“I’m my hair, I am my hair,
It’s all the glory that I bear”

Hey all,

I’m not one to wish my time away, but I am glad this working week is over. It’s been a bit…. well, not stressful, but more a bit like herding cats. The old cliché about A Lack of Planning On Your Part Shouldn’t Constitute An Emergency On Mine. However, as we all know, things don’t work like that. You’d think, as a group of folk, allegedly heading in the same direction – from a business point of view – that we’d have picked this up as a good idea. Nope…. 🙂

Oh, minor news item: work was flying the QUILTBAG flag this week. I don’t think much is planned, which is a shame, but early days. At least it got a mention.

Nurse, he’s out of bed again

Not that I’ve been ill… well, except in the head and life would be dull otherwise. 🙂 Glib comments aside, this week I had a medication review with my local GP. I have…. been feeling a lot better of late. Certainly, the last seven months have been good in the whole lack-of-a-black-dog situation. So, having been on the tablets for some time – I think it may be two years, sheesh! – I felt it was time to take the stabilisers off the bike and wobble down the path of life on my tod.

Monday was the last 20mg dose I had and since then, I’ve been taking half a tablet each day. The doctor recommended staying with 10mg for a bit and providing I feel okay – so far, so good – try dropping to once every other day and taking it from there.

Despite a patch of confusion / muddleheadedness earlier this week, all has been well… which for me, is good news indeed. I think the latter was more to do with a poor choice of breakfast than anything pharmaceutical. Perhaps I need to go back to porridge in the mornings; at least it makes me feel full up until lunch. Any of this diet cereal malarkey and by eleven o’clock, my brain seems to pack in. A bit of choccy wakes the old noggin up, but that’s not so good for the figure. Well, unless I’m aimed for the figure ‘0’ 🙂

Laugh it up….

Continuing with the humour references, Tanya was kind enough to pass me a link to a local Comic Relief gig. It’s a stand-up… umm… gig and I’ve emailed in. I’ve got a bit of material stashed away and some topics for thought. My only worry – well, other than being awful – is will this have to be family friendly? Most of my gags are from an adult point of view (a few about depression, some riffs on trans things, etc). Best not worry yet as I’ve heard nothing just yet. Watch this space, as they say.


So a friend posted some piccies of her new ‘do’ earlier in the week. Do as in Hair Do. I know, the strangeness of English slang again. By a quirk of fate, I too had a haircut. Wow, this post is one of those really deep and meaningful ones isn’t it? 🙂 Look, bear with me, I’m setting the scene….

While said lady’s was rather nice, Muggins here opted for the usual option: skinhead. Now, in my youth, I’d have hated the idea of have my hair that short. From the start of my twenties up until my thirties, I had long hair; it stopped just below my shoulder blades. Partly it was a metal thing, partly ‘cos I liked it. It did take a little bit of looking after, but thanks to some helpful genes, it wasn’t in bad shape (or so I was told). I got it cut a little before I was thirty…. mainly because I was tying it up all day and riding a motorbike at this point. Plus, I didn’t want to look like an ageing rocker.

Also, I’d kinda worked out that having long hair didn’t make me any more female in appearance. Not that that was why I’d grown it. In all honesty, it was just that I just liked having longer hair. Is that trans related? I don’t know. Funny, in that having given up on giving up, I could get made up / dressed, but no matter what I did, the image looking back at me was very much me. Sure, I can see through the visual lies when I dress now, but I think there’s a very big difference between a guy having long hair and having a feminine hairstyle. Maybe that’s why a good wig makes such a difference.

I guess in an ideal world, it would be cool to have a haircut that would work either way, but in the main, I’m not that fussed and having very short hair means it’s one less thing to have to faff around with in the morning. Hell, I fail to have a shave most mornings. Welcome to Tramp Con One 😉

So what about you, dear reader? Are you rocking the long locks or wigging it up [#BadPun] these days?

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Hair by Lady Ga Ga ]


  1. Hair? I'm obsessed by it! Not very happy that, along with my body, my hair had to go through a major trauma too, post tumble, But it'll grow back. In time. Much too long a time!

    The length of my hair now is as short as it's been for a good many years. I have had it very short but it's usually been long and wild and curly. Apart from running, I didn't tie it back. So in guy mode, I'm known generally in work and outside as the welshman with the mad hair. Being a motorcyclist and someone with a very eclectic taste for music helped.

