“Wow! (Shout out loud),
At the gay bar”


As I type it is unseasonably warm. Talk about a late summer! I’ve blogged about my enjoyment of the autumn months once before and much as the clear blue skies are nice, it is too hot for me. By the time it cools down, it’s pitch black. Still, the weather is at least calm, so no puddles to splash through or wind to blow your syrup in umpteen directions.

Last time around, I mentioned the possiblity of a night out. It has been ages since I’ve been out and about, so I was really looking forward to it. Luckily for little old me (Ed: yes, the diet is still working), the Fates smiled and all went well.

After dropping Little Miss off at Granny’s, I made my way to the usual Chameleons haunt and – sssh, now! – after checking the upstairs room was free, quickly got changed. By now tempreatures had started to drop, so I decided to stay with the planned outfit (see snaps later on). I did a quick check to make sure nothing had been left behind and headed back to the car.

Half an hour down the motorway and I was making my way through Leicester. Now, I don’t have the world’s best sense of direction. I guess I missed out on that one – maybe in return for baking or accessorising. 🙂 I had logged a few NCP car parks into my smartphone and that helped me find some place to park up. The only issue, it was on the edges of the ring road and I needed to be in the centre of town. Oops.

Now, I really only know a little about Leicester city centre and that’s mainly from a walking point of view. Given the time between me rolling up and meeting with the girls, I had half an hour to get to the pub. I took a deep breath, checked my paper map and headed off into the night. There were a few folk around and I tried to avoid any really busy places or pubs with folk yelling outside of them. If I was clocked, no-one said anything which suits me just fine.

I reached Dover Street and the pub, Dover Castle. I was about to ring to see if anyone was about and I spotted Maddy. Heading on it, the warmth of the evening hit me, so it was time for a quick hello and to get a suitably cold drink in. Who was there? Emma W, Sam, Mrs Sam (token foxy partner*), Jenny, Bobbi, Gayna, Emma and Julia. [ * Hopefully that comment won’t get me into trouble! 😛 ]

The bar itself was very nice and the music enjoyable, but not too loud so you couldn’t talk. It wasn’t long before my proverbial toe was tapping and I was wryly amused that my music collection had more in common with this venue than the rock set I used to hang with. I guess some of us are just destinued to walk another line 😀 Just opposite the bar was the theatre and a car park that I should have used, oh well! I did catch a couple of theater punters looking – nay, gawking – in the window. I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself but wave and smile at them. That soon put a stop to it! 🙂

Nine o’clock rolled around and I sent Kate a TXT to see if she was on her way. Sadly, she wasn’t as she’d been caught up at work. Off we went to the venue, Las Iguanas and took our seats. The staff were really good to us and we didn’t have any trouble. Just after the starters, I got the camera out (mais oui!) and after hamfisting a shot out, the waiter was kind enough to offer to take a proper piccy. The food was good, the company excellent and time flew by just chatting and laughing.

As 11pm rolled in, I knew I had to start making it back. I paid my dues, said my goodbyes and after thanking the waiter, headed off into the night. Thing was, when I got to the door, there were loads of people in the street. Suddenly, town had got very busy and the only way through was to just do it. I suppose it’s best not to be foolhardy and I felt a little nervous at the night crowd. Again, everyone was cool and I was ignored. My feet were hurting by the time I got back to the car and I was glad of the air-con when I set off. Feeling rather chuffed with myself that I’d managed to find my way there and back, I then upped my game by getting completely lost on the way out of Leicester. 🙂 After the sav-nat got me back on track, all that remained was to get changed (hello, layby) before getting home just after midnight to the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones.

All in all, a truly cracking night. Thanks to Gayna for organising the event and to everyone who popped along.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Gay Bar by Electric Six ]


  1. Isn't it strange, I love driving in Leicester as it's so easy to navigate – even after not living there for 12 years, and every time I have driven to Nottingham I get completely, totally, panic inducing lost 🙂 I guess it comes down to where you know!

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a great evening (and managed to get out of the city again!)


  2. Stace: Maybe that's why I got lost. Leicester's road systems seems to be logical, whereas I'm used to Nottingham…. which I think would never be invaded as only the locals know their way in and out. 😉

    It was a good night, thanks. If there was another one and you were over here, would you like to join us?

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time and that is what counts. There is nothing better than going out and having fun.

  4. I really enjoyed it, despite getting lost in Leicester myself. I'm definitely no city driver lol.

    We'll definitely have to make this 'Chams on Tour' thing a regular occurrence. Maybe try some other places, or even Leicester again.

    Love Em x

  5. Cannot beat being out amongst the civilians with a good friend or two or more to keep company and distract you from your own sense of distraction.

    Nice night out Lynn. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Susan: Hi there, thanks for popping by. Let's hear it for guilt free fun! 🙂

    Emma: Another time sounds great. Maybe something before Xmas? Sorry to hear you got lost too. Maybe we both need map reading courses? 🙂

    Petra: Absolutely. Oddly, it was just so normal. Just a group of friends out for a night out.

  7. Well done for getting out – and I'm glad that you had a good time. Night time crowds can be a bit rowdy but it's nice that they didn't bother you….. And 'tis certainly true that aircon does help a tranny keep her cool. 😎

    Question: your kids are clearly still young enough to be readily transportable and you also appear to be blessed with nearby relatives. Have you worked out what to do when they get older and are more inquisitive about where you go on those eveings out? My daughter is 16 and hard enough to handle without adding another issue at the moment. One day she will be fully functioning adult, but it will be a while.
    Just thought I'd ask in case you have come up with a cunning plan!

  8. Penny: I've no idea what happens when the nippers get older – to be honest, I'm trying to enjoy the moment as they grow up so quickly.

    My eldest, Wee Man, has asked, and I told him I was off to see some mates (which is true!). I don't get changed at home and I try to keep all the clothes put away.

    Good luck with daughter dodging. I suppose the real risk in her finding out is the sudden 'borrowing' of all your best cosmetics. 🙂

  9. Lynn, so true I fear.
    She already has a considerably bigger collection of nail varnish than I do.
    Fortunately she is not into wearing Dad's baggy jumpers… yet.
    I suppose I shall have to fess up eventually. She tells me that friends at school rate Trannys as 'cool'. I'm reliably informed that they are thinking Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, so perhaps not so cool then.

  10. Penny: I'm sure she won't miss a little nail varnish… merely in the name of research, of course 😉

    Trannys are cool are they? I'll note that along with bow-ties, but from what I remember: dads and fezzes remain uncool. Maybe dad (-1) + trans (+1) = okay? One can but hope!

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