“Keith’s gotta big bouffant on,
We all got wigs, so let’s go!”

Hi there,

A fistful of ideas about what to write about today and here I am, thinking how to break the white space and just get going. Oh, that seems to have worked. I think it helps – at least, makes it easier to write, if in someway, I’m having a chat with someone. Okay, sure, it’s a bit one sided right now (Ed: no comment), but it’s not IRC is it, it’s a blog. 🙂

Right! To business! What’s been going on? Well, it was the anniversary of meeting The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones this week. Nearly twenty years now. Good grief and yes, she did say: You get less for murder. 🙂 To be fair, she did wait until I handed over a wrapped present. Best to keep your nearest & dearest in the manner to which they are accustomed! Thing is, I think as a youth, I didn’t get the planning right – young love rarely does I suppose – so our anniversary isn’t far from Valentines Day. Still, it does mean you can double up on gifts and get something flash. Not that I love shopping… oh wait. 🙂

Thursday was Chams time and having made a few telephone calls last week, I was hopeful that Trends Wigs from Sheffield would grace us with their presence. As I was upstairs troweling over the cracks, I noticed two gents bringing boxes and some wig stands too. That’d be a yes then. Luckily, I’d arrived early and put some tables out. Bobby arrived and we had a quick chat with I put the finishing touches to the outfit for the evening (snap to follow).

After that, downstairs to have a chat and catch up with friends. Sarah had brought along the two page spread from a Leicester paper. It was the article about Leicester Chameleons. No relation other than we’re crossdressers 🙂 I know that some folk haven’t been happy about the piece, but really I thought it was positive and well written. Certainly not a ‘freak show’ or exploitative in any way.

The wig stock (Ed: is that a festival?) was nicely displayed and one or two items did catch my eye. As I caught up with Alison and Sam, Pat was first up to try a few. I don’t know if there’s an art or a science to picking wigs, whatever it is, I know I don’t have it. Pat seemed to go for the try as much as you can option. Which I think is as good a system as you can hope for! Anyway, after trying on a few, she settled on a rather nice pale number.

Then, it was my turn in the hot seat. I’d spotted two I liked the look of. The first, a light treacle colour. The second, more your darker brown. The first seemed okay, so I tried the second. Not so good – a bit school ma’am, as Sandy described it. Now, I don’t know about you, but decision making isn’t one of my strong points. I always worry that I’ll jump in without thinking it through… so, while the Trends men where busy with the next punter, I tried the mirror, checked my cash levels and generally stalled. I was most of the way there in buying it and the positive comments from friends sealed the deal. Thing is, and maybe it’s my Scot’s ascentory, why pay full price? 😉 A quick spot of polite bargaining saved me 10% and I got a trim thrown in too.

A trim? With a wig? Well, one of the chaps was a dab hand with the scissors and yes, the wig did need a little bit of shaping. It was a rather odd experience. I mean, in bloke mode I have a grade 2 with the trimmer. I’ve done the long hair thing (back in my 20s) and with having a bike in my 30s, I just got into the habit of keeping it very short. So there I was, sat looking into a mirror, a tea-towel around my neck to catch the (synthetic) hair, while I had my ‘hair’ combed, pinned and styled. I may go to the barbers, I’ve not a hair cut in over ten years, so it made it quite a strange but enjoyable experience. I did find myself looking by the chap cutting it and wondering what I’d look like. I can only assume that women have a similar level of fear when they’re having a re-style. At least as a crossdresser, you can always swap back. There’s no undo with scissors 🙂

By the end of the night a number of the group where sporting new dos, so I think it was worth Trends coming along. I do feel a bit guilty when vendors visit and no-one buys anything. Still, with some sellers, that’s down to stock and price. As Trends packed up, we wished them well and it was out with the photo sheet for some larking about. Well, you’ve just got to haven’t you? 😉

Afterwards, it was back upstairs to get changed and put all the glamour back in the bag for another time. While I was up their I did talk to a new lady – sadly I didn’t get her name. She was saying it wasn’t her first time at the group, but she’d not been very often. We got chatting a little and she was kind enough to say she did a little bit of a double take over my appearance. Now, I don’t want it to sound like I’m blowing my trumpet here and I think I have to be careful how I say this (Ed: deep breath, Lynn). I don’t want to rubbish the lady’s kind words but at the same time, I can’t make the break in my own head when I look in the mirror / photos. Equally, I don’t want to fish for complements. Really, I guess all you can do is smile and say thanks, anything else I guess, would be rude.

Complements and the British eh? Will we ever learn? 🙂 On that note, look after yourselves.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Wig by The B-52s ]


  1. Sophie: Thanks, mrs! Ta for the advice the other night, it's not always easy to pick something that works and that you like.

    With these piccies you are really spoiling us. 🙂 I will return the favour, just not right now 😀

  2. It's always an issue to know what to do with compliments isn't it…

    As for having your hair cut… Whilst my hair isn't long, it's not short either. I always get nervous when having a new hairdresser do something – as you say you can't undo what the scissors do so I cringe as it seems half my hair is falling onto the floor 🙂

    And of course… Congrats on the anniversary 🙂


  3. Stace: It is a bit tricky sometimes. I think quick ones (oo-er), it's a case of just a short & sweet thanks, but it's when it gets a bit long or… enthused. Not that it happens very often LOL.

    Thanks for the congrats on the anniversary. I like to enjoy the little bits of history between me and Mrs J. Okay, not every little event, but I think you get what I mean.

    As to the 'hair', or wig in my case, I guess part of it was a jump back to when I had long hair. Perhaps like you, I didn't want too much off and to keep the length – "just tidy it up a bit" LOL. Now, it's very short. Still, at least that saves me from post-wig hair 😀 I take it you are growing yours, yes?

  4. Not so much growing it… I have it at a few inches long. Short enough for day to day, but long enoughto do something with when I want to.

    Wednesday it's being cut again. Thankfully the wife of one of my friends (who knows) is a hairdresser and knows exactly how to do it. Should be fun this week – it's (hopefully) going to be the first time she see's me as me, and the first time I'm having my hair cut as Stace.

    I hope I still celebrate the small important anniversaries in 10 years with Mrs Stace. It's the small moments that make life what it is 🙂


  5. Yep, that new wig is definitely you. It's funny how much difference a nice wig makes. I think it is probably the most important item in a tranny's wardrobe!

  6. Stace: Something a bit in-betweeny? 😉 I hope all goes well for the Stace-mode hair trimmage.

    Yup, the small things ("all the small things"?) keep life fun. Fingers crossed you both will be, however things play out.

    Penny: Thanks, Penny. I think you're right on the money with needing the right wig. I had one that was sooo wrong once. I kept the pictures to remind me not to make impulse buys.

    Still, while it didn't work for me, I gave it away at Chams (well, the money went into the group funds) and after a slight restyle by Hot Hair, the lady in question (Tracey I think) looked fab.

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