“When it comes to men like you,
I know the score, I’ve heard it all before.”

Hello again,

The 1st of October rolls into view and – depending on your time zone and when you’re reading this – will mostly be over I guess. The rain is doing its best to give the hedgerows and wildlife a good soaking before the sharper winds blow in. Autumn is truly here and it makes a sharp change to the bright sunshine and good weather I enjoyed with a friend on Thursday.

An email arrived from an old blog friend who happened to be in the area. We got talking – as trans folk seem to be able to do in spades – and plans were made: appointments set, brollies packed, sarnies bought and much was said. All in all, I had a very good time and it made a  welcome change from the usual lunchtime route and topics of conversations with co-workers. They’re a good bunch – don’t get me wrong – but there are times when you’d like to talk about fashion et al, and that’s not the done thing. Actually, that’s not true, it can be, just don’t expect to get the same level of advice or experience 😉

Headwise, I’ve felt pretty good this week. I had another dip around Tuesday, but I’m – or more accurately, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones – noticed a pattern. It seems to be midweek that my mood seems to begin to spiral down. Maybe it’s the level of pace, burning the candle a both ends or a push from the I-don’t-like-Mondays vibe from the start of the week. Who can say? You just get your head down, plough on and tell yourself it’s just a bump and all will be fine. So far so good. Talking of which, I’ll be seeing the Counselling folk next week. I think that’ll be interesting.

Oh and it’s the Big Night Out next Friday (8th October) down in Milton Keynes. It’s going to be a bit of a run / late night out, but I’m looking forward to seeing friends and enjoying a dance too. You know me, I do like to plan my outfits. As is traditional, I’ve got it down to two choices. My only dilemma at the mo is what shoes to take. I’m thinking either my heeled sandals or stick with tradition, and go in my dancing shoes. Either work – outfit-wise – but I did put on some Faithless to test drive my ability to move in them. Oddly the sandals seemed okay for dancing in despite their height. Dear oh dear, road testing shoes at home to your own disco. Call the copssss…. 🙂

In other news, I was in the barbers t’other week with both nippers. Wee Man’s hair was getting a bit spiky, I was the wrong side of bushy and Little Miss? Well, a long fringe (or bangs as I think our American cousins say) might suit Lady GaGa, but on my daughter, it was becoming a health hazard. Not that she looks where she’s running at the best of times. Kids eh? 😉 Anyway, the place is run by two young mums and they’re a) very good hairdressers, b) very good with the kids and c) pleasantly chatty. One of them had on a new pair of knee boots, I made a passing comment about said items being very nice and she said she’d had them ages. Then, cue a story about one of the customers oggling her in them. “Sorry,” I said. “Say that again. He was perving at you?”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the view – shall we say – or the the female form as much as the next guy. Hell, I might go so far to add that I appreciate it when a woman rocks a look or outfit. But… I do draw the line at staring or oggling. That to me is rude… and… why do some men feel the need to say something gauche. One gent – I use the word loosely – had said: “Oh I love mums to be – they look dead sexy”. Ugh. Keep your comments to yourself! We don’t want to know! I suppose at this point in the conversation I should say: Men eh? Tsk. But that may be a bit camp.

Men eh? Tsk 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Ladykiller by Lush ]


  1. Yes, when you have done it yourself (or at least tried) you do appreciate the effort that it takes to get a really good outfit, nice makeup and so on together…

  2. Penny: I'm with you on tried LOL. Yes, it's funny how the wrong eyeshadow or a skirt or top that's not quite right and the whole thing has to change. The things girls and trannys go through eh? 🙂

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