“Get up, come on get down with the sickness”


How’s things? Seems I’ve been at home more than I’ve been at work week. Mind you, is that really a bad thing? 🙂 Little Miss wasn’t 100%, so I was house husband / caring dad for a few days. It was rather nice, even if she’s now spread the love. Ah well. 🙂

That probably explains why I went to Chams in bloke mode. Funny, I had been looking forward to going and I’d had a few thoughts on outfits. Yet, when push came to shove, I’d sort of lost interest. That’s one the great things about going out regularly; the fact that I know there will be other times. Besides, I’ve got some more leave to take before the end of January, so maybe I’ll get some glamour time later on? It was – somewhat obviously – the first meeting of the year, so it was good to catch up with friends and find out what Santa had brought them.

Thursday was rather busy for the group. We had been due to have a visit from a Body Shop rep, but she fell ill. I guess there must be something going round 🙂 It was also Tracey’s birthday, so I made sure I got a cake in. We also had a new member turn up – Sally – so hopefully we’ll be seeing her again.

In other news, I guess it’s fairly obvious that I’ve updated the site’s look and feel. I think the old template had been on for a good few years, so with an eye for a bit of out-with-the-old, a few CSS tweaks later and this is the result. One of the cool things about the new system is that you can have static pages. I’ve started to put bits on there that are sort of permanent. The obligatory ‘about page’, but also contact stuff and information for new readers. I like the idea of these fixed pages; chunks of information that aren’t really post suitable, because they should hang around. Then again, I’ve been wrong before LOL.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Down with the Sickness by Disturbed ]


  1. Bad luck on the illness – hope that you are not too bad. There is something going around here, I've been a bit ill for a few weeks now (not sure what I prefer a couple of days of hell and it's over or this, not too bad but takes an age to get back to 100%…)

    As for the template, very nice. Clean, sharp and very readable. you put me to shame (good job my boss doesn't read mine – wouldn't do my review much good :p )


  2. Hi Lynn,
    great to see you the other night, even with cold. ;o)
    Still a bit up and down myself.
    Hope youre all feeling a bit better at Jones HQ.

  3. Stace: Not too bad thanks. Just a particularly strong cold I think. Hot tea and a few tablets seem to keep it at bay. Mrs Jones has it now, so tea + bed for her LOL

    Thanks for the kind words re: the template. It is an off-the-shelf one with only a few tweaks here and there. Still, it was time for a change. 🙂

    Sophie: We're slowly on the mend thanks. At least, Little Miss and I are doing okay. Wee Man is coughing, but seems okay, whereas Mrs J has – as most parents seem to – been clobbered by it. Poor lass.

    I hope you are soon on the mend. Keep taking the pills! 🙂

  4. Hope everyone's better by now. From my mobile browser the page loads quick and is very ledgeable on my small screen the full desktop splendor is something i'll look forward to. 🙂
    Lucy xx

  5. Lucy: Everyone's on the mend, thanks. I wonder if Google/Blogger have tuned the system for mobile users too? It would make sense to! Mind you, common sense and IT? Nah. 🙂

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