“And my feet dont fit in your sensible shoes”

Hi folks,

Midweek I attended a corporate seminar on something that seemed important at the time (Ed: Oh how you sing those praises, Lynn! :-P), which was a welcome distraction from the usual working day. Given the change of venue, many folk were in corporate mode and I did note a few interesting fashion choices. I really don’t mean that in a catty way, but as the word is.

Some ladyfolk had opted for the summer dress and flats/gladiator sandals look. Yet, conversely, it seems we can’t quite shake off the requirement for a spot of power-dressing. The fitted sheath dress, killer heels and the working day make-up. Not too much of the latter, just a touch to enhance, rather that distract. When done well, I think it’s a great look and iconic in some cases. The catch is, I think, when it doesn’t quite gel with the environment. Either too harsh or, as per last week, too warm: black opaques when the sun is shining so nicely?

Most of us reading this old blog will have no doubt spent some time in heels. If you haven’t, a) you’re missing out and b) why are you reading this? 😉 I guess my question is how certain ladies manage heels all day. I have some high heels that are very comfy – as such things go – but some (like The Ever Lovely Mrs J’s knee boots) are only okay for up to four hours…. after that, argh. 🙂

The funny thing about ladies’ corporate-wear is that I do find it’s a look I like. Not so much the more mundane skirt plus jacket, but the sharper edge of fitted dresses et al. Maybe because it’s somewhat of a shift, at least compared to my usual dressed down approach to work. Is it that despite the wider wardrobe of El Trans Bod, we’re still men at heart (or in the head?), so we aim for the more conservative colours of the corporate world? I’d say that was true for me, but as time has passed, so I’ve tried to experiment with different colours, patterns and styles.

I’m not saying I always get it right, but I think it’s good to push yourself a little and keep trying new things. Well, within reason. The lurex hot pants and whale nets I shall leave to the twenty-something popsterettes…. and for the girl bands, something similar 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: You Freak Me Out by Girls Aloud ]


  1. wot no comments? The miserable lot.
    Anyways, I do like the smart look, but I do prefer a softer look most of the time. Discuss…

  2. Yes, it's fun observing what co-workers wear. My father used to reckon that the girls in his office colluded to wear the same thing – jeans one day, short skirt the next, that sort of thing. I don't see that, but then our office ladies are very practical types; they need to be with us lot around!
    Still, I did see something this evening that took my breath away. A twenty-somthing girl in a bold black/white stripe dress, black tights and crinkly knee boots with heels. Quite an effect….. Made the inner Tranny feel quite wistful.

  3. Sophie: Iz it 'cos I iz dull? 😉 Actually, don't answer that!

    Sometimes smart can be a bit of fun, but I don't think I'd like to do Corporate Hell Queen all the time.

    Penny: Ahh, the Tranny Force rises to the fore once again! The outfit did sound rather good.

    Yeah, office clothes. The main office is mostly blokes, so outfits are your usual suspects: suits, jeans+t-shirts, etc. HR are just down the corridor, so there's occasional fabness.

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