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How’s things? I am, as regular readers may have noted, a day late. There is – thankfully and luckily – no major drama behind why I’m writing tonight and not on Friday. Basically, Sophie and I were fixing a lawn mower. Yes, that is the high level of high fashion glamour that I get up to off-blog and away from Chameleons 😉 Fixing a mower on a Friday night. How rock & roll, eh? 😉

But, in truth, I am very thankful. Soph worked her mechanical magic in making said equipment work once again. It’s certainly saved me from a significant outlay and, quite possibly, unpleasant back pain from having to use the other older mower that’s snoozing in the garage. After rolling around on rubber mats – hmm, that didn’t sound quite so kinky in my head! – in the half-dark, we were sorted. Tired, a bit achy and in need of the great British revival: a brew and a biccie. All good! Although I think I’m clearly not cut out to be mechanic’s or engineer’s assistant. I think I’ll stick to moving a mouse around the screen and using Dark Arts on computers.

So other than the above….. it’s been quiet. I had got it in my head that it was Chameleons this week, but as a friend (thanks Sophie!) pointed out, that’s next week. On the upside, at least I didn’t trail over to the Centre, get changed and hang around like Betty No Mates. Oops!

That said, I did feel the need for a bit of transtastic sophistication. I don’t know if it was because I’d mentally warmed up to the idea, or if I was feeling the urge. Strange how it creeps up on you sometimes. But…. this has not been in a world-will-end kinda way. Far from it, all has been good of late – perhaps the Black Dog is still stuck in the board kennels? – and for that, I am very grateful. It means no negativity, my regular happy-go-lucky attitude is back and less snapping at people (especially my lovely family). What’s not to like?

Work has been going well. It seems keeping my head down and just keeping focused on a few key tasks is starting to pay off. I’ve been working on a mini-project of my own and I think I’m just about there in terms of release status. With a bit of luck and lots of testing, the system will take a load of work from the team (a good thing) and empower a few others to just crack on. Fingers crossed eh? Hmmm… Perhaps I should pause here to inject a note of irony as I didn’t finish the poly course I started all those years ago. Not quite with it on the programming front, I left to get a job, but somehow ended back up in IT. Now, many years later, I’m belting out scripts and code along with the rest. Funny how life plays out sometimes.

As you may have read on here, I’m not a big fan of sports. For whatever reason, it’s not really my thing – except maybe the Gravity Games – but maybe that’s a novelty thing? Anyhoo, this week and a bit, Channel Four have been showing lots of footage from the Paralympics and, you know what? I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been truly inspiring to see people throw themselves in and give their all. Oh, and Channel Four didn’t half pick a top tune to run as a theme too. Quality choice.

On top of that, the comedy review show, The Last Leg, was very refreshing. It, IMO, took away some of the right-on pomp that can exist around features for disabled people. Through comedy – with disabled comedians – it allowed people to laugh at some of the problems people face. That may not have read right, but what I’m trying to say is that good humour – as in the show – brings people together, whereas bad humour (IMO) is used to mock, deride and push people apart. The show, at least for me, wasn’t as polished as a regular comedy show, but that added to its charm. Yes, it was professional, but it lacked that media shine (Ed: artificial shine?) that some shows have and again, for me, that was a good thing. It felt more real.

Hmm… Looking at the format of the above, I wonder if that would fit in with trans people and a voice in the media? I’m not saying we need to be cracking jokes a la Mock the Week, but is there a danger of making trans issues too serious? Perhaps in direct opposition from that; I know that when I read a novel and there’s a shift from comedy to tragedy, both are far sharper when followed by the other. But that’s by the by, to wind up; I’d like to think that the Paralympics has shown the competitors to be heroes.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy. ]


  1. Ah! So that's why Sophie wears a reinforced handbag and walks with a list. A 5lb lump hammer has to have an effect on a girl's accessories and movement 🙂

    I'm with you on coming back around on the IT circus. When much younger, I was playing around with Commodore PETs at school and Spectrums at home. Didn't touch computers for about 15 years before needing to support a few PCs as part of my role in a new job. Then it was all downhill from there…. 🙂

    The late night shows (The Last Leg and the Gabby Logan Olympics show) were, in my opinion, the best parts of the 2012 games TV coverage this summer. And not just because of Logan's shoes!

    Now whether a good humoured, roughed up, laid back trans show would work, I'm not sure. I did write a long diatribe here, then realised before it was too late, that I was digging a hole! 🙂 In essence, a trans show would need to tug on a few meaningful heartstrings to pull in sympathy / empathy with the audience along with that good humour. I think it would be a very thin line to follow.

    Finally, I don't see the Paralympians as heroes as it's too strong a word; as if they should be on a pedastal. However, I am in awe of the mental strength and determination that the competitors have shown to overcome their disadvantages and enhance their advantages. For me, the Paralympics have shown that a positive mental attitude can be used by all of us in life, no matter who or what we are.

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