“In a rush hour of another day”


At the time of writing – well to be more accurate, at the time of thinking about writing, I’m sat here looking at the Blogger window sifting through the rush of the last week. It’s been busy, but not in a bad way. That busy you get when lots of stuff gets done. Loose ends get tied off, projects come to fruition and, if you’re lucky, what you’ve done makes a little bit of difference to someone.

That’s pretty much is this week. I’ve been flat out at work and enjoying it. Not that lose yourself in work stress-out that goes on. Moreover, getting stuck in because I’m enjoying it. Unless I have to, I don’t work outside of work hours. Hey, I don’t get overtime, so really, is there any point? But this time around, part of the project was intellectual challenge and the software is something I like using. I guess it’s a bit like putting together a fine sculpture or a jigsaw. Your start with the raw materials, get those sorted and build up from the basics. Do a few test runs and slowly add to the work until it’s ready. Hmmm, come to think of it, it sounds more like baking…. or Lego…. but hey ho. 🙂

So other than the work thing, there’s been a few events in the pipeline for Chameleons. Firstly, there’s the visit from Boots this coming Thursday. We’ve got Number 7, Clinque and a few folk from fragrance coming along. Rather than it being a make-over session – which we had last time – this event will be three…. I guess you could say mini-shops… where we’ll be able to quiz the staff on ideas and products. There’ll be stock for available to buy and we’re getting 10% off too. That’s due to kick off at 8.30pm, so I’ve got to get my skates on to be ready for 8.15 when the ladies are turning up. Fingers crossed it’ll go well.

In other news, I had an email from a local beauticians asking if they could come along too. I got the whiff of a sales pitch in the email and a telephone conversation confirmed it. Internet services, premium products, gentle sale, jumpers as goal posts, etc. Hmmm, maybe not the last one, but all the same, I’m not convinced that the group will get much out of it and really, if they’re not, why tie up an evening with it. Maybe I’m being overly sceptical, but I’m not getting a good vibe from it.

Do you ever get that? When you’re doing something and the old Han Solo danger-sense kicks in. Something’s not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: The Loving Kind by Girls Aloud ]


  1. Yup. I've learned to trust my instincts on something like this, and I think you're right. "Jumpers as goal posts" is very clever, and very accurate.

    The hosts probably won't appreciate the beauticians, either. After all – they're hoping to sell, and having the beauticians in doesn't help them do that. You know this already: the hosts are providing their services and expertise in the hope of selling their products. I doubt they'd be happy having their competition there!

    You might not want to animosity and future unhelpfulness*of Boots, etc.

    (*Is that a word?)

    Arrange another night for the beauticians. They still get a chance to sell their services and wares, but without the animosity.

    By the way, all of this so cool. I'm seriously impressed. 🙂

    Carolyn Ann

    PS I was describing that pub in the castle wall to the Mrs, this evening. Is it still going?

  2. I know what you mean with the 'Something just doesn't feel right'. I think if you get that idea then it'sa good thing to go with it…

    As for the overtime – I'm completely with you there. Sometimes it's needed, sometimes something really grabs your interest but most of the time you are not getting paid overtime and it's not good for you to do it constantly…

    Enjoy the visits to chams!


  3. I know that feeling. I often get it when processing invoices at work. We've not had a bogus one yet, but I always like to check that we've asctually ordered 5000 self-sealing stem bolts before I actually pay for them.

  4. Carolyn Ann: I think my old post wasn't very clear and I've led you down the garden path. Boots is this week and the other folk are next month. Sorry for the confusion. That aside, I'm still not convinced the latter will benefit the group. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words and yes, the pub – The Trip – is still there. I've never been, despite living here for a fair few years LOL

    Stace: Hopefully it will all go smoothly. Fingers crossed eh!

    Pandora: 5000 self-sealing stem bolts

    Hey. Just what you see, pal. 😉

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