machine! Freedom for the Every Lovely Mrs J and myself. No more meetings, no more school run panic and hello to lie-ins, cuddles with the kids and lazy afternoons. Get in. The countdown to not giving a ***t – that’s hoot, BTW, Honestly! – has chimed and coincided with the opening of a bottle of beer and the snaffling of a very tasty tea.

Last night was party night at Nottingham Chameleons and it was one of those nights, were everything seemed to go well. For those of you who aren’t so interested in What Lynn Did Next, feel free to check the blog roll to the right for deeper conversations 😉

Still here? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂 With the Dad duties out of the way, I made my way through the evening traffic and then through the fitness crowd who were busy doing some stretching exercises outside the centre. It did look very intense and I think I’ll stick to walking the dog and taking the kids on bike rides.

Talking of the latter, Little Miss had her first bike ride without stabilisers last weekend. I was so proud of how hard she tried and she’s really come on. Wee Man took a little longer, but a) he’s like me and b) he was a little younger than her. Each child is so different, but equally lovable. Plus, it being half-term, we get a week together, which’ll be great.

Mind you, if I don’t start doing a little more exercise, I think I’ll need to replace the corset’s ties with steel cabling. I’ve put two pounds on this week… and another pound from last week. I think the working lunches aren’t helping – well, sarnie at me desk, rather than going out for a brisk walk. Must sort that out… Mind you, extra bumps + tape + corset equal better cleavage. Hello boys, where’d you come from? A: chocolate factory.

I had a text earlier in the week from Dorothy Perkins saying that my new dress had arrived. I’ve not got/had a black dress and seeing a sweetheart cut dress in ‘tall’, was a chance too good to miss. So nice to have a dress that sits just on the knee, rather than shooting up upper-thigh when you sit down. I do love on-line ordering and being able to collect items from the shop and not having to pay delivery (nor be in to accept it), is the cherry on the cake. Mrs J was kind enough to give me a lift, as her car was being fixed that day. So, we had lunch on the way, because it’s good to have some time on our own once in a while. Oh, I treated her to some jeans, which I then had to take back and swap, but that’s what T-hubbys do right? 🙂

I team my new dress with some fancy tights and some killer heels that the Ever Lovely Mrs J was kind enough to let me borrow. Not sure if the wind around ankle straps can be seen in the photo. You can’t make out the heel height and this was pre-platform too. Oh, how we suffer for our art, eh? 🙂 Ready unusually early (for me) and also, completely happy with my outfit, I headed downstairs to ming… sorry, mingle. 🙂

The night, I felt, went well, with lots of people chatting: new people, regulars and regular irregular as a certain lady would describe herself (R x). I caught up with Isobelle, who I’d not seen in ages… indeed, I think it might have over a year. Strange how the trans lifestyle plays out; sometimes, people zip in and zip out, like comets around those of us with more stationary orbits. 🙂

Plenty of tea lights and subdued lighting, helped make our large room, seem more cosy and welcoming too. A very nice touch, IMO. Sandi and Tracey did their very best with fetching and delivering the Chinese food which went surprisingly quickly. A note to future visitors: if Chams have a meal night, be quick, don’t hang around being polite and gassing…. like Muggings here 😉 Sandi and Tracey were also very kind, in that they gave me a birthday card for last month. I won’t go into what was written inside; I was very touched. It’s the little things isn’t it.

There was, as usual, plenty of food to go around, all comedy gags aside and I took some home with me. The kids certainly enjoyed the spare ribs and I think our hound loved the spare special fried rice. All in all, a very nice segue into the week off.

Look after yourselves,


  1. What a lovely, heart-warming post. So glad you enjoyed Chams, especially with that help from the Ever Lovely Mrs J. Have a brilliant week off. Sue x
    PS Looking very lovely as ever.

    1. Thanks Sue. Back from a very nice week away with Mrs J and our gruesome-twosome. Just trying not to think about work and enjoy the weekend. Thanks for your kind words, BTW.

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