“We’ll take our hearts outside,
Leave our lives behind”

Hi folks,

Not only is it the weekend, but here in the UK, it’s a long break two: the Easter Bank Holiday. Well, for those of us who don’t have to work it. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones was rather clever when she planned a short break for the Jones Massive, so we’ve had a week away and now we’re back to a long weekend. Just time to cram in the usual stuff of food shopping, dog walking, child entertainment, family visits and – if we’re lucky – a decent amount of laying about, reading books. I’m hoping there will be quite a lot of the latter. Ahh, setting my sights on the dizzy heights once again eh? 🙂

The short break was very good and very welcome. Just a little cottage in the middle of nowhere in particular: a few creature comforts such as a roaring fire, large woods to walk through, comfy beds and the modern luxury of a solid WiFi signal. Funny how that is so important, well to me anyway. I suppose I don’t consider myself to feel the need to be fully connected, but I guess that’s a bit like Ms Marcos saying she doesn’t have many pairs of shoes. 😉

We also got a reasonable bit of walking done despite the weather. Okay, not those day long treks of yore as Little Miss’s legs are still only wee, but she does well. Certainly, we managed a good yomp covering a morning or afternoon. Still, Wee Man can hold his own these days and if I can fob the backpack on to him, there’s always chance of a piggy back if a certain little girl gets too tired. What else are Dad’s for? 🙂

Despite the odd spell of bad weather, it was great to get out as a family. Equally, there were times when the kids and the Ever Lovely Mrs J wanted to stay in, so Muggings here ended up taking the hound for a walk. I’ll be open with you and say that having a pet has really helped me drive away the proverbial Black Dog. Our hound – like our last one, bless him – comes to the door when I arrive home and is happy to see me. It doesn’t matter what she’s been up to, she always comes and is always happy. It’s a lovely feeling to be greeted like that when you get in. She’s good company on a walk too and the fact that she enjoys going out, means I like taking her for walks. Back when I was feeling under the weather, people stop and talk to you when you’ve got a dog. It’s more connectivity with other people – even if it’s just a simple smile and a hello from a stranger.

What else has been going on? Well, in the absence of work, I’ve been catching up on reading (some good, some not so) and thinking about that art project idea. I can’t really think of it in any other way, although ‘art project’ makes it sound like there’s drawing and/or some type of visual creativity involved. Other than a spot of colouring in, my art skills are very limited…. although I can make some rather odd clay monsters. 🙂

Anywho, luckily some clever folk have stepped up to the plate – namely Alex and Maddy – to assist. The former lady with web hosting wizardry and the latter, in all things… umm… design-y. Me? I’m just trying to organise and gently nudge things along. I’m conscious that lots of ideas stay in the debate stage and I’m hopeful that we can keep the momentum going and produce something workable. Will it last forever? Who knows! Provided we get a few people to pen a potted (trans) life story, that’ll be enough. Maybe the work will take on a life of it’s own and run and run. I really cannot say, although I’m hopeful that if it does keep ticking over, that in some way, it’ll be helpful to the trans community at large.

Talking of trans stuff, it’s Chameleons this coming week and I’m looking forward to going. It’s been two weeks since my last trip out and I’m ready for a bit of glamour…. well, as much as yours truly can muster, but that’s by the by. 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Stars by DubStar ]


  1. Even in bad weather a little get away is good unless you planed to spend it on the beach. 🙂 Got a little get away this bank holiday?

    1. I think that provided there's something to do (or you're prepared for it), bad weather's not necessarily a bad thing. I guess it depends on what you want from a holiday! 🙂

      No getting away this bank holiday for us. There's stuff going on in the house and we went last month. Happy holiday BTW!

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