“I itch my skin jump up and say,
‘Lady, I know why your thoughts turned grey'”

Hello dear reader,

How’s things with you? Hopefully, all is well and if not, soon will be. Today I’m in a rather jubilant mood and that, perhaps like a fine meal, is something to be savored. I was going to make a gag about events conspiring with me, but I couldn’t quite get it to work. Ho hum! 🙂

So why the all round pleasantness? Well, since you asked (!), a few things have built up to boost the good vibes and lay low the not so good ones (although the latter have been but minor bumps, rather than the proverbial face kick. Yay for progress!). To start with, it was my birthday a little while ago and other than some nice gifts, I had a lovely time with our little family and the more extended Jones Massive. Yes, cake, candles, cards: the whole shebang. I do, however, now draw ever closer to the big Four Oh, but I hear from friends that the view on the otherside isn’t so bad. 🙂 We may come back to that vibe later on.

The Big Project at work seems to be on hold, so there’s a welcome relief. It’s rather nice to just sit back and let things ride for a while. That gap in my schedule has meant I could catch up on other things: you know, that ever growing list of stuff you’ll do when you get a mo. On a further positive note, the changes to the core network have fixed a number of persistent faults and the end users are reporting good things.  Again, small victories that I’m thankful for. Oh, no news on the job front as the closing date hasn’t gone yet.

Thursday was Chameleons, so off I went with outfits packed. After much deliberation, I had eventually narrowed the plan down to two looks. By sheer fluke, I arrived quite early and as the downstairs room had a keep fit session in full swing, I went upstairs to get changed. I had planned on going for a top, leggings, mini kilt and boots; but on looking in the mirror, something about it didn’t feel quite right. Why not? Well, firstly, much as I don’t mind above the knee skirts, mid thigh makes me a little nervous. I suppose I don’t want to appear tarty and I’m conscious of mutton dressed as lamb . I clearly remember reading a newspaper article – the one that mentioned Leicester Chameleons and ‘the TopShop girls’. I know that’s probably a little silly, given that some of my dresses are shorter than I’ve just described, but I never said this blog would make sense. 🙂 It’s finding that fine line for your personal style that’s neither too staid/frumpy/dull versus teenage tartbag. From what I’ve read in women’s magazines, the same dilemma goes on 🙂

Personal doubts aside, the other element to it was that we were having visitors and…. now this is a bit bonkers…. at work, it’s jeans + old t-shirt because of what I do. While I probably should wear a tie and shirt, I just can’t be bothered. Yet, come Thursday night, I’m stood pondering the merits of one outfit over another. Too young, too safe or too funky? 🙂 Funky won out as it felt right to me (see photo) and once suited femmed up (Ed: did you mean that ironically, right Lynn? :-P), I was off downstairs to sort out the tables and get set up (although Mrs A had done a rather good job already).

[ Update: Stana from Femulate posted a link to something very similar here. ]

The visitors arrived and bless them, they’d brought along a fair amount of stock: Neece from Strut Your Style and Richard and Jay of Venezia Designs. With hellos said coffees served, they cracked on with laying out the items. Cue four long tressle tables of shoes, bling jewellry and wigs. Talking of hellos, the visitors in question were two gents and a lady. Gentle handshakes ensued and then as the chap took my hand firmly, I did drop back into Comedy Bob mode and utter “Hi there,” in rather butch manner. Not that I camp it up as Lynn, but I try not to growl my way through a conversation. Still, we all saw the funny side and sometimes you need to laugh at yourself.

The Chams folk chatted amongst ourselves until at someting to nine, we pulled up chairs for a chat. All in all, I think the evening went pretty well. I’m always slightly on edge for visitors that I’ve drawn in. Yes, they did contact me, but at the same time, I like to see both sides getting something out of it and I think a few sales were made to make the trip worth while.

Next week, there’s the chance to visit Leicester for a curry with the girls. I’m really looking forward to that as the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is okay with me going. Just a case of sorting out someplace to park when I arrive. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, so apologies if I have, but going out is complicated. Not the actually process of getting ready et al…. well, that’s not true, I take long than Mrs J to ‘get fab’, so I do not stand there tapping my watch as she puts her lippy on. 🙂  No, the complication is the emotional build up towards it. As I said to Alison, it [going out] feels so normal. It’s not an adrenaline rush despite my initial nerves when I used to step out to Chams all those years ago. I don’t say that as a brag either, it’s just so… so normal. Just a night out with friends, except this time, I guess the bonus is I don’t have to hide who I am. Maybe that’s the attraction.

Anyway, look after yourselves!

Take care,

PS: Good luck on the trip, Soph and get well soon Maddy!

[ Today’s lyric: Hollywood by Marina and The Diamonds ]


  1. I don't so much worry about the length of skirts, I worry more about what is underneath them. If I am wearing 20d tights then it has to be mid thigh or longer in length length and I have to feel comfortable looking in the mirror. I do have one quite short skirt (short than I realised when I ordered it) , but I wouldn't dream of wearing it with anything other than a pair of 100d tights – otherwise I would just feel too self conscious to leave the house. I do like your funky outfit though – I try to do colours, but somehow they just don't sem to work for me; kudos for pulling it off 🙂

    Enjoy your night out in Leicester!


  2. Emma: It was a top night out, even if my feet didn't thank me 🙂

    Stace: Thanks for the kind words. I'm with you on the 'comfort' vibe – not so much physically okay, as being mentally with it. Thick tights do help, although I'm always wary of the 'mutton factor'.

    Lucy: Spot on about the idea of leggings. I shall ponder those for the next time.

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