    When I decided to seriously explore my girl side a couple of years ago, I opened up to my hairdresser and asked it I could have a bob cut, with hightlights and he say Yes! So until the tumble, I had a guy mode hair (wild) and girl mode (straightened) hair. To me it worked very well, yet if I didn't quite get it right or maybe I wasn't in the mood, the guy still shone through. I think doing my hair into girl mode could sometimes be too forced.

    I believe now, living with traumatised hair, the movement means so much to me. Short hair can be very feminine and I do like short hair on women, but for me, if I cannot feel my hair as Tanya, then I don't think I can enjoy being Tanya as much, if at all.

    I do have wigs. Frankly, I don't like them. They do not feel part of me.

    I'm starting to go in a bit deep now, so I'll stop there and store thoughts away for a possible future blog post 🙂

    1. > the welshman with the mad hair

      What a great title for a thriller! The Welshman With The Mad Hair. I may pen that yet. 🙂

      Never had the courage to talk to a hairdresser about mixing in a little more. I was so far in the closet, I could smell Narnia.

      As to feminine / non feminine, I think it's very much on the cut, not the length. The Ever Lovely Mrs J's locks rise and fall as the mood takes her. Well, not literally, I meant in cut.

  2. Well done on the medication, good luck.

    I always kept my hair at a medium length (too short looked stupid on me) and so gunked up with hairspray that it didn't move at all.

    When I started going out as Stacy the wife of a close friend who knew about me started to cut my hair in such a way that it worked both ways. It wasn't perfect, but it was worse as him than as Stace which worked for me.

    These days I's about shoulder length and works much better for me 🙂

    Good luck with the gig, shame I'm 900km's away!


  3. i think im going to my doctor to ask for a bit of assistance on the old depression front. Sounds like you are coming through the other end ok. Which im glad to hear.

    If you do a standup gig, would you invite anyone or would you prefer total anonymity?


    1. Oh dear. I hope not, but if you are, do talk to the quack ASAP. There's also a self test you can do on NHS Direct. It'll give you an idea about the sort of questions he, or she, may ask.

      Don't do the British Stiff Upper Lip routine. If you need help, please don't be afraid to ask. It was the best thing I did in a long time.

      As to the gig, well, I've not landed it yet, but should I, I'll let you know. I think it'll be a regular venue, but don't let that put you off. I will have to tread carefully with any subtle trans friendly gags tho. 😉

  4. I did the buzz cut for many years – for someone in denial like me it was fine. I am not sure that it was an ideal look but then neither is long hair. It's a bit in the middle at the moment and whilst I hate the photos in day to day life it's ok. Do miss that buzz cut in the mornings though – wash and dry 5 minutes flat !

    Good luck with the gig !

    1. I can't imagine you with the buzz cut, not after seeing a recent photo. Long hair, what a faff. Who'd have it eh? Mind you, now that it's gone, sometimes I think about it, but not enough to re-grow it.

    1. LOL. Yes on both fronts. As soon as I hear one way or the other. I hope it's not far. Who wants to trek miles to be humiliated by people they barely know? But enough about work, let's hope the gig goes better. 🙂

  5. I can't get it out of my mind that when I read your blog, I read it as if you are writing it and talking to me in your British accent. Maybe it's my love of the British women? Anyway, I'm just wondering if there is a connection between overuse of hair products in your youth and depression? And maybe now, finally, the half life of these chemicals has worn off? I used lots of mousses, hairsprays and gels in my youth and I'm wondering if I can blame them for the sadness I had in my formative years? No, probably just from sniffin' the glue.

    1. The only issue with hair products is the risk of looking like someone from Poison in the 80s, otherwise it's fine 😉

      Accent? Yes, I suppose with the different wordage that is likely. I wonder about the difference between the accent you imagine and my own? Hmm. YouTube test perhaps? Accents in the UK vary wildly considering what a small island we are. I do love accents. I find them fascinating. Hmmm. Future blog post! Ta.

  6. As has been said, it's not the length but the style. One can be extremely feminine with a short style, Servalan from Blake's 7 for example, nor do you have to be the main baddie in a low budget sifi. It's also a lot easier to wash and dry than my greying locks.

    1. Indeed. Ms Pierce did rock that haircut and it suited both her and the character.

      Mrs J had her hair short once. I think it helps that she has such a cute face…. but I may be bias.

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