The case of the ironic applause


After last week’s post about music, I’ve been wandering YouTube’s dusty halls of albums of yesteryear. It’s a strange journey. One that takes you through disbelief (geez, did I actually buy this?), guilty pleasures to happy days and old favourites. A lot of the earlier stuff seemed to be rather shouty, but maybe that was the era. 🙂 There certainly didn’t seem to be much of a pattern, but then, I think that’s like the best things in life. Here’s to eclectic.

Is this how middle age starts? You start looking back, rather than being in the now – whatever that is… ?Would it be wrong to say hashtag down-with-the-kidz?! 🙂 Frankly, if “the now” is X Factor and other sing-for-your-supper-TV-dinner, you can stick it. I think I’d rather stumble blindly through links and suggestions from friends.

Mind you, it’s Eurovision tomorrow night, so it’s irony quotas to the max, sit back and cackle with delight. I’ve not caught any of the semi finals, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hoot. Is this a double standard, that I’m slamming the X Factor, but I’m enjoying Eurovision? For me, the latter is meant to be silly and I enjoy the circus for what it is. Odd, but then I find the pop star talent shows rather tedious.


As it was the second Thursday of the month, it was time to go to Chameleons. I had an early pass out from the Ever Lovely Mrs J due to the road works, which are causing trouble around the south end of Nottingham. I was, however, a little later than usual and coupled with my inability to decide on what to wear, it was go 9PM before I got downstairs… and then the Chams Massive applauded me. Cheeky buggers! 🙂 Mind you, you can’t rush perfection and I’m sticking to that excuse. 😉 Sam had popped it to say hi, so it was great to catch up with her, as well as Alison, Val, Diane (who I’d spoken to on the forum) and a new visitor, Kimberly.

Mirror needs a clean

As the piccy shows, I decided on skinny jeans. It’s been a while and I fancied a break from a skirt and I did leggings last time. I’ve not managed to really get anywhere with shifting a bit of weight, so I was glad of the home-made hip pads to balance me out a little. I did try a little fashion tweak, in rolling the seems up. For some reason, turn ups are having ‘a moment’. Still, when it Rome. 😉

This time, I tried an experiment with some bronzer. That seems to have helped match my foundation towards my chest, sorry, décolletage, which I think will tide me over nicely until a) I’m not milk-white from the winter and b) when I’ve time to try a slightly lighted foundation. Oh, the Ever Lovely Mrs J has been using Clinque’s CC cream (CC = colour corrector?) with excellent results. Light, but with good coverage. I think getting a sample for a road test is in order! 🙂

Oh, I also have a new car – well, new to me. It’s smaller than the rather tanky Ford I had before and I’m hopeful that this little runabout will save me money on petrol. It’s already saved me a hundred quid on road tax and the insurance is cheaper. Yeah, there are a few little gadgets I miss, but the Toyota is easier to drive and I do love small cars. I’m looking forward to the time when cars can drive themselves and I can just get in and say “take me to work”, while I look out of the window and drift off….


Talking of gadgets, I have finally given in and bought a tablet. After months – nay, years – of talking myself out of one, I’ve bought one. It was an inexpensive one from Tesco and truth by told, I bought that because I’d read up on how to hack it (root it) and amend the pre-installed software. Yeah, I know *ahem* normal people may not like to do that, but I do. This probably explains why I work in IT and why I’m not 100% normal. 😉 The reason for tweaking the system is that you can remove the unused apps and the settings a vendor puts in, or – if you’re being hard – forces on to you. Once that’s done, you can put in an advert blocking system and you’re free to use the system as you want. BTW, if you have an Kindle Fire, may I suggest Very cool, very easy to use and it sets you free of the Amazon walled garden.

I guess it’s a bit like owning a PC really. I mean, you buy the system and I think you should be free to put what you want on it. If you prefer Linux, MacOS or Windows, I think you should have the choice. Clearly, a few manufactures think differently, but I think there’s a gradual shift in the market – certainly in the Android world – to make systems without extra bloat. Some analysis from an IT firm found that most tablet users go into a few key apps many times and surprise, surprise, they’re not the *ahem* “value adds” from manufacturers (HTC Sense) and telcos (Vodafone Sport? Meh), but most folk seem to want regular upgrades to the OS instead. Ah well, here’s to the modding community working their magic instead.

Take care,


  1. I'm in two minds about the size of cars. Either they should be big enough to be very comfortable and be able to carry a huge amount with ease (the V70), or it should be small enough to be nippy, efficient and fun (say, the Spitfire :p)

    I can't wait for self driving cars for when commuting to the office, or when driving thousands of KM for a vacation. But, I hope that there is still the chance to enjoy driving myself as well!

    I watch Eurovision each year, first Wogan, and now Graham Norton make it very entertaining by not taking it too seriously. I know that some people complain about their attitude, but I think it just makes it a fun evening. Could be a win for The Netherlands this year apparently, and here we are with no champers on ice just in case!


  2. The "Lynn Jones look" is so often the one that's most akin to what women actually wear that I can only ever applaud you for the way you appear in public. In that respect you are every bit a 'real' girl. Sue x

  3. Mrs J has the big car, 'cos she's a better driver, works further away and it's the Family Car. We go on holiday in it, to the supermarket, to the park, etc. My little car is just for the school run, commuting and occasional trips into town (small cars are easier to get in and around multistory car parks IMO). We're lucky to be able to have the choice, although living a little out of the city, means having a car is a must.

    I think some drives are nice – fun, even. Maybe it's the drudge drives (traffic jams + commuting) that are 'dead time'. Well, for some, but provided I'm not in rush, I'm happy to listen to talk radio, podcasts, or just let my mind drift.

    I really like Graham Norton's take on Eurovision. He's sharp, funny and irreverent. I guess some folk take it more seriously than we do. 🙂 I'm really happy Conchita won and her speech about acceptance and peace brought a little tear to my eye. I thought the Netherlands were very good this year

  4. @ Sue : Oh, wow. Thank you for those kind words.

    I guess I know I'll never pass and 99% of the time this doesn't bother me. At least if I feel – and hopefully look okay – I'm happy with that.

    Not sure what else to say (as way of a change), other than thank you again.

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