Sometimes, it ain’t about the time, it’s about the time you have there.

Hi folks,

I am not going to talk about work.
I am not going to talk about work.


Let’s just talk about the nice things in life eh?


Glastonbury is wall to wall on the telly at the mo. So far I’ve caught a few minutes and decided to put fingers to keyboard while the ever growing list of Acts I Have Never Heard Of continue to play on (with the exception of Dizzy Rascal). I could stick a hash tag gag about being old, but that in itself, would be old……. but not as old as The Stones. πŸ˜› I think it was the festival before, where I caught a performance by Marina & The Diamonds. I like quirky and I liked the act, so after listening a few more times on YouTube, I invested in the album. I wonder if there will be any more little treats like that this time around? One lives in hope.

I’ve never been away to a festival. I think a few years of camping holidays as a teenager, helped remind me as to why we invented hotels, comfy beds and a good bathroom. There was a big gig at one of the local parks back in the 90s and that was great. While most of the bands were well known locally, there were no big acts per se. Not that I mind, if you like a band, you like a band. If everyone else does, it just boosts the chances of your seeing them on the box. Not that that matters these days, not with the Interwebs to store videos and whatnot.

What about you, dear reader? Are you a fan of festivals, or are you more recorded music, or – like me – happy to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the entertainment without having to kip in a field?

It seems music is very much in the air this evening, as Wee Man has been to the school disco. As I pulled up, I could hear the soft and melodic tones of LMFAO and by the look of Jones Jr’s hair, he’d been dancing away like a good ‘un. That or he’d dunked his head under the tap for effect. You can never be sure with our kids. πŸ™‚ But he had a good time. Maybe the dancing bug in his blood too….

A Night Out

Strange, that in previous months, the idea of a short time En Femme – to use the lingo – would have dulled the fun in some way. Thankfully, that mentality has slipped away of late and now it’s just a case of enjoying the time I have. I managed to get away a little earlier than I would normally and this time around, I remembered to take it easy with the Blade of Doom! πŸ™‚

I’d packed the night before and given the weather, I’d gone for a more summery look. At least, that’s what I’d decided on, and then had second thoughts after a day of rain on the Thursday. Still, much as boots and leggings felt more appropriate, we Brits make the best of things, so summer stuff it was. Flats and trousers again. I’m wondering if I’ll have to hand in my Trans* License at this point. Oh wait, I’m a bloke in lady clothes and a face full of slap. Panic over. πŸ™‚

We also had a visit from a lovely lady called Jo, who had emailed the group last month about a visit to talk about skin care, beauty and suchlike. I thought the visit went very well and unlike other people who’d come along, there was no feeling of the hard sell. It’s tricky, in that, some people visit & chat; some people visit as vendors (which is fine) & they mingle; while others, you get the feeling that they are only there for the sale. The latter don’t tend to do so well and they don’t tend to come back. After ten minutes, you can normally spot that, but you do your best to make people feel welcome, nonetheless. Anyhoo, there was none of the latter with Jo and with a bit of luck, maybe she’ll pop along again.

A few folk – Alison, Tanya and Pat – all had a good chat and picked up some tips. I asked about eye make-up, mainly as I seem to struggle with shading in the outer corner of my eye. It seems when I put it on, it’s okay, but looking in the mirror normally, I somehow manage to blend the wrong way and it looks too heavy at the edges. Still, maybe that’s the up close problem. That aside, it seemed that in general I wasn’t doing anything too bad which is always a worry – and that if I line my top lash only half way, it may help. Something to try….. oh and I won’t be trying the Number 7 eye-liner again, it did not agree with my eyes. πŸ™

Pat was asking me about other folk who might come along again. HotHair and Boots were both a big hit, so I may try getting them to come along again. Possibly at the end of summer, as numbers tend to increase as the season starts to turn.

Take care,

PS: If I can get my Editing Head on this week, you may see another post in Our Different Journey. I’ve also fired off a few emails to other folk in the Trans* blogging world. Fingers crossed!


  1. What about you, dear reader? Are you a fan of festivals, or are you more recorded music, or – like me – happy to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the entertainment without having to kip in a field?

    Well, since you've asked πŸ˜‰ . No, I am not a fan of festivals, because:
    1) Like you, I like my comfort. Mud does not come into that category.
    2) Seeing a band from 100 yards away behind 10,000 other people is not my idea of a good gig.
    3) The sort of anodyne bands who play these big festivals I'm not interested in seeing anyway, whether in a field or a comfy chair.

    The last "festival" I went to was indoors in a big upstairs room with 100 or so people packed in: Rammel Weekender. That was a good festival πŸ™‚

    1. Shameless comment hound, that's me πŸ™‚

      Yes, the distance thing is a pain…. Mud? No, thanks. Years ago I went to see a favourite band and as the venue was so packed, I could just about make out some tiny figures dancing about on the stage. The Ever Lovely Mrs J took me to a concert featuring one of her favourite artistes…. that was a sit down affair (so old, I know πŸ™‚ ) but great in that you could see the performer and the audience interaction made it very personal.

      Not had the pleasure of going to one of them new-fangled dancing dos. Mind you, Wee Man came home with some glow-stik wristbands the other night. Rave on. πŸ™‚

      BTW, I had a look at the list of performers from that weekender. I think we can safely say we move in very different musical circles. πŸ™‚

  2. We don't seem to have too many outdoor music festivals down here in Oz, at least not on the scale of Europe or the US. That said, there used to be an annual one here for the metal crowd called Metalstock, which took place over several days on a farm in New South Wales (this farm, I believe, belonged to someone from a group with the evil, if also slightly cheesy, name of Vaticide). I often wished I'd been able to go to this, but unfortunately don't drive, so was never able to. A few local bands did go there one year to play, and fly the flag for Adelaide metal, though, and all reckoned it had been a really good experience. Sadly, the very next year it was shifted to some boring indoor venue in Sydney, and I don't think it's held any more.

