“I am the god of hellfire and bring you…. fire!”


After an unusually productive week, I’ve a bit of a spring in my step. Top that off with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones has surprising me – via the middle class telegraphic system, Facebook 🙂 – that our new fire has arrived, I’m feeling particularly chuffed. Now, I don’t mean, a small lump of fire arrived in the post. That would be a bit odd. Obviously. 🙂 No, the new fire grate, log basket et all turned up. Bless her, she and the nippers put it all together, so all muggings here had to do, was light it. Thanks to various happy holidays, fire-making is one skill have just about got the hang of. Now, I do love a good fire. Okay, not a house fire, that’s a bad type. But a good old fashioned, roaring log fire where you can toast your tootsies (toes, not Dustin Hoffman) on a cold autumn night. Things to be thankful for eh?

Talking of thankful, after much note taking and therapy, I’ve got the root cause of my depression. It’s to do with my interest in a tight top and a cute skirt. Apparently it’s not to do with being trans, it’s to do with being partly Scots. 😉 (Ed; Ya gret hairy numptae! Mincing aboot like thaat. Shoulbae ashamed o’ yerself!!)

Okay, iffy stand up material aside, what else has been doing on? Well, other than attempting to play the fool, I was rather foolish the other day. It had been a week since the last Chameleons meeting and I was all ready for a night out. I’d packed just the one outfit (unusually), got the kids to bed after a story and off I went through the driving Nottinghamshire rain. Traffic was good and as I rolled up, I thought: the Centre looks a bit dark. Then it hit me. It’s the second Thursday of the month….. so…. umm…. not tonight then.

Bugger. 🙂

A little bit of me thought I could nip upstairs, get changed and go & meet up with Sam. But…. I didn’t. Not that Sam’s company is lacking (Ed: stop digging, Lynn! 😛 ), it was more that if I went out this week, and then to Chams next week…. and then hoping to make Invasion the week after. Yeah, it would be pushing it a bit. Instead, I called the Ever Lovely Mrs J (who saw the funny side) and then stopped off at the supermarket to snag a few gifts (including a few for the lady of the house). So, back home, feet up and nice cup of tea and a chat. Oh, and home made biccies. What’s not to like?

Talking of lady stuff (Ed: don’t be filthy!), Mrs J didn’t bat an eyelid as I packed my bag for Thursday. She’s become very cool about the whole trans thing and find that…… Okay, words fail me at this point. Happy doesn’t quite cut it. Loved? Accepted? I guess that’s all most of us want. To be loved for who we are. Trite, but true.

Anyhoo, she asked if I wanted any make-up, or such like, for Christmas. In all honesty? Not this time around. It’s crazy in a way. I’m being offered presents (clothes, make-up, skin care, etc) that I’d longed for, but could never talk about until the last few years. Now, I’m good. She kindly gifted me a set of unused Urban Decay she didn’t need and I’ve still got a few items from the Clinique Bonus Time (love Clinique!) set. The only item I’m short on is powder, but that’s not big on my list.

What will I get for Xmas? I really don’t know. Nice things, I hope. Things I wouldn’t usually get myself, but really, what I’m truly after is that the present buying I’ve done for everyone else to be a success  Yeah, that may be a bit cheesy, but that’s what I’d really like.

Oh, that and for the Xmas tree not to be pulled down by our two wee monsters. 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown ]


  1. Something I really miss is a fireplace… It's lovely walking into a house that is centrally heated when it's cold outside; but it's better to come into the living room and light a fire.

    As for your missed trip… Was it not a give away that something was amiss when you only packed one outfit ;p

    Enjoy your trips in the coming weeks though!


    1. It's a bit of a clat, but I think there's something rather enjoyable about being able to take the time to put a fire together. Maybe having a warm house that doesn't rely on old school hearing helps.

      Lol @ one outfit. Cheeky mare 😉 Yes, I suppose that should have been the top off.

  2. Nothing tops the aroma of a nice homey place with a fire on. Except possibly a gorgeous perfume gifted by a loving wife.

    Delighted to see things warming up in all directions my dear.

    Patience and a little care with the heavy foot on the accelerator pedal is a good recipe. Well done!

    Happy Holidays to you all.

    Warmly – Petra

  3. When my parents moved into their current house, the nice Victorian fireplace was boarded over. Fortunately it didn't take much repairing to get back working again unlike the many that were simply ripped out.

    A sense of a real fire sure is popular, which is why so many newer homes, like ours have artificial ones installed

    1. Mrs J's parents have artificial gas fire and I think we did in our 'Stepford' house (scary area) too. The one at the last place did pump out some heat, but it wasn't quite the same as getting a wood fire going. Still, dinner places are smoke free zones, so you can't always have a wood fire.

      Sounds like your parents were lucky with being able to restore it so really.

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