We’re sliding towards the end of August with the cold fingers of September creeping ever onward. I, for one, am enjoying the cooler weather and the lack of Factor Fifty, merely adds to that. The nights are light enough and it’s blackberry season too. The Summer Sales are pretty much well picked over and Back to School slogans shout from stores as we rev up for the new term.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J took Wee Man into town today to get his new uniform. I’ve not seen him in it and by odd happenstance, I found a picture of his first week at junior school. How he’s grown, over the years. He’s a kind, gentle soul and I hope that secondary school doesn’t take that out of him. Certainly school seems to be different from when I was a kid – UK readers may like to hum Symphony for a New World at this point 🙂 – and a more sensitive school policy may not be a bad thing, in my book. Perhaps, in a similar way that our parents say their school days were different to ours.

Work, has been absolutely nuts. It’s been some time since I’ve been involved in a project that is so disorganised. The firm have really left things to the very last minute and we’re weeks away from the launch date. In some ways, it’s good to be involved in something that keeps me busy and I don’t mind a bit of organisation. People seem to be happy with me helping out, which is good; I mean, I wouldn’t want to get in the way. I wonder how we managed to get people on the moon, when we can’t seem to get a group of people to agree on simple things like photocopying costs and how posters should look. 🙂

The only downside to this busy period, is that when I come home, my brain is a bit flat. I’m used to having some spare oomph at the end of the day, to channel into a spot of writing, blogging; rather than the psffft whummmm noise as my mind spins down like an old hard disk. Still, there must have been some slack left, as I managed to rattle off an article for another blog site. Hopefully, that will see the light of day later in the autumn.

Now, just the long weekend. Plenty of time with the Ever Lovely Mrs J and the nippers. Happy days.

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  1. Our 'Wee Man' is going through the same at the moment and character wise sounds similar to yours. I, consequently, have the same concerns. Fingers crossed for both of their rites of passage. Thanks for sharing x

    1. He is indeed. Most of the school in fact go onto this high school and his brothers will join him. I'm sure he'll be ok, but I'll worry anyway! :o)

    1. LOL. It's hand for the shops and the there's plenty of room to park. Just got to be careful to fill up with H3 before leaving. It's very expensive Earthside. 😉

    2. Ah yes, parking… I remember it being awfully dirty, the dam regolith covering everything. I must admit it was quiet, you couldn't here a pin drop. Rather a dull place too, all black and white, the only time it coloured up a bit was at Earthrise. Next time I'll take me telescope to the dark side and soak up some starlight 😉

  2. Well, that's a bit of a prevocative title for this week's blog post! Re the weather, we're going through the opposite change down here right now; the nights are getting warmer (which means I can ride home from work at night, and not feel as though my hands are going to drop off from the cold!), and the air is becoming redolent with the perfume of flowers. Very nice.

    Re school, I've no doubt it's changed since the days I was there – mostly for the better, I'd imagine, although some of the horror stories I hear about what the KIDS THESE DAYS are allowed to get away with make me shake my head. (And, yes, by saying that, I realize how old I no doubt sound! "Pah! You kids these days! Back in my day, the headmaster wouldn't hesitate to give us a sound thrashing with a chain, and then lock us in small metal boxes with fires burning underneath them whenever we misbehaved! 'If it's good enough for the inmates of a Sudanese prison,' he'd tell us when doing that (or attaching lengths of electrical cable to our nether regions), 'then, by golly, it's good enough for you!' And we had to wrestle bears on a weekly basis during PE classes! Not to mention the fact I had to walk fifty miles to and from the place, uphill each way, while wearing a backpack full of bricks and a pair of army boots filled with broken glass, and while being subjected to withering machine gun and mortar fire every step of the way! Um, where was I going with all this? Oh yes, that's right – GET OFF MY LAWN!")

    On a more serious note, my mother has some hair-raising stories about the things she had to endure during her school days. That said, she's left-handed and admits that she at least wasn't forced to write with her right one, as so many other left-handed children of past generations were. We're a funny species, aren't we? Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, yet, so often, we seem to do everything we can to try and stamp it out.

    1. It's funny, as soon as I saw your comment arrive in my account, I did think about what the climate would be like with you. 🙂 Not that I – like most Brits – are obsessed with the weather 😀 Mind you, we have so much weather, it has to change frequently to jam it all into one day….. sun, wind… rain… more rain…. some more rain… a bit of sun and that's summer sorted 😉

      Just how cold does it get for you, I wonder?

      Fires and metal boxes? Bah, they just used to set us on fire. We couldn't afford boxes! 🙂 This is all going a bit Monty Python now, though, isn't it. 😀

      Yes, our school days seem rather odd, compared to What Goes On Now, and then…. there's what happened with your folks. I think my father-in-law (also a leftie) was *ahem* schooled in writing with The Correct Hand!… which is clearly nuts. Makes me wonder – as per your comment about diversity – what are we doing now, which will be looked back on as just daft?

  3. Mind you, we have so much weather, it has to change frequently to jam it all into one day….. sun, wind… rain… more rain…. some more rain… a bit of sun and that's summer sorted 😉

    Apparently, the weather's a bit like that in the city of Melbourne; an old joke is that you can get all four seasons in one day there! Relating to this, I remember once seeing an ad for a convertible that illustrated how it was the perfect car for anywhere in Australia. It showed a Brisbane driver using it to carry surfboards and other beach-related stuff; a Sydney driver driving it while wearing an extravagant hat that wouldn't have looked at all out of place at the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras; a Perth driver using it to transport rowing boats; and a Melbourne driver driving it with the roof on because it was pissing down with rain! If I was a Melburnian, I'd have felt quite insulted!

    It doesn't get too cold here during winter; indeed, it seldom drops below zero (if it does get any lower than that, it tends to make the news!). You do get snow in some of the mountains (I've actually been skiing in the Victorian alps a couple of times), while conversely, everywhere north of the Tropic of Capricorn tends to stay in the high twenties/low thirties all year round (the big distinction there is whether it's the wet season or the dry one). Who knows, though? With climate change, that could all change!

  4. 'four seasons in one day' – isn't that a Crowded House track? Hmmm…..

    Yes, Climate Change means it could all be up for grabs! And not necessarily in a good way!! 😀

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