“Oh the weather outside is frightful….”


Funny, I can’t think of that song lyric without thinking of Die Hard. Guess it’s an age thing. 🙂 How’s things with you out there in blogland? All good I trust.

For those of you outside of the UK, we’ve had quite a large amount of snow. Despite Hollywood showing a British Christmas as flowing sea of pure white drifts, the truth – as per – is somewhat different. Mostly November/December is dark, cold and mostly rainy. Except for this last week anyways 🙂 This time around the snow has been pretty heavy and it’s been unusually cold too. Certainly a lot colder than a more typical November.

Speaking personally, I think we got off pretty likely hear in the East Midlands – maybe its the power stations? ;-). Sure the drive was snowed out, but we’re not far from the main road and as I live near a large village, Wee Man’s school remained open. Little Miss got just the one day away from Nursery, but that was no biggie. I’ve not taken them sledging yet and given that it’s been dark when we’ve got home, we’ve yet to make a snowman either. Talking of family, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones was around and about near my workplace, so we met up and had lunch together. One of those rare treats. Much as I love the kids, sometimes it’s nice just to be a couple for a little while. Talk, laugh and enjoy good food and good company. It certainly made my day.

While a few folk in the office have been shivering in coats, I find that my trans powers aren’t all bad news. Certainly, an amount of fashion flexibility mean you’re not fussed about the whole “I can’t wear that” mentality. So, on with a good pair of leggings or thick tights beneath your jeans to keep your legs warm. I knew those extra footless tights would come in useful. 🙂 Mind you, I did find myself putting the better quality ones to one side. After all, you wouldn’t want to snag a pair of your best ones would you? 😀

I bought some snow boots earlier in the year – for that trip aboard in March – and now I’m getting the use out of them. Sure, I may look a wee bit too metrosexual in them, but knickers to that. My feet are warm and dry, that’s the main thing. Probably a lot more so than the young lady I saw walking through the snow in heeled boots! I don’t know if that’s brave, dumb or just plain stubborn. 🙂

One of the stranger things I’ve notice about the old snow boots is the noise they make as I walk. They remind me of more glamourous footwear. They’re not like my work shoes or trainers, so on some odd subconscious level, I find myself adjusting my walk. Not so much the trans stereotype of throwing in a wiggle, but more a slow down in pace and less striding or mooching. I do know heels alter how you walk and lets face it, when you’re dressed up, you don’t want to be stomping around the room. It just seems kinda wrong. I suppose it’s a fine line between that comedy mincing about and graceful movement. 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Let it snow by Cahn & Styne ]


  1. I saw a lass at a local big box home reno store, the other day. She was wearing a nice jacket, tight pants and ankle-length, high heel boots. Nice makeup, and so on. She looked great; she also had no trouble getting some help from the young lads working in the store.

    The only thing that destroyed her "look"? She walked like a prize fighter approaching his opponent. :-O

    I heard you guys had a little (!) snow. At least British Rail (if it still existed) would have an excuse to close down!

  2. We've had some snow here – heavier in some places than others, but most of the roads have been kept clear. It's more the side roads that are icy.

    Have fun with the wee ones this weekend.

    The boots I ordered online arrived this week – small heel (2" or so) but fantastic in the snow and ice – lots of grip and really warm 🙂


  3. Carolyn Ann: LOL. I've seen that too. Not that I profess to have the right walk, but I guess some folk just don't have the knack.

    Yeah, we had a bit of snow and some parts took quite a big hit. I think the Midlands dodged some of it – certainly compared to Scotland.

    Stace: Yes, the side roads are not so good, but with low traffic and better temps, it's clearing.

    Those boots sound fab. I shall be hoping for warm feet when I'm out with the nippers at the weekend. 😀

  4. The west seemed to get off pretty lightly though there was some quite bad patches of ice on untreated pavements. The last time I wore heals in such weather I did find the points gave me some grip though again probably not suitable attire (most days) 🙂

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