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How’s tricks? All good I hope. The Jones Massive are currently away on a jolly. Not so much a jet setting adventure to shores and locales far from home, just a quiet little cottage away from it all. It’s been a good holiday and one different from what we’d normally do. This time around, we’ve been doing more walking and ourdoorsy stuff. I think it’s a good thing to break up the typical holiday choices and go for something a little different. This time around, it’s very rustic and I’m really enjoying the open air, just getting out and feeling the sun on my face, etc. The dog seems to be enjoying the walks, although you never can tell with some pets can you? 🙂

Although there’s a television and WiFi in the property, I can’t say we’ve done much viewing. Instead, we’ve been reading quite a bit. I wonder if it’s the break from work that means you are less rushed? Rather than being flat out from work, you can afford to have a laid back evening meal, read to the nippers and then dive into a good book yourself. I use the word figuratively as I bought a Kindle the other month.

The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones has had one for a while, mainly because she reads a lot of books and given the portability of it, it seemed like a suitable gift. Anyway, it has taken longer for yours truly to invest. I find it a pleasure to read and the fact that I can get to older books instantly, very useful. With the WiFi connection, there’s the chance to get the next installment of your favourite series too.

I am, again, somewhat in awe of how technology moves on. Digital books, smartphones that set up a mini-hotspot for you – hence this post, and other goodies. Just last week, Wee Man was talking to a school mate who’d gone abroad for his holiday. There they were chatting away via Skype, each one talking about whatever young kids chat about…. loudly. 😉 I know these aren’t particularly new technologies, but to me at least, it is the jump from gadget to everyday that makes me stop and wonder at what’s going on.

On another note, and one that’s a wee bit trans orientated – I’ve been reading a fair bit of science fiction while away. I’ll spare you the titles or a plot summary, but jump straight to it: a number of books feature characters who’ve been modified in some way. Either through injury, through necessity to survive or in some cases, just because they liked it. The old trans powers tingled a bit (Ed: no, not in a kinky way! Honestly…) when I read these and think what would it be like to live in that time with that technology?

If biotechnology was that good, would you switch? Would you shape change? Be midway between sexes or maybe just stay as you are? I suppose the other angle to it, is how society might have changed to keep up with such alterations.

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  1. Some of the "transhuman" scifi settings speculate on a future where you are not tied to a single body, but can swap your personality/mind/soul into new bodies as the feeling takes you. The ultimate tranny-friendly society! 😀

  2. Carolyn Ann: Poor Dave. He's doing his best. 😉 All we need to do know is get him to say "Smeeee Heeeeead" at the UN and we'll know where we stand. 😀

    Pandora: I'm trying to think of which series fit that thought. Is post-human close enough?

    I suppose Ian M. Banks' Culture society is fairly close. Members of the Culture are incredibly long lived and can switch to different sexes if the so desire (albeit much slower than Wonder Woman!).

    Sam and Sophie: That's a quick answer! 🙂 Do you think then as biotechnology improves, more people would go that route?

    I guess I'd prefer to be able to switch, but that's just me. Waiting my cake and a fancy dress (that fits).

  3. When we went to France a couple of weeks ago there was no TV in the caravan, and I had left the BluRay laptop at home for once. I cleared a number of books whilst chilling in the sun that week. It was wonderful!

    As for the Kindle – I would love one except… I don't want to give up my library! For on vacation, or in the train I think it's great (much better than carrying around a heavy rucksack full of paper) but I don't want to switch to electronic only – which is the thing stopping me; if only they would give the electronic version away when you buy the hardback!


  4. Stace: That sounds like a great holiday.

    I can see what you mean about the idea of a library. It is rather nice to have a few rows of full bookshelves.

    That said, I don't re-read that much and with the only so much time on my hands, I read less now. Having a Kindle makes it easier to read as and when. Plus, there's less hanging around waiting for the postman. 🙂

    I think getting a free copy with the hardback is a great idea. Not sure the publishers would like it tho!

  5. If you go to experimental on your kindle, then go to fiction mania website you can copy any of the stories and have trans fiction for free.

    Iona McLean (on my iPad on holiday in Portugal) x

  6. Iona: Hi Iona! I hope the holiday is going well.. or went well!

    Yes, there is that option of browsing on-line books. There's lots of freebies in the Amazon store. I wonder if there are any trans books in there?

  7. I love seeing a shelf full of books and enjoy the versatility of the format though its one thing to have them on a shelf another to carry about like my course books imagine students having all their texts on a lightweight ebook.
    I'm also imagineing men reading chick-lit on the bus now there's no embarrassing pink book cover to damage their machismo.

  8. Lucy: I'm with you on the look of a shelf full of books.

    Also on the idea of less lugging about. I seem to recall school being the worst for the most books required. Uni – or Poly for me – didn't seem as bad. That or I was just bigger then 🙂

    Not so much chick lit, but I can now read Alice in Genderland without worrying about the kids 🙂

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