“Do you remember the good old days,
Before the ghost town?”


I trust all is well with you and yours, yes? It’s been a bit of a quiet week so far. Well, work has been busier than usual, but then I guess that is everyone getting away from the Christmas holiday feelings and getting back into the swing of it. Well, it is nearly February 🙂

Home-wise, everyone is well and truly on the mend. There is that old line “so long ‘as you’ve got yer ‘elf (health)“. Like a lot of well worn and well loved phrases, it’s true. After a dose of a bad cold, it’s good to be able to get up in the morning and feel ready to face the world. Okay, that’s not strictly true, I’ve never been a morning person. 🙂 At least, not for getting up – I’m fine to party away until the wee hours!

I did manage to pick up a few bargains in the week. Not for me – as way of a change – more for my sister and other ladies in my family. I stumbled upon some bargains during a lunchtime shopping trip, so I snapped those up and stashed them away for birthdays later this year.

This week saw the a new series fronted by Mary Portas about the quality of service given to us by the high street. Now, there are some horror stories, that’s true, but there are also some angels out there. The local branches of Boots are very good (IMO), as are Debenhams and John Lewis too. Oh and the irony of someone slipping on a wig and changing their make-up to not be spotted wasn’t lost on me either 😉

Nottingham’s Primark is as bad as it was shown on the TV – it’s a bit like a cross between a tube station, an in-action tumble drier and a jumble sale. Provided you can find what you want, good luck finding someone to take your money. I don’t tend to buy from Primark because of the queues. There are times, at least off-peak, when you can do it and it’s a bit like walking through a giant wardrobe. There’s so much stuff – mostly everywhere – but few shoppers and even fewer staff.

But what about the trans-side of this? Do you find you get better or worse service if you go out dressed? What about shopping for items in guy mode ? I do get some glib comments – even if I’m buying items for the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones – but I guess you give as good as you get (in a polite way) and it’s fine.

Oh, having mentioned Boots and service, bless them, the make-up team have got back to me and we’re now on for a Bit of a Do on 24th March. All I need to do now is pick up on Pat’s work with Trends (wigs!) and see what else we can fill the evenings with.

In other news, Bobby (from Chams), shared a link in the group’s forum. Seems the Leicester Chameleons have been interviewed by their local paper. It’s an interesting read and – if I may say so – well written too.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Ghost Town by The Specials ]


  1. The small town where I live is currently going through a regeneration and we got a Primark (which a national newspaper made into a good thing – we got one before Amsterdam!) I've been in once looking for a coat. I don't think I'll bother a second time, it felt tacky, untidy and was just not nice. And it was plus or minus the same price as H&M, with less nice clothes.

    Definately cheaper than Mexx and Esprit though 🙂 (But I love most of their stuff!!!)

    And of course, it's great to hear that everyone is one the mend!


  2. Stace: Not so good if the clothes aren't up to it. I did get some fancy dress items from there (for the Chams 80s Summer Party), but that was as they were cheap, cheap, cheap (yeah, and it showed a little).

    Ooo, Mexx! 🙂 I love some of there stuff. Mrs J has a somewhat glam cardy from there – 5 years old? – yet it goes with so much.

    PS: Ta for the well-wishes.

  3. Hi Lynn, not sure whether I get better service in girl mode, but I find shopping a far less self conscious experience. So when are we going again? ;o)
    Oh btw, what happened to the pics? Were they that dire you had to delete them? ;oD

  4. I'm far too self-conscious to shop in girl-mode. But oddly enough I feel quite comfortable shopping in boy-mode, and that must show as the staff don't bat an eyelid, and just get on with servinf me. I've lost count of the number of times they've offered me a store card in Evans!

    I don't like the sizing in Primark, so tend to just use it for jewellery. My GF shops there all the time though for basics.

  5. I shop there, generally only for the basics, though I may have a look at the shoes since they now stock womens size 9's. There is a trade off between service and cheap fashion and most would accept that, hectoring some young member of staff probably earning no more than minimum wage is not the way forward.

  6. Lucy: Glad to hear that they do a bigger size, most places are catching up – at long last 🙂

    I think you're right about pestering the staff, though. I think it's one thing to ask for a bit of help, but another to expect 'designer' service when employees don't enjoy designer wages.

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