Random acts of human kindness

Hey folks,

It’s been a slow news week this time around. Perhaps, this is not a bad thing. Not sure I could be doing with drama, the weather’s too nice at the mo.

In all honesty, I was considering not writing anything. I feel that I don’t have much to get off my chest, or share with you. I mean, well…. blogging. It can be a bit egocentric when it’s about yourself. How do people who write a column manage it? Well, those who write a column that’s interesting, I should add 😛

Duh Moment

This week saw the continuation in a lack of T Force. Not that it stopped me driving out to Chameleons….. and then back again, when I realised it wasn’t on. [facepalm]

Still, on the positive, it wasn’t like I’d made an effort with a chin sizzlingly close shave (bet they don’t use us T folk in a Gilette ad), nor packing a hernia inducing bag of outfits. Being lazy, has its benefits.


Midweek, the Jones Massive were enjoying a late afternoon stroll out in the local country park. So far, so typical. All was going well and we were overtaken by a young lady on a mountain bike. A few moments later – and pretty much as we rounded the corner of some rather tall bushes – said biker was stood, her hands shaking, chin bleeding and her knee was a mess of dirt and blood.

She was – understandably – very shaken, so we stopped. I write this next bit with a mixed emotion. Not so much the ooo-aren’t-we-kind BS, but more, why do some folk not stop? We asked if she was okay – and no, we still don’t know her name – and noting the shaking hands and the limp, we stopped our walk and offered to help. A lift home? Use of a phone? A drive to a shop for medical supplies?

While I offered my phone, so said biker could call her husband, the Ever Lovely Mrs J agreed to take the dog a bit further on, while Wee Man wheeled the bike along, During this, some others – perhaps another six or so folk – strolled, or ran by, and while a few had a good gawk at what was going on, no-one offered to help. Funny that. Not even a “can be help?” or the offer of a tissue / wipe to deal with the bloodied knee. Ten minutes or so later, we were all back at the main gates, and hey presto, biker lady’s husband turned up looking rather worried (natch).

When I used to ride a motorbike, I would stop when people were broken down. Sometimes people wanted a push (to get off the road), some needed to make a phone call, while others were just fine. I don’t do it so much now, mainly because I’m in a rush so much and also because I’m conscious my car isn’t as easily parked up as my bike was.

Looking back to last year – when I had my accident – a chap I’ve never met and never seen since – he took the time out of his day, to keep the kids safe and keep an eye on my while the Emergency Services turned up. Indeed, he even called back in the evening, to see how I was getting on. It’s a small regret of mine that I didn’t thank him enough. It was a basic, but very welcome offer of help.

Take care,


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Don't worry about the T-force – when it comes be grateful.
    I agree with the comments about helping folks. We hear so many bad stories from the media (who make it their business to set us all up for deep despair) that it's not surprising that people avoid getting involved with any kind of trouble. Especially if there is a young female involved.
    We _should_ grit our teeth and help – sometime it may be us on the receiving end.

    1. True, true. Perhaps with all the negativity projected by certain newspapers, explains why so many of us don't read one anyone.

      Not even when the chips are too hot. 🙂

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