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It’s an early post for me as I’ve just finished one of those distance training courses. Not the old school learn by post kinda thing, but a learn-by-Skype style classroom. You get a little video of the class, remote access to the system you have to work on and you get to see the presentation slides. Luckily, there’s no return video feed – and we’ll come back to that in a mo 🙂 – but you can ask questions using the chat or microphone. It saves me having to travel to London and it saves the company money on a hotel. It all seems a little futuristic and everyday at the same time. How things change eh?

Some of the course I’d done before – so it goes with update stuff coming after you’ve done the actual work – so I had half an ear tuned to the topics I’d already done. Sooo….. I did what any self-respecting trans person stuck at home would do, practice some new make-up techniques and – thanks to last week’s delivery – try my new dresses on.

Eye Eye


I, like a lot of blokes and some women too, have a hooded eyelid. Or, as a friend said on Facebook, I have fat eyes too. 🙂 I guess this explains why some make-up ideas, I’m looking at you smokey eye method – don’t really work for me.

I caught a view video tutorials last week, so having made a few notes – yes, I’m that organised! – I gave it a spin. I’m not 100% sure at the mo and I’d say it is very much an evening look, certainly far too heavy for daytime.

It’s fun to try these things and good to learn why things do or don’t work. I think I may stick to my usual colours, but I shall try and put the ideas of different positions for the shadow and highlighting into practice.


With the regular dog walking and watching what I eat, I think some of the – shall we say, excess holiday baggage? – has now departed and I’m feeling much fitter than I did before. I guess I’d like to shift a little more and get down to the 170 mark, but much below that and I start to look too thin. I know, you can never be too rich or too thin. I may agree with the former – ‘cos you could give some away and do things for people! – but the second, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to go back to looking like Desperate Dan featuring in The Walking Dead. It’s ain’t pretty. 😉 [ Overseas readers may wish to Google DD 🙂 ]

Anyhoo – and apologies for the headless horsewoman pose, I wasn’t fully made up – I did try on my two new purchases and I was very pleased with both of them. I had planned on sending one back, in case of a bad fit, but that plan has gone right out of the window!

Oddly, I’ve waited to post these pictures here, rather than on Facebook. I guess part of me prefers to keep something back for this old blog and I wonder if the rise of Social Media has eaten into the blogging world. Updates and replies are now almost instant. Then again, blogs, perhaps like those little back page fillers you get in magazines, they are longer and take a little more to put together.


Talking of blogs, if anyone is interested in the Our Different Journey project, I’m still on the lookout for *ahem* volunteers to interview. I know a number of you have been kind enough to get involved and I’m really grateful for that.

Moonfruit, the company who provide free web hosting for Nottingham Chameleons, recently updated their platform. Those of you with a technical head may already know they are moving from Flash to HTML5. Those of you who don’t have a technical head, you may read that – as I did – and go ‘eh?’. 🙂 Whatever the server magic they employ, there was an option to upgrade and sometimes, it’s best to upgrade when you have the time, rather than have the update forced upon you.

Perhaps typically for anything computer related, not everything went across and that meant I needed to do a spot of redesign. I’ll be honest and say while I can push a mouse around the screen and waffle for England, I’m not a designer. However, I’m fairly happy with the site and sometimes, a little housekeeping, love & attention is just what a site needs.

Take care,


  1. They are two very good looking dresses.

    About the virtual classroom – I've heard of these before, but never had a course that uses one. Assuming that you have not seen the chapter before ;p how hard is it to stay concentrated when it's only on a screen in front of you?


    1. …dresses…

      Thanks. Additions of the right shoes (or boots) and jewelry to dress up / dress down as required. Well, that's the plan!

      ..virtual classroom..

      The course comes with a set of USB headphones + mic (good quality TBF), a book of exercises, the course notes (in a ring binder – that seems very LotR now I type it out 🙂 ) and then you have a web site to log in to. That gives you a view of the instructor's two screens, a chat window and then, when it's time to do the practice sessions, you get GoToMyPC / LogMeIn access to a machine running some virtual machines – VMware or HyperV (no XenServer as yet).

      I found the concentration no harder than physically attending a course, if I'm honest. What was useful, was if you found the notes dry, you could go and read up on it via Google, or start the practice sessions early. You could also turn your mic off, turn the speakers on and move around the room. Something you can't really do in the class room.

      My only gripe is the quality of the instructor, but then, I think that's true of all courses.

  2. I think the eye make-up is rather fetching – but did it involve putting black onto the inner rim of the eyelids?
    I have to avoid anything like that as my eyes go bloodhound-red at the least excuse!

    1. Thanks, Penny. I didn't 'tightline' my eyes with liner, I just put dark eye shadow where I'd normally smudge eye-liner into position.

      I'm with you on the Eye of Satan look. It doesn't really work for me either 😉 I think it's finding an eyeliner that your eye is okay with.

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