Not so long ago, the conversation at a Chams do swung around to blogging. I think it may be been Rebbecca who asked: when do you find time to write? The short answer is as and when. Of course, being a blogger, a short answer strictly won’t do…. 🙂

Since my teen years, I’d frequently have a scrap of paper/notebook and obligatory pen too. Back then, I’d get ideas for a story, a joke (sometimes slight amusing) or an idea for a computer game or RPG. Now, the ideas tend to be for a blog post or a short story. An item of conversation or unusual circumstance will occur and a small invisible light bulb (Ed: no, I don’t know what invisible light looks like either) would switch on somewhere above my head. My memory being what it is, I now write these fleeting thoughts down and come back to them at a later date or when I’m in the right frame of mind.

Maybe that cliche about the Muse rings true: I do find it easier to write when I’m in the right mood. It seems that the words come relatively easily and I can rattle off a good few paragraphs in what seems like no time at all. Most of the time, I’m happy with that, but there are also times when ideas don’t come so easily. Then I have to really think hard – something I’m not so good at – and force an idea out, on to the virtual page.

So other than a small slip of paper to jot down my thoughts, there’s also the where and the when of it. Again, if the mood strikes me and I have the time, I’ll start up Notepad or maybe Yahoo Notes to jot down some ideas. Subject to making a gap, I may flesh the ideas out. Oddly, I don’t tend to open the Blogger interface until I’m ready to upload something that’s most of the way there. Sure, there’s a little tinkering that goes on before hand, but if I’m lucky, I have something ready for Friday night.

That’s the what and the where out of the way. I guess the 8.34 million euro question is the why? Partly because I like the process of writing: trying to tease my thoughts in to some coherent order and pick through what’s going on in my life (Ed: she’s making that last bit up, I’m sure). The other part of it is that here I can pretty much rattle on about anything I like. In Bob World – oh and that’s Bob as in him and not bob as in “that’s a lot of bob” (Ed: to overseas’ readers, bob = sh**) – there are conversations that I just don’t have.

Today for example, someone asked what I’d got up to the other day and the truth of the matter is that I’d popped out for a spot of shopping with a (trans) friend. I saw the most gorge dress (sadly too small and rather expensive, but hey, a t-girl can dream right?) and had a lovely long chin wag + lunch with Sam….. but [sigh], that’s not the sort of talk I can have with work mates or folk I’m not out to. Hence this blog. It’s a place where I can talk about the trans stuff, hell, any stuff. If I’m lucky and the post interests you good people out there, you comment and it sparks more conversation.

I may have mentioned this before, but I have my own personal deadline of Friday evenings. Sure, as I’ve just said, I do rattle off the odd post (like now) prior to that. Yet, perhaps a third of the time, I’ll be typing away frantically after the kids are in bed, trying to finish a post off (like now). I guess part of it is getting my head around what’s happened in the week, maybe even getting something of my chest and having the proverbial air clear for the weekend.

Looking back, Friday evenings had a certain magic to them: a level of promise of what might be. You had no school to worry about and indeed, in my adult life, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to work a weekend. Going back a bit, I have worked shifts and I hated doing so. Again, we come back to the magical charm of Friday night / Saturday morning. Knowing you had to get up and haul on the shirt + tie one more time… Yeah, well, on the upside; I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I’ve mentioned time a couple of… times?… and if there’s some hobby I want to do, something else has to give. There just aren’t enough minutes in the day – or an evening in my case – to watch TV, read, blog, email, Facebook, etc. Perhaps there’s a certain irony that with all the new television channels we have, I now watch less than I did when we had only four. There are some good shows on, but now I look at the reviews, shrug and just don’t bother. Viewer apathy eh?

Anyways, that’s enough chat from me for another week. Enjoy yourselves (not like that! 😛 ) and stay safe!


PS; I’ve updated the Resource panel at the bottom right of the screen. There are now more links to research into trans behavior and some help guides from the National Health Service.

[ Today’s lyric: Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry… which I guess doesn’t mean Transgender Information Force. 😉 ]


  1. > I like the process of writing: trying to tease my thoughts in to some coherent order and pick through what's going on in my life. (…) The other part of it is that here I can pretty much rattle on about anything I like. In Bob World (…) there are conversations that I just don't have. (…) It's a place where I can talk about the trans stuff, hell, any stuff. If I'm lucky and the post interests you good people out there, you comment and it sparks more conversation. <

    Yes, to all that 🙂

    But I'm not so organized as to "post on Fridays". The only aim I've set is that my blog archive shouldn't miss a month — and so far (10 months), so good. Otherwise I just write when I've got something to say.

  2. I love the process of writing, of getting thoughts down into a readable form. I used to always be writing screenplays, stories, etc as a child.

    I actually wrote more on my blog before I went full-time, I at one point I averaged a post every couple of days. I think that once my trans life became the norm then I didn't need to use the blog to talk about it. If anything I actually post more on my telly blog nowadays.

    Glad you enjoyed Leicester with Sam, I'll try and make it next time 🙂 x

  3. Jonathan: Has it really been 10 months? Crikey, how time flies eh? I guess each approach is as different as the person doing it.

    Emma: Did you do the stories just for fun, or have you sent any off? Just curious!

    Maybe now that you're out and about (trans-wise), you don't need to write about it any more. BTW. I've been looking at your TV blog on and off, but as my TV viewing has dropped away, I'm well behind the curve. 😉

    There's always a next time!

  4. I started writing in order to get things out of my head and to a place where maybe I could make sense of them. Going over the posts now makes me cringe actually, but they helped get me through the time so I am a little loathe to go back and remove them!

    Now I write because sometimes I enjoy it. Though as you say the mood really does affect what I can write. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say, but just can't get it from my head onto the laptop. Sometimes it just doesn't stop and I end up with a post of drivel (like this comment ;p)

    I'm glad that you do find the time, I quite look forward to Fridays and reading what you have got up to!


    PS I've seen the picture and that dress didn't look bad! Actually I remember thinking that I was jealous of how thin it made you look! 😛

  5. Stace: The past is a different country. The exchange rate is awful and they always lose your luggage, but it's comfy. 😉

    Ignoring the above, like you I've read through some of the old posts. Sometimes the memory is clear, other times, I can't connect with what was going on.

    Keep up with the notes and I'll keep reading…. oh, and thanks for the kind words too.

    PS: [sigh] That dress. I've found it on Amazon and eBay, but it's still the best part of 90 quid. If it was a little cheaper and a little roomier, I'd be tempted. It was a little too snug around the (false) boobs.

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