“Five. Four. Three. Two. One!
Thunderbirds are go!!”

Jones? Jones! Where the in the name of all that’s fancy is that… umm… woman? By the sacred bra-strap of Grayson Perry, you better have a damn fine excuse for being a day late!


I came here to drink my tea and blog…. and I’ve just finished my tea. 😉 Yes, a day late indeed. What is the world coming to eh? Tsk tsk and other onomatopoeia (Ed: Ooo, hark at her!), although for once, I do have a good excuse: Invasion.

Roll back a few months and a few folk got talking at Chams (I think) about ‘doing an evening’. Something to fill those empty Fridays between Chameleons, BNO or Leeds First Friday. Like all social groups, there’s often a fair bit of chat and exchange of ideas. This one, however, had a life of its own: perhaps helped along by Sam (lady of blog fame) and Maddy (lady of poster fame). Anyhoo, there was an ad on the group’s forum, then a TV Chix post and lastly, a Facebook page too. Thunderbirds are go! 😉

I cross my fingers and checked the family calendar. There’s nothing on and as far as I know, nothing planned. I ask the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones if she minds me going along as it’ll be ‘another night out’. I’m conscious that she’s not had a girls night out in December and by the close of the month, I’ll have had three. Oops. Bad husband! 🙂 We have, of late, had a discussions and jokes about my trans state: all in a positive way I should add. Take Monday, for example: we both had a day off to finish off the Christmas shopping… which reminds me… I better finish the wrapping off before bed. Where was I? Oh aye, positive stuff. We bought items for our extended family and chatted without barriers. Forgive me if this sounds a little shallow, but stay with me; we looked and discussed clothes, make-up, jewelry, etc for the lady folk within our social circle and we were fully open: tran and wife if you will. Opinion was asked by both of us over ideas and I felt so at ease; a sense of release if you will.

I had in mind that I needed to buy Sophie a little something and Mrs J offered a few ideas here and there. She asked if there was anything I really wanted for Christmas and honestly, no, from a material point of view, not especially. What about a bracelet or a necklace? Make-up? The offer was genuine and as I gave her hand a squeeze, I couldn’t help but smile and say something like that would be great, but I didn’t have any wish list in mind. I also thanked her for being so cool about it.

Skip on the big night itself and I’d arranged to pick Sophie up and get changed there. Wee Man had been dropped off with Granny as like a lot of nippers, he likes to stop up and be indulged by grandparents. 🙂 As the Do didn’t kick off until 8ish, I hung back to sort out a bath and story for Little Miss. Sometimes, fighting against the dreaded Flap (Ed: as in panic. If you thought anything else, you’re very rude ;-P ) isn’t necessarily a bad thing… plus it gave the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones time to unwind and put her feet up.

Peck on the cheek and Dad duties done, I was out of the door and on my way to Sophie’s place. I was, as per, behind schedule, but Soph was cool about that (and was looking cool too!). I bribed her with a free cookie and Xmas present too. 🙂 I’m also – as Alison will attest to – not the quickest at getting ready. I had a fail over the application of false eyelashes, as for some reason I could not get them to stay. It was akin to wrestling with two drunken spiders covered in InstaStick. 🙂 I gave up and topped up my mascara to repair the damage. To try and speed up the process, I opted to try the nail wraps I’d bought back in November. While they were not much quicker to apply than nail varnish, they did give a lovely finish.

Once fully fabulous (see below for shot), we got into the car and headed into town. Now, I had made a plan to park in a local secure NCP, but once we were in, I found it shut at midnight. Duh! Cue a quick departure and parking just down from the pub. Luckily not too far to walk and nice and quiet. Bit chilly though and I was glad of my old coat. The funny thing about my coat is that I got it for a few bob in a charity shop. I’ve looked at replacing it, but not found anything I’m really willing to shell out on. Anyways, I had some lovely comments about it, which changed my perception of it.