    About the only experience I've had going to outdoor festivals myself has been with an annual event called The Big Day Out, which has been going on down here for over twenty years now (although it seems to be slowly dying now). I went to this a few times myself, and while it was enjoyable enough (and, if nothing else, I'm glad to have been able to tick it off my bucket list), by the time I went to it the last time, way back in 2004, I decided it wouldn't bother me if I never went again. The venue for it was terrible (said venue tended to turn into a dustbowl at the time of year at which the festival in question took place); there were no passouts; and the food and drink were invariably hideously overpriced (and security at the gates made sure no-one was able to sneak their own stuff in). Around mid-afternoon, the area in front of the main stages would start to look like a refugee camp, while towards the end of the day, increased demand for the comparatively few toilets there meant that the women would all invade the men's toilets while the men in turn would all line up along the nearest gutter to pee in that (and God help you if you needed to do anything more than pee, as you'd invariably find that assorted morons had decided it'd be the height of hilarity to take all the toilet paper and try to block the toilets with it). So, yeah, as I made my way home from the last one I went to – tired, dirty, deaf and sunburnt – I thought, "Never again!" I don't think I've been to an outdoor festival since; from now on, it's just ordinary gigs for me!

    Still on the subject of outdoor festivals here, one of my brothers used to go to something called Enchanted Forest, which was an annual all-night outdoor rave (invariably held at a different location each year). One year, he said it was more than a little scary, as the Hells Angels were providing security (have we learned nothing from Altamont?!), and he reckoned they looked as if they were just itching for an excuse to beat people up.

    It seems music is very much in the air this evening, as Wee Man has been to the school disco.

    Ah, that brings back memories! I remember going to the odd school disco myself. You'd go in the sharpest threads you owned at the time, feeling ever so cool, and then dance to top 40 hits (by bands you'd never admit to being a fan of now!) until you were all tired and sweaty. Fun stuff! I remember going to a fair at my old school sometime in the mid-'90s, and seeing that they'd set up a disco tent on the oval for all the little tackers to go and get their groove on. Rather disturbingly, one of the songs they were playing for the kids was the infamous Short Dick Man. That's just wrong!

    1. We don't seem to have too many outdoor music festivals down here…

      Is it a weather-thing, venue issue or cultural perhaps? The UK festival run seems to have grown and grown over the last few decades. Mind you, it's a good way to make a lot of cash if you can swing it.

      …one of the songs they were playing for the kids was…

      LOL. That's both a court case and a year of therapy all in one. πŸ˜€ Mind you, Sexy And I Know It – complete with pelvic thrusting 9 year olds is not good for one's sanity either. Ironic or otherwise! πŸ™‚

  3. While I have been to outdoor one day multi-band gigs before, I don't really have the interest these days. For me music is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    I only ever listen to music when doing something else. Unless the band puts on a stage show (like KISS for example), I'll get bored just watching people play music.

    1. Yeah, I think the Glasonbury footage highlighted something similar for me too. Sure, you can enjoy a band's music, but I'm not sure I want to sit (stand?) through an hour plus of drawn out performances, with little to stimulate the eye. Maybe it depends if you're going to watch, or going to dance. I dunno.

      KISS? Lady GaGa's wicked step-uncles. πŸ™‚

  4. Unless the band puts on a stage show (like KISS for example), I'll get bored just watching people play music.

    And that's all so many of them do nowadays, at least in the genre I listen to! "We just want our music to speak for us" seems to be the philosophy of too many bands these days. While it sounds all very noble in theory, in practice it usually means a bunch of people just rocking up on stage in the same scungy clothes they've been wearing all day, and churning out a bunch of songs; some don't even speak to the audience! Come on guys! Give me something I wouldn't have gotten had I just stayed home and listened to your CDs instead!

    1. Nothing grates more than an artist just going through the motions…. :- I witnessed that at one gig. I left rather disappointed.

      But…. there are some bands who really put their all in; visually, musically or both. I think they're the ones to pay good money for.

  5. Well hun…it's like this πŸ™‚

    I'm a festival nutjob… I love Glastonbury. It's not just about the music, but the thousands of wonderful people you meet there & those you go with.

    Where else can you see The Stones play with 100k of your friends.. singing in unison in a crowd like that is just heaven.

    I'll admit to "getting too cultured for this carrying shiznit" so I've progressed to being the +1 tent in the campervan field… I don't mind the mud…tis good for the skin & the denim mini + wellies look is cute.

    Drum n Bass is my dirty little secret.. Shhh nobody knows I'm a raver πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

      Maybe that's the part that's missing…. the social aspect of it. I know the Ever Lovely Mrs J said that when she went (back in the 90s), it wasn't just the music. Food, comedy, performers, stalls, education, etc.

      Nothing wrong with a bit of drum & bass πŸ™‚ Although +1 tent sounds a little light roughing it πŸ˜‰

  6. Local news showed pictures of the site the day after carpeted with litter, having to wade past that added to the fact I'm not a camping type means I'll probably be sticking to the tv coverage.
    As for the acts themselves it helps if theres a charismatic performer like Mick Jagger or Jarvis Cocker or put on a great stage show like the Pet Shop Boys.

    1. Yeah, the day after photos…. not good.

      I liked the PSBs performance the other year and Pulp did a good set (although that's a while ago now).

      From what I saw of the Stones' performances on the TV…. they were just awful. Shambling along and not putting any effort in. Odd considering the papers were saying how good they'd been. I wonder if there'd been a spat between them and the Beeb? Makes you wonder.

      That or the music press are massively out of touch with Joe Public. Larks, what am I saying?! πŸ˜‰

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