“Somewhere on a Monday morning,
In the rush hour of another day…”


As way of a change this post is live and direct. Actually, no, that’s not true is it. What if you are reading this a week later? 🙂 Okay, what I mean is that I’ve not been working on this one, adding bits and bobs as the week rolls along. I suppose that may be in part because I’ve had Monday and Friday off this week. It’s half-term, so me and Wee Man have been amusing ourselves with this, that and the other. That’s a lot of words when really I could have said: this post is unplanned 😉

Tuesday saw my last session with the counselor. I think it went well, although I still feel that I’ve yet to hit upon the answer. Hell, I think I’ve yet to hit what the issue is, let alone the answer! 🙂 But, looking on the bright side of it all, talking about matters – sometimes in lead pipe honesty – has helped. As I said to Ali  – sorry, Alison – t’other night, being able to talk things over with someone who doesn’t have any emotional link to what’s going on is rather helpful.

As I posted a few week’s ago, I’ve had my meds upped to 30mg. I guess they must be floating through my system well enough because I’ve not had any more dips recently. Instead, I’ve pretty much had typical days. Some fun, some boring, some average, some tiring – really, a return to how things were and for that, I guess you’ve got to be thankful.

Did I learn anything from the introspection and intellectual scrutiny? I think so, yes. There were not any hard or fast truths: more a collection of observations and possibly things that I’ve avoided. Some on purpose, some accidentally. Whichever category you want to bump them into, they included making sure I wasn’t ignoring the couple relationship between The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones and myself (hence today’s lyric) and also, had I done the come out journey on my own? For the latter, I don’t think it was on my own – I had help from friends (real world and on-line), but Mrs J was on the fringes of that. I’m not going to say that’s a good or a bad thing, it’s just the way things are. It can be tough to balance your time between your kids, your work, your family and your relationship. There are but so many hours in the day, but I guess you make time for what you need to. Of the people I know, I don’t think anyone has some magic ratio for keeping all those plates spinning. On a closing note for that, it being the last appointment – and big softie that I am – I had brought along a small box of choccies as a thank you.

I got my bag packed ready for Thursday and with a pair of boots and some heels, it was rather full. I wouldn’t mind, but I only had two outfits in there. Both dresses – the brown wrap one and the skater dress – plus some tights and leggings. I could not make my mind up, so I cover the odds and see what takes my fancy when I get there.

I arrived earlier than usual and I bumped into one of the Avon Ladies who rents a meeting room every now and again. She asked if I knew anyone from the Chameleon Group and I said that I was & that we’d met last time. I suppose with the whole en drab look and lack of wig + heels + lippy, I did look rather different. 🙂 Somehow, I do take a bit of reassurance from that. Maybe close friends would spot us in the street (so to speak) and while most of us aren’t going to pass, do we look different enough from our male image? There’s a thought. Anyway, we got chatting and we swapped a few ideas about them running an evening with us. Something I’ll come back to later. The downstairs hall was still busy, so I headed upstairs to get changed.

Everything went to plan, although having treated myself to some false eyelashes – well, it was a party night, so why not? – I was a bit miffed to find that the set I bought didn’t have any glue with them. Bah, humbug! Still, the Boots nail varnish I got for a quid worked a treat. Even if I did forget my base coat. Outfit all done – the skater dress and funky tights – I headed downstairs to help set up. A lot of folk had already arrived and two of the trestle tables were groaning under the load. I added to that with a half dozen bottles of soft drinks and then the laptop for some tunes later on.

On the way back in, I bumped into a lady called Christine and her wifey. It was a first time for them at the group, so I lead them in, sat them down with some other new-ish couples and made them a brew to be getting on with. It’s a fine line, you sort of want folk to feel welcome, but at the same time, you don’t want to be all over them in case they want a bit of quiet time and/or to circulate themselves. Nicole also came along for the first time (fab dress) and Katy returned after her last visit (killer heels, BTW). Sophie was full of cold (bless her!) but had soldiered in to ensure the biscuit supply was truly in effect.

Midway through one of the Avon Reps popped in and handed over a catalogue and some suggested dates. That lead to me giving an impromptu public announcement asking folk over what they wanted to do about the Christmas Do, Avon and Boots coming. A few suggestions were made and we’ve agreed to have Avon around first, move the Xmas Do to the end of November and try to have the Boots event at the end of January. I’ve already made a few phone calls, but nothing’s come back as yet. Fingers crossed though eh?

The night rolled on and we nibbled, chatted and drank the night away….. at least the drivers amongst us didn’t drink. The raffle did rather well and that put the group’s funds up nicely. Later on it was time to cut the cake – Val, myself and Jane – before having a bit of a boogie. Me being me, and it’s usually me who instigates the disco-noise – I’d brought along some new tracks. Some I found easy to dance to: Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry and Crush by Pendulum. I’m not so sure the last one when down well with the older contingent, but hey, you can’t have it all. 🙂 I did take my camera, but in all the goings on, I didn’t get any snaps off. I know Sandi and Val were doing the rounds, so maybe you’ll see some later on.

Take care,

[ Today’s Lyric: The Loving Kind by Girls Aloud ]


  1. cough cough wheeze achoo. The cakes and bicuits must get through… ;o)

    Good job you didnt play 'self vs self'. Would have loved to see the faces though.

  2. Sophie: I hope you're feeling better, Sophie. I think the biccies were very much appreciated. 🙂

    Yeah, Self vs Self LOL. I did think about it. The Island – Part 1 seemed to freak them out a bit. Maybe we'll have to wait for Maddy to be 'in da house' for the Xmas Do and then we can crank up the tunes. 😀

  3. I wouldn't get too mad about not getting any glue in yer eyelash box.. 2 out of the 3 pairs I've bought this year came with a tube but it was completely dried out – now that's what I call annoying.

    Yay for not being recognised en drab though. I've only been recognised en femme once & it resulted in much ribbing at work (old job, ancient history though) – it was the voice wot dun it though.

    Regarding balance.. there's no magic mix that works forever in my experience. The sands of time shift things around & sometimes a quick game of catchup is called for

  4. Justine: I wasn't hopping mad… just a bit non-chuffed 😀 Maybe next time I'll remember the Copydex.

    Yay indeed. I guess the skinhead to brunette is a bit of a jump LOL

    Hmm… balance. Where to draw the line eh? I think time'll tell on that one. No pun intended.

  5. Alex: Hi. If you did come along, it would be lovely to see you again and catch up. The dates for the Xmas party and the Avon make-up demo are on the site now.

    Why is life so busy? Well, I guess it would be dull otherwise! 🙂

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