[ NB: Talking of nice comments, in a much earlier blog post, I talked about giving compliments. There’s a lady at work who has lost a fair bit of weight and really shaped up. Without trying to sound like an old perv, I asked her if she was sticking with the Keep Fit group, she said yes and I said you can really tell. She gave a big smile and said I had been the only person at work to say so…. and that it had made her day. Yay for good feelings! ]

The New Foresters was lively and I spotted a number of T folk in the crowd. The pub has a lovely welcoming feeling to it. The people within were welcoming and I felt very relaxed there. Sophie and I bumped into Tanya and a few trans peeps we didn’t know (from the ‘sarf’ apparently, but iffy jokes aside, they were cool 😛 ). We mingled, caught up with Maddy, Sam, Mrs Sam, took some snaps and had a few soft drinks before heading off to the second venue of the night – D2 – and I was glad of my coat! Brrr!! Well, except for Crystal who said she’s used to far chillier temperatures. 🙂 It was an odd experience walking down the road in a city you know while in trans mode. I guess being well out of the usual Lager Loon areas helped, but I was a bit nervous and I was glad we went as a group.

By this point I had to spend a penny and after I managed to find a loo that had a lock, I then had to faff about sorting out padding and whatnot. Oh the vanity eh? A quick lippy and hair check, then back to the bar. I caught up with Maddy and we managed to catch up (despite the noise) over what she’s been up to and how things are going. Woo, that place was *loud* but the dance floor was good and old-duffer-in-waiting that I am, I didn’t recognise any of the tunes (but then I’ve never really been a clubber) until a Katy Perry remix came on. Okay, I’m a trans cliche, so sue me. 🙂 It wasn’t long before the dance floor was a-jumping and then we had to head off NG1 (next door).

Getting in before midnight meant we’d not have to pay. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a club and having my handbag checked was a new experience. The bouncers were gents and we were in quickly. Sophie was kind enough to take a snap of me (see right) as I’d being taking snaps of people through out the night. By now time was marching on and I was aware that Sophie said she didn’t want to be out until the wee hours. Neither did I as I know Little Miss doesn’t really do lie-ins and it would have been wrong of me to try and blag a sleep-in as well as a night out. We said our goodbyes and headed off. A quick walk back to the car and then off to Sophie’s house to get changed and go home.

All in all, a truly great night out. Top job to Sam and Maddy for organising!

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: The theme from Thunderbirds. F.A.B! 😉 ]


  1. I 'noticed' the afforementioned jacket and did think it was very nice. Oh and i just thought you girls were being 'fashionably late' rather than 'late late' lol


  2. Rhiannon: Some people are responsible, others have responsibility thrust upon them. 🙂

    Ahh, the juggling act of work, home life, parenting and trannying.

    Thanks for the kinds words.

    Sam: Oh, yes… we… are.. I mean.. were fashionably late. 😀

    Ta about the jacket. You and Mrs Sam were looking very fab (as per). I hope you didn't feel too knackered come the morning. The Invasion certainly brought the party season in with a bang.

  3. Was good to see you Lynn however brief it was. You were looking well as always. Hopefully we'll be able to have a proper chat next time 🙂 x

  4. Emma: A proper chat – with tea + biccy? – would be great. Maybe when you've finished the Turkey Hell Run? 🙂

    (ps: I can't believe how much you've changed since we first met ).

    Stace: It was a very good night. Maybe if you're over here one month, we could do it again?

    Oh, top job on handling the work situation and going full time. Very cool!

    Sophie: LOL. Maybe *physically* younger, yes, but otherwise, good to go!

    No worries about the pressie! Glad you liked it.

  5. Love the frock, the tights, the tale and especially love the Thunderbirds reference.

    Nice isn't it when you here a little word of interest tendered by the Mrs., yes? Whatever present one might receive pales rather behind the thought it seems to me 🙂

    Happy hols to your happy tribe Lynn. Thanks for another wonderful year of storytelling.

    Best – Petra

  6. Petra: If I hadn't discovered the joys of fashion, I think my next choice would have been a job at International Rescue. 😉

    I'm with you on the thought behind a gift. The idea of something simple – but not male – speaks volumes to me. I still treasure the watch Mrs J bought me five years ago.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Merry Christmas to you and yours Petra! Here's to a joyful 2012.

  7. Lucy: Invasion 2012 is already on the cards and yup, it was a good night. Feel free to pop Up North if you fancy a night out. I hear the rates at The Gables (T friendly hotel) are very good.

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