“If only for today, I am unafraid…”

Hi folks,

Only a few more hours until the big day eh? Excited yet? Panicking over those last minute gifts or reading up on tomorrow’s massive cook-a-thon? That was ‘cook’ by the way and nothing rude, but lets move on eh? :-)I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2011 is kind to your and yours. If Christmas isn’t your bag – socially or religiously – then happy holidays if nothing else 🙂

The presents are all wrapped and stashed. The TARDIS like fridge freezer is packed with goodies, ready to be baked & primped as the hordes descend tomorrow. I’ve had a large G & T  (Ed: hic), so it’s time to finish off a quick blog post and then put my feet up for the rest of the evening. Despite the huge amount of wrapping done recently, we are now 100% sorted for tomorrow. I hope the kids like their presents – I think that’s the main drive behind Christmas. Making it special for those dear to your: the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, Wee Man and Little Miss. LM is tucked up in bed and she’s still a bit wee to get the hang of what it all means. Wee Man on the other hand, he’s been a bit up & down over it, I guess it’s hard to wait so long for something as exciting as Christmas. I hope he’s not disappointed.

Talking of Xmas gifts (Ed: ooh, seamless link there Lynn 🙂 ), I was out with Mrs J and visiting friends the other week. It was a couples do at a local restaurant and while most of the men folk sported jumpers and shirts, the fair sex wowed with knitted dresses or more fitted numbers. Mrs J had gone with skinnies and the gifted boots (thanks Sophie!), so she looked particularly fab – and yes, I did tell her. Anyways, talk got around to Christmas shopping and keeping in mind this was only last week, the majority of the men-folk had yet to buy anything. “Well, I don’t really like shopping…” Well, yeah, maybes, but suck it in and get busy! This is Christmas and not trawling the shops/Internet doesn’t send out the right message. Funnily enough, I’d finished *ages* ago and when I recounted this tale, so had Maddy and a few others. As Mrs J said: Give me a considerate trans hubby any day. At least my gifts are on time and on trend. Bless her! 🙂

Sticking with the trans theme, last night was rather good – to use a typical bit of Brit understatement. It was the last meeting of 2010 and considering how close it was to Christmas Eve and a liberal sprinkling of snow, we had a very good turn out. I got their early – a little too early it seemed – and I had to ring the caretaker to pop along and open up. I didn’t have to wait long and once inside, I set up. The heating had been off, so it was a bit nippy. Furniture and lights sorted, it was off upstairs to get fabulous. I’d brought along two dresses – something old, something new – as well as two sets of shoes & a pair of boots. Well, best hedge your bets. I was pleased with the new dress (see piccy) and decided to go with the higher shoes. I wasn’t sure about my ability to dance in them, but hey, in for a penny eh? Maddy and Alison turned up – the latter looking rather glam in a black outfit + boots and pink tight. Maddy said she wasn’t going to come along – due to other commitments – so it was a nice treat to see her (thanks for the card BTW!).

Back downstairs, folk started drifting in. I handed over a small pressie to Sandi & Tracey (for all their hard work and help during the year), said hello to a few friends. I did remember to bring the boots along for Kate, but it seemed in the rush later on, she forgot to take them home (oh well!). I bumped into Sophie, who was rocking a rather nice long black number and cute furry coat. Sandi had brought the music system along and me the laptop, so a few tunes were queued up and we had time for a spot of dancing. I was surprised that my heels were easy enough to dance in, maybe it’s a trans thing – you get a head for heights? 😉

Towards the close of the evening, we had the obligatory photo shoot and as ever, just a bit of larking about. Kate had said she had trouble relaxing for a photo and smiling. Well, if there’s one thing we can do at Chams, is act the fool(s). Not sure you’ll be hearing the advice of ‘say cheese motherf***er‘ in Photography Monthly, but it did the trick and a (natural) smile was there for the snapping. Click. Sorted. 🙂

Chocolates and biccies snaffled, thank yous and goodbyes said, it was off to brave the cold of the night and back to our respective homes. All in all, a lovely way to end a year of meetings on.

Take care & happy holidays!

[ Today’s lyric: Take My Breath Away by Berlin ]


  1. Great look Lynn. It is nice to put a little extra effort in at the holidays.

    I hope that the kids squeal with delight, that the kitchen smells like love and that joy generally reigns.

    Here is to a great new year too.

    Merry Christmas – Petra

  2. British understatement… Something that I hear a lot when I talk to my therapist 🙂

    I think you made the right choice in outfit – it suits you.

    Merry Christmas too you and your family (I'm with you for us – Mrs Stace & I) it's about making each other feel special – and about the nerves of wondering if she is going to like that pressie you brought as a it of a risk 🙂


  3. Petra: Thanks for the kind words, Petra. Xmas was fabby and yes, the kids – and a few grown-ups – got a mite excited too. I hope all went well for you too.

    Stace: Yeah, it's not so much the price tag as what the item is, I think. Apply thought and time, not the chequebook…. perhaps true also with bargain finds in the Xmas party dress department. 🙂

    Sophie: Merry Xmas to you as well, mrs. It all went very well. The outlaws behaved, the meal went well and presents were enjoyed by all involved. What's not to like eh? I hope it was all Cool & The Gang with you & yours.

  4. Apart from the eldest my nieces and nephews were too young to appreciate christmas and the gifts lavished upon them though they liked the attention and flashing chrimbo lights.
    I'm also proud to say I didn't spend xmas eve in a last minute pressie dash.

  5. Lucy: Lovely to hear they enjoyed it. I hope you didn't do too badly in the gift and Xmas food department. Oh, and, top marks on avoiding the last minute panic. Trannys rock 🙂

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