“Do what you what you want,
till you don’t want it anymore,
(remember who you really are)”

Greetings and felicitations,

A day off today which made a nice change… well, a change from the two previous weeks of being on a sick note, but let’s move on eh? 🙂 So, first week back at work over and done with. Okay, one day physically at work and then – because of lack of transport – working from home.

Now, I don’t mind the odd day at home working remotely. It’s nice to get out of the office and have uninterrupted time to get stuff done. But, in all honesty, I missed being in and being part of the banter and general hubbub. I remember Sartre’s famous quote ‘Hell is other people’ and the article the accompanying article by psychologists disproving it. 🙂 We’re social creatures and not having the interaction – and no, I don’t think Facebook replaces it, that’s still text – is a bit… well, lonely. That’s not to say ‘oh, poor me’, it’s more an observation than a cry in the dark. Anyway, we’ve got lights in our house 😉

So being in let me catch up with workmates and friends (Ed: yes, there’s a difference 😛 ), clear some of the paperwork and email cruft that had built up while being away. A small box of choccies were slipped to the desk of the lady who’d kindly stopped to help on the day of the crash. No, note and no she wasn’t there. I suppose a low rent version of ‘all because the lady loves milk tray’. Not that they were Milk Tray and if you’re not a child of the 80s, I guess you’re wondering WTF is Lynn on about? 😀 You’d not be the only one. 🙂

It was Chams time again (yay!) and despite me being in two minds over taking clothes, I did thinking it may be for the best. Sophie was kind enough to offer me a lift and off we went, chatting away as per and dodging mad Audi drivers. We got in just before 9 and off I went to get changed.

Now, my arm’s been on the mend and I’ve been doing okay without my sling for most of the week. I did struggle to get my bra and shapewear on a bit, but Alison was kind enough to help my zip up my new dress (from Very in the sale). Anyhoo, as I was late – because let’s face it, it takes me an age to put my face on – a few folk popped up to see how I was getting on, bless them. So there I was, half made up laughing and joking with Alison, Rachel, Sam, Sophie and Val. Honestly, it was very touching that they’d popped along to see how I was. It really put a smile on my face.

The evening rolled along as per, although we had one new face along: Rhiannon (hello Mrs!). She was staying not too far away, so she’d decided to make the effort and come along. I saw Helen chatting away, so I ducked out to make a brew and hoping to find a gap in the conversation. Time passed and soon our paths crossed. We had a good old chuckle about things and that’s another cool person I’ve had the good fortune to meet thanks to this blogging thing. I also had a very nice email later on, but I won’t say anymore! 🙂

No sign of Maddy this time around, although a quick TXT meant she was okay, if not ‘in da house’ with the trans massive . She’s been doing some storming work with posters for Invasion…. which isn’t very far away either. Ooo, a night out. Just what I need!

Just time for a quick photo session – hey, we’re trans, it’s what we do! – and then it was off to get changed and go home. All in all, a good night and I was glad I made the effort.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: What You Want by Evanescence ]


    1. Yes, real clothes 🙂 A welcome change from the usual.

      Stating slim is a bit tricky when food is so nice! Still, plenty of walking and eating sensibly seems to work.

  1. Thank you very much! The Chams group and you all made me feel so welcome, it was a really easy place to come to with fantastic company. I can't wait to engineer another visit!!

    And those tights were so cool – you looked every bit as fantastic in person as in your photos. As Becca said, real clothes suit you very well. :o)

    Rhi x

    1. Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay and that the Chams Massive made you welcome. How long before you're back again? 😉

      Thanks for the kind words BTW!

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