“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Festive greets! 🙂

I hope all is well with you and yours. All sorted on the shopping front? Personally, I’m done. The Jones Massive have pulled together – no, not like that – and the present cupboard is fuller than Jordan’s bra. Present-wise, there’s lots of stuff for the nippers and quite a lot for Mrs J too. I guess I like to spoil all of them and it’s only money right? It’s just the wrapping to get out of the way and I’m not really looking forward to that. 🙂 Still, on with a few choice tunes and just get stuck in.

I had the good fortune to visit a friend during the week and in addition to lots of laughter and plenty of cake snaffling, there was a wee bit of item exchange. I offered Sophie a long black dress. I think that was gorge, but I just don’t fit into it. Mainly as it’s a 12 and I’m not. 🙂 I wasn’t really a swap event, but Sophie was kind enough to offer me a rather nice pair of leather boots. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones took an interest in the latter and I think I’ve lost those to a more needy home LOL. Still, it’s good to share isn’t it? 🙂 Then again, maybe I should have wrapped them up. Doh! 😀

For a wheeze I had a look on the eBay Outlet and a rather nice dress caught my eye from Very. I’ve never ordered anything from them, but I really liked the look of it and at only 20 notes, I couldn’t say no. That’s tapped into the PayPal funds a little, but hey, it’s Christmas and a girl’s got to have something to wear right? 😀 I’ve just tried it on and while it’s rather body-con, it’s a nice little purply pink number. Tis the season to be gorgeous….. and also thankful. Funny, coming out from under the cloud, I can see and enjoy the good things in life. I don’t mean the material goods, although don’t get me wrong, I do like my creature comforts. No, it’s family and the fun/love they bring. Sure, it’s hard work sometimes, but I think it’s really worth it. Funny, there are two blokes in my social circle who are going through divorces right now and it’s taking their toll on them (understandably so). That makes me count my lucky stars and hold on to them.

Next week will be the last meeting of Chams until the New Year. Larks, 2011. How quickly that seems to have rolled around eh? There’ll be a spot of dancing and perhaps some fish & chips to keep the cold at bay. No sure what music I’ll be inflicting on the group, but something will come to mind no doubt.

I’ve also got the week off because of the way my work holiday has fallen this year. Wee Man’s school will be closed now, so I’ll have him climbing the walls as the excitement builds towards the big day. Hopefully, all will go to plan and maybe we’ll manage to catch a film or maybe play in the snow if the weather turns. Hell, I’ve managed to source a new sledge, so fingers crossed for just enough of the white stuff to cover the local hills…. but not enough to shut the roads. We’ve got a number of folk coming round for dinner. 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Meredith Wilson ]


  1. Dear Lynn

    Delighted to see everything in life coming in to good trim for the holidays and year end.

    I hope that the new year is a good, great one for you, the Jones Massive and everyone you love.

    And I do hope you find a suitable venue for the new party frock. Purple is a terrific color on you, you know.

  2. Twas good to see you again.
    So Mrs J knows who Marc Jacobs is then? Thought you might have a job keeping those boots. Lol.
    Must be worth a few brownie points? ;o)

    Oh, and the dress is so lovely, thank you, I can just get in it. :oD
    (not sure that will be the case after christmas).
    Will you be wearing yours on thursday? ;o)

  3. Petra: Aye, let's hope it all comes togther nicely for the holiday season. The best to you and yours too!

    Purple? Yes, a bit of a fave of mine I confess. Hopefully said item will be aired at the last Chams meeting of the year.

    Sophie: Nice to catch up with you too. Have you eaten all the biccies? 😉 Yes, those boots have been snaffled and suitable cherished by Mrs J and her friends. Major thanks for those!

    Will you be giving the dress a spin this time around, or is it a but much?

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