“You gotta fight,
for your right,
to party”


It doesn’t seem long since I was last here, typing away into the Blogger interface. Well, actually, that’s not strictly true. Some afternoons have dragged by slower than a double dose of classroom based dullness. No matter how dry work may get, there is still the option to walk off (mostly), so that makes it unlike double maths on a Friday afternoon.

Sleep has been a little hard to come by this week. I have a very minor cold, but as the evil so-and-so has lodged itself at the back of my throat, I am now able to snore for England. That makes is less than conducive for a good night’s kip for me, or the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. Luckily, we have a guest room, so I’ve been in self-enforced exile to ensure we both try and get a good night’s sleep. It’ll pass in time. 🙂

On a night that sleep wouldn’t come readily, I flicked through a number of old blog posts and later on, some old photos. Funny how some events slip your mind and trying to truly remember what went on back then, isn’t always easy. I also had a look at some old snaps too. Old crossdressing photos that is. It’s funny to see how the wig styles I’ve had have changed and also see the subtle changes of aging too. I’ve uploaded a jumble of them to Flickr. One of the biggest changes is the shift in scenery. In the early snaps, they are taken in and around the various places we’ve lived. In the later ones, they’re at Chameleons or on the rare times I’m out and about. History eh?

In other more serious news, but certainly less personal: the whole of the Middle East seems to be on the edge of change. I won’t go into the full politics of it all, but the deeds of one man – Mohamed Bouazizi – seem to have been a catalyst. I guess I’m always hopeful that oppressive regimes will fall without bloodshed and a government the people want, will be formed. I know realistically that that doesn’t always happen, but hey, I can dream right?

To get back on track, it’s not political revolution I wanted to talk about. It is the effect one person can have. I mean, sometimes you look at an issue in society or the world and it seems like you are looking at a huge brick wall. One that reaches up into the clouds. You stand at the foot of it and you cannot look around, nor see a way through. Yet… there are those who are not intimated by that. They act and sometimes – maybe even somehow – history moves with them. So what about you? Have you stood up for a cause, or done anything that made a difference?

On a slightly related note, I read with some interest, a post by a mum on Roses Forum. She’d recently found out her 11 year old lad has been wearing various items of lady-gear (underwear, tights, shoes, etc) and – bless her – she signed up to the forum for advice. How cool is that? I know it’s early days, but as one poster commented, it could be a lot of emotional weight for a young lad to carry. Having a parent who is willing to listen and even help – if that’s what he wants. I think that’s great news and I hope the boy in question find it easier without the emotional nay-saying we seem to go through.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys ]


  1. I can't get over the amount of colds that are going around at the moment. Most people in the office seem to be suffering, and it's taking an age to recover from. Hope yours dissapears soon.

    As to the mum, that's amazing.It must be a large help to have such a mum at that age.


  2. Stace: It's annoying isn't it and if this one doesn't clear up soon, it'll be another Blood Donor sitting I've missed. Harump! 🙂 Mind is on the mend, thanks. I think the snoring has gone down a notch.

    As to Mums, I think the lady in question has been so very cool about it. I think my Mum tried, but it was a worry for her and I think deep down, she was worried that either a) I was gay, b) I'd want to change sex, or c) I'd be taken advantage of in some way.

    I'm not knocking how my Mum dealt with it, I think she tried and as she was so happy when I purged (in my 20s), I've never told her otherwise. Really, would knowing help her or hinder her? 🙂 Still, it was before the days of the Internet – how things have changed! 😀

  3. Lucy: I guess cliches are there for a reason. By there very nature, we all do them. I guess it's part of finding who we are and learning from that experience.

    I think I'd like to lose some of mine, but at the same time, they are history and I'm loathed to bin them.

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