“I miss the catch if they throw me the ball”


A night out with friends was just what I needed to rechage the proverbial batteries. It was, of course, time for a party at Chams. In days of yore, it would have been Cream on the Green, but with the ever present risk of the British Monsoon, plus the descending horde of bluebottles (Ed: Flies? Chavs of the insect world!), we decided not to risk it.

I arrived early as per and put a few tables out before heading upstairs to get changed. I had the laptop with me, a track list planned and an outfit. It was almost as if I was sorted. Talking of which, the Black Dog remains on his (or her?) summer holidays and the anti-miserablist tables have been reduced too. Seriously – and as Mr Dury once sang – reasons to be cheerful. Where was I? Oh, rambling as per no doubt! 😉 Equipment and trans gear present… Well, despite a slight hiccup, where I almost set off without packing probably the most important bit of cross-dressing kit, a wig.

When we have a do, sometimes we opt for a take away meal and I reckon the local Chinese resturant closes early after we’ve fixed their profits for one night. This time, we opted for a fuddle. Basically, that’s a meal where everyone brings a few dishes or items along. Plates of sarnies, nibbles, cake (mmmm!) and healthy things too.

Talking of healthy, I’ve actually started a diet. A proper, watch what you eat diet. Despite crash dieting as a teenager, I’ve pretty much avoided doing the latter and concentrated on walking and being careful. It seems that a rather good holiday and a growing list of bad dietary habits during the evening, has put curves in place…. unfortunately, not the right place. So, it’s either a whole new his & hers wardrobe, or cutting back. Cutting back it is then. So far, so good, although it is early days. One of the upsides is I’m eating more fruit & veg, and I feel better for it. Less bloated and the smaller portions mean I take my time to enjoy what I do have. Fingers crossed, eh?

Anyway, back to the party, Sandi had brought along the new disco lights. The mini-speakers I donated last time, managed to punch out enough noise when hooked up. I stumbled on a free program called Mixxx and that was participially helpful. It makes good – to my untrained ear – queuing/mixing system. Just put your MP3s in he queue, click auto-DJ and let it take the strain in shifting seamlessly between songs.

Outfit-wise, it was the Dotty P’s dress and as a change, some purple footless tights. It being a party, I though I’d try some false lashes again. Well, in for a penny eh? As there was only me up their, I did my slap first as that would let the others have free reign of the mirror as I got changed. All seemed to go well on the make-up front and I managed a few ‘work in progress’ photos. I’m not sure what I’ll do with those as yet, but we’ll see. Why do it? Following the various trans / make-over videos on YouTube (Ed: not those ones!) I was curious how I’d look going from Bob to Lynn mode. I guess we’ll see… or rather, you won’t 😉

Look sorted, it was time to catch up with friends and generally mill about. I got to talk with Emma, who I hadn’t seen in ages. Then it was social butterfly mode to sort out a raffle draw, make a few announcements and generally have an all round good time.

Oh, we played Rounders too. Yes, in heels (except me – I brought spare gladiator sandals just in case!). If there were prizes to be had, top marks to Maddy for being able to run in very high heels and Sophie for not sinking in hers. Despite being an all round numpty at sport, I did manage to hit the ball the once. Yay for tubby Dads in drag 🙂 Silly stuff and good fun too.

That’s me done for another post. I hope you have a good week.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings ]


  1. Good to say hi again Lynn, sorry we didn't get to talk more.
    Hmm, diets….
    seem to thing I need one of those too.
    …oh, and more exercise. ;o)

  2. Emma: Yay for catching up with old friends.

    Sophie: My bad I'm afraid. A little too much organising and not enough sitting about nattering 😉

    Diets? You must hide it well!

  3. When diets are mentioned i'm reminded of the early episode of The Simpsons where Homer paraphrases Gone With The Wind when deciding to diet "as god is my witness I will always be hungary again." 🙂
    Hope it goes well i'm intending to follow suit soon.
    Lucie xx

  4. Lucy: LOL.

    TBH, the diet is going okay. I think having a helpful 'diet app' on my phone helped and that really pushed me to do more exercise.

    That, perhaps more than the diet, has really improved how I feel and not just my shape either.

    ("Round is a shape").

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