“Let’s have a toast a celebration get a glass out,
And we can do this until we pass out.”

Hello again dear reader,

Compared to yesterday’s weather, which seems like a warm up for The End Times. today in dear old England, we’re blessed with a view of a beautiful blue sky. Well, Nottingham at least. Things to be cheerful about! Dare I say, all seems to be going fairly well at the moment; other than the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones being flat out with a rather nasty cold. With luck and a spot of rest, she should be okay for her graduation ceremony next week. Yes, Mrs J will soon be Doctor Jones…. and, yes, I’m very proud of her and no, I haven’t bought her a slightly crumpled hat and a whip either. 😉

Party? Already? Mais oui!

What else is going on? It being just about the end of November, we had the Chameleons Christmas Party. Yes, it is a little early and we do this to avoid clashing with work and home dos, school plays, etc. I had been a little worried about the catering; seeing as only a few people had posted in the forum. As per, I shouldn’t have been concerned; we did very well, with everyone bringing this & that to build up a quality spread. Sandi & H. did a top job in putting out the tablecloths, food and candles. It made the place look really homely. Chuck in some sparkly disco lights and an old MP3 player from home, we were good to go! Given it was a party, we had a pretty full house. It’s great to see so many people come along and it keeps the coffers topped up well too. Sandi did the honours by capturing the event by taking a few snaps.

I’d over-packed as usual, but this time, decision was with me. It was on with my favourite Christmas dress (red velvet) and last Christmas’s star patterned tights. Sadly, they won’t be in use as they’ve died a death. Still, nothing is forever right. Maddy was in a shoe quandary  so I loaned her a pair of my studded heels, while I went with the new ones from Dotty P’s (see last month). Not the most comfortable, but I think you have to suffer for your art sometimes 😉 As it was a party, it was on with the fancier than usual Urban Decay set Mrs J had gifted me with. She’d got a more recent set with new colours, so Muggins here ended up with the old, but very glam set. On with a set of false eyelashes and I was good to go!

Thanks to a lucky find while out shopping, I managed to get a few early Xmas presents in. Something for Sandi & Tracey because of all the hard work they do. Plus two little some things which caught my eye for two other friends. I’ll spare their blushes at the mo.

We had another visit from our student researcher and from brief conversations with M, all seems to be going well. I saw her having a long chat with Tracey, so hopefully that’ll help her project along.

In Da Club Pub

I hung back a bit to help tidy up and after that, headed off to the pub to catch up with the rest. We had a quick karaoke session. Perhaps a good thing given our collective vocal talents. I tried my hand at Green Day’s Time of Your Life. Funny, how come singing seems to be better in the car. Maybe the windscreen on reflects back the vocals that are in tune. 🙂

In order to cool off, Rhiannon and I had a good long natter in the smoking garden. Well, there were a few plants, but neither of us smoke. Not sure if that violates Trade Descriptions, but meh. 🙂 After a bit more socialising and a dance to LMFAO, it was time to head home…… only, I had a bit of a scare.

I’d pulled up in an out of the way lane to take my make-up off and slip some trousers on. Y’see, I don’t like to return home – even if it is the wee hours – fully Lynned up (Ed: is that even a word?). So, slap removed, wig stashed and man clothes on top, I started the car…. or rather, I didn’t. The lights all came on, but the engine wouldn’t turn over. Sigh. Don’t panic, Jones. Take the key out. Check the gear, press the brake and try again (standard ops for an automatic car). Nothing. Sh**.

Okay. It’s something passed one AM and I’m in the middle of nowhere. Okay. Try again. Nope. Right. Don’t panic. Ring the breakdown people. Ahh. No wallet. I left that at home. Bum!

Ring Mrs J? No. She needs her sleep and she’s got a busy day. Okay. Let’s apply the IT principle  turn everything off and leave it for five minutes. 😛 I’ll mess about with my phone and see if I can get a signal to call Breakdown. No joy with that…. Panicking a bit now.

Force myself to wait a bit longer. Turn the ignition. Nothing. Okay. Check the lights. They’re okay, so battery’s not screwed. Turn everything off. Get out of the car. Fire central locking. Enjoy the view of the night out towards the woods and the power station  Wonder how long it would take to walk back if the car is shot. Shrug. Get back in. Turn the key. Cross fingers. “C’mon, you beauty”.


RESULT! Panic over. Now back home to bed after a quick check that my eyelids aren’t still sparkly.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Pass Out by Tinie Tempah ]


  1. Saturday morning. Wakeup, check lottery numbers, read Lynn's diary. Shame your car isn't more reliable – hasn't been the best year for you and cars. Perhaps next time when you frequent a secluded lay by for a bit of nocturnal undressing you keep your engine running, so to speak.

    1. Ooo. Sounds like a proper magazine column when you say it like that. 🙂

      No.Not the best year with cars, lol. I traded my car skills for being able to dance in heels.

  2. That is scary. Breaking down when in Rhiannon mode is one of my main fears, as is bing pulled over. The question, should you need to call for rescue, is whether you would take advantage of the situation and tell them you are a lone female! Seriously speeds the process up!

    And thank you again for the natter, it was really helpful – not just because it calmed my hot flushes! You are a top lady, Mrs.

    1. I'm not sure my voice would suggest lone female. Maybe lone gunman, but that's another story.

      No worries about the natter. It was nice to have a few minutes to chat about stuff and thanks for the kind words.

      BTW: top trans tip. If you're travelling home and need to take your make-up off. Save time by applying soap and sticking your head out of the car window. The torrential rain will clear away any incriminating evidence. 🙂

  3. Well, I enjoyed reading that, even the classic scary lone-female-car-breakdown-in-the-middle-of-deserted-nighttime-Mad-Axe-Killer-Land. And a really gorgeous outfit to boot. But the party itself? What happened there? Need to know! Sue x

    1. Not sure about mad axe killer. Perhaps a serious fly-by hooting from the local owls. It's a bit quiet in south Notts. Just the breeze, the occasional owl call and cursing from a duffer in a car that wouldn't start 🙂

      Ta for the kind words re: the outfit. Shame the tights haven't survived, but hey ho. As to the party, it was very good. Not a right rave, so to speak, but good all the same. Good company, plenty of time to sit and talk, lots of yummy nibbles and some music on low so we can hear ourselves. I guess in years gone by, we would have had a dance, but with the New Foresters not so far away, we can leave that for another time.

  4. there you are, all you needed to do was close all the windows Lynn. ;o)
    Hope your car behaves itself now. It never nice for that to happen, especially at that time. x

    1. Ah, close all the windows and turn it off and on again. Would you like a job in IT, Soph? 😉

      Touch wood, the car is behaving itself. I don't think it liked getting soaked from the inside. I was a bit fraught, but luckily, it all came good in the end. Phew!

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