“It sounds like a million mad clocks”


It’s all over, bar the shouting.  Christmas, that is, rather than any specific political event. It’s only the small stuff here at YATGB. The world shaking events, you can find on the Internet and BBC news. 🙂 So, the big day went well, thanks to the careful guidance of the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. We had the Out-Laws round, but other than holding up a stage coach on the way, they were well behaved. Little Miss and Wee Man loved it. They are at, what I think is the right age to get the most out of Christmas. That giddy feeling of magic and fun, which if you can channel it properly, you’re on to a winner IMO. I think it was a little much for Little Miss, but she held her own and we had no tears before bedtime.

Despite my pre Xmas jitters over my collection of pressies for the Ever Lovely Mrs J, all went well. So it was very nice to see their collective faces beam with happiness as they opened the presents. Me? Oh. Mrs J was kind to me (as per) and I did well on the technology don’t and she also got me some primer (Your Best Friend, and I’ve liked that product since it was Model’s Prefer…. Crikey, that takes me back to visits to Leicester about seven years ago).

Which in a round about kinda way brings us to the concept of time and the close of the year. In dime ways, 2012 hasn’t been great (car crash, depression lows, etc), but I wouldn’t say it’s been a bad year… not by a long stretch.

From a good news point of view, we’re all pretty healthy and home life is relaxed. Indeed, Mrs J and I seem to be coping with the Lynn element in our relationship much better (not that it was bad before. Just it’s better now than it was). We’re both much more cool about it. If that’s because my depression has eased massively in the last few months, or the more relaxed approach has helped the Black Dog go, I can’t say and I’m not fused which came first.

What I will say is the advice in A Love Less Ordinary about honesty and caring is very valuable. I guess, when you slip into those dark depths, you can lose track of those close to you. Maybe it’s because you’re preoccupied with trying to hold yourself together, that time for other people’s feelings seems to be another casualty…. Yet, when the clouds part and you feel the warmth of the sun again, your mind clears and you realise you are not alone and sometimes, other people hurt too. Waking up and being there to support Mrs J was a Christmas gift in itself.

As to what 2013 holds, I don’t know. I can only say, I hope it brings you good luck and if there are troublesome times ahead, I hope they are over quickly and that they are blessings in disguise.

Good luck for the new year and thanks for reading,
Lynn x

[ Today’s lyric: Clocks by Doubting Thomas… the Industrial soundtrack to my 20s 🙂 ]


    1. I hope its not naff to say thanks for writing

      No more or less than it is to spend one's evenings blogging away unpaid. 😉 Thanks for the kind words and New Year wishes too. L x

  1. OK, OK – I have a complaint!

    Crikey, that takes me back to visits to Leicester about seven years ago

    Will you not say that takes me back when talking about 7 years ago please! It's been almost twice as long as that since I left Leicester, and I feel old now! ;p

    Really pleased that you had a good Christmas!

    Here is to a safe, happy and healthy 2013!


    1. Umm… it might have been eight years. 😉 Complaint duly noted and carefully filed in /dev/null. 😀

      If it's any consolation, I found out that the recent intake of students could a) be my own children and b) I own some boots older than them.

      Yes, fingers crossed for a safe and happy 2013 for us all.

  2. Thank you for your kind and timely weekly offering. Alway poignant, interesting and funny. Any New Year's resolutions involving taking your blog and presenting it in a comic setting in front of people in 2013?

    Do you set New Year's Resolutions even?

    Have a great NYE,
    Rhi x

  3. Ahh, the cheque's in the mail, Rhi. 🙂 Again, ta for the kind words. Stand up? No, I've not looked into it seriously, but the thought remains there. A mate at work did say he had a list of open mic nights, so you never know. I guess it'll be a juggling act along with everything else.

    New Year's Ressies? Umm. Not as a rule, no. I guess I'd like to shift the Xmas weight I've put on, but other than that, if it's worth doing, do it now!! Don't wait 🙂

    Good luck for the New Year to you too, m'dear.

  4. Thanks Lynn for your freakeshly regular and yet always fresh weekly missives.

    I am with Rhiannon, you would do well in front of a mic and a live audience.

    Looking forward to a great year, less black dog and more more bright colours.


    1. Thanks, Petra. Freakishly regular? Lol.

      Being out of the darkness is an top feeling. Long may it continue…. As to bright colors, I still like colour-pop, although with spring around the corner, the cynic in me says we'll get nautical first. 🙂

      Open mic? Eek! 🙂

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