“RSPC Everything”


…. and a deep breath to relax.

Hear that? That’s the end of the week. Not a particularly taxing one, but one that’s left myself and the Every Lovely Mrs J at Tired Station, waiting for the last train home.



In the absence of Go Go Enhanced Gender Fun Time – a.k.a, cross dressing – I had a small shopping trip today. I spotted some cute shoes, well, cute IMO, at Dotty P’s and I felt the need to wander lonely as a chap through the rails of fancy female fashions. I guess in days gone by, I would have picked up a pair, looked about furtively and then scurried off to pay. I say this next bit with no great pride, more the gentle sigh of a person who just doesn’t give a sh** 🙂 Select, ask, sit down, boots off, ankle highs on and test. Happy? Check mirror. Check comfort. Boots back on and off to pay.

I did see a lovely pair of blue courts, but sadly, not in my size and the next nearest pair – in design – were too expensive. Shame, I think they’d have looked lovely in summer and just right with jeans or my white cotton trousers. Not that summer seems it’ll arrive soon. We had more snow today. 😉

Common or garden arty nut project

On the back of the stand-up, I’ve half had my eye on doing future gigs. Well, looking at how I can do some open mic stuff and see how it goes from there. A few irons in the fire, but nothing really ready. In lieu of that, a mate suggested I pop along an improvisation group. Well, why the hell not, eh? I’m a vainglorious show-off and I’ve a mouth that runs at 80 mph on a good day. Sadly, the brain only runs at 40… meaning I do get into trouble… but you can’t have it all.

The group was in the frozen wastes of central Nottingham – and on a Thursday too! – but not too close to my usual tottering grounds. Hmm. That would make for an interesting project meeting the day after! Fingers crossed not eh?

Where was I? Oh aye. The event was different to what I’m used to…. and I’ve been to some odd team building exercises in my short time on this rock. We did the mouth warming up noises, shaking your limbs to loosen up and all that stuff. Then, it was a few team building / party games to tweak the collective noggins and then getting down to some seriously making stuff up as you went along.

It was interesting coming to it as an outside. Some of the activities – such as story telling – I found very easy. I guess my mind just works like that. Ironically, that’s not so good for stand-up. Or, more accurately, I’ve been told that to have a skill where you can prattle on…..

[ looks at the above paragraphs and sighs ] 🙂

… is okay for getting paid by the word, or making-sh**-up, but not so for stand-up. That needs to be set-up, punchline, set-up, punchline. Or, if you’re clever: set-up, punchline, second punchline off the back of the first and bonus points if you can strap on (leave it!) a third.

So a pleasant evening of mindjitsu and it certainly provoked the old creative cogs in my head. I’d have liked a go at the Accent Game, but you can’t have it all. Basically, someone suggests a situation and then you and a partner talk about it. Each time the bell rings, someone shouts out and accent and you do the next minute like that. Will I go again? Well…. maybe…. so long as it doesn’t clash with Chams 😉


But away from the middle of the road, middle class life I lead, there are other, and I’d say, more important issues to mention. Namely, the death of Lucy Meadows. Now, I don’t read a tabloid. I can get all the misinformed, half researched, bigoted junk I need with a quick search via Google. 😛 Are all newspapers the same? No, some are better than others when it comes to the moral view on a story. But others, I wonder how they remain being able to in print with the vileness they dress up as ‘news’.

Before we get into the politics this, let’s go with the crux of it. Someone died. A person with feelings. A person just trying to make their way in life. They are no longer with us.

Would it be acceptable for me to berate a person where I work over their decision to transition? Maybe take a few pictures when they come into the room and post them on-line, so we can all have a chuckle. It’s just good fun right? They do look so silly after all. 🙁

It’s bullying and when is that ever acceptable?

Perhaps those who hunted Miss Meadows would like to come to the funeral. You know, witness the suffering first hand….. assuming they are capable of feeling and not thinking how much the photo of a grieving parent might fetch.

[ sigh ]

I appreciate I’m probably preaching to the choir, which is ironic being a godless heathen, but the above tragedy makes me so cross. On a related note, I spent an hour on the phone today talking with a member of staff who is off due to stress induced depression. We’ll call them Person A for ease of reference and I’ll spare the full details. Yes, I’m aware that there are various sides to a story – yours, mine & the truth, as a mate once said to me – yet, when another co-worker has to physical intervene to remove the manager from the room, because Person A sits at their desk crying from the shouting, there’s something very wrong IMO.

As an advisor, we’re not supposed to get involved. We’re supposed to remain neutral and offer explanations as to how a person might go about dealing with the issue. There are times when you listen and you look and you think….. would it be okay if I got into the accused’s face and yelled until they cried and I had to be dragged from the room. Yeah. I would be fine…. so long as I was a certain type of journalist.

Shame on you, bullies. Shame on you.


[ Today’s lyric: RSPCE by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine ]


  1. It really is such sad news. I saw the story originally, but have been off-line most of the week. What have we ever done to anyone that makes us deserve to be treated like that? It makes me literally sob.

    So sad for Lucy, just when things were about to be made right in her life. :o( :o(

    1. Done? Oh, I don't know. We could ask the same of any minority over the last fifty years.

      Perhaps it's that we're coming out into the clear light of day. Armed with that very dangerous message of "it's okay to be yourself." No doubt that'll upset some people who prefer things as they were. Well, tough. Society has moved on and if that means a few more happy souls on the planet, I think that can only be a good thing. Who is it hurting? Really?

      "Think of the children." Okay. When I was at primary school, I knew I wasn't like the other boys. Knowing another adult – someone trusted, like a teacher – was like me, I think that would have made all the difference.

      As a side note, much as we (trans) folk rage against this type of thing, I note – with some pleasure – that over on StraightBook, Joe Public are pretty p*ssed off by it too. That, is fantastic.

  2. It's just unreal that people do that. And so weird that the Daily Mail publishes stories that are supportive, and then columns that are so full of hate.

    I just don't get why the UK media is so set on being 13 years old and looking for nothing but cheap sensation.


    1. This may sound like a joke, but it's not meant to be. I think the DM – and other papers – are having a bit of an identity crisis. What I mean is, their readership is on the move: people are using the Internet more than ever and society has also changed.

      Sure, there are some folk who may well think that that column is fine. We'll always have haters. Ho Hum! But, looking at the support and anger from the non-trans community from my non-trans friends, that, I find amazing.

      If there's anything positive to come from Lucy's death, it that it's pushed the issue into centre stage and regular people are pinning their colours to the mast. I note, with some pleasure, that a few people are starting to challenge companies who advertise in The Mail and asking them not to.

  3. When someone says improvisation, Clive Anderson and a buzzer spring to mind.

    Have never seen an incident like that a work but I have come by some alpha bullies who could have and sadly probably have.

    1. Yes, there was very much that feeling. Ghosts of Andersons Past and all that. 🙂 With about two dozen or so, there was a fair bit of standing around and watching. But then, how else are you going to learn?

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