“You can fight the sleep but not the dream”

Hi everyone,

This evening I’m unusually tired and for that reason, and hopefully that alone, I’m a little out of it at the mo. With luck, a good night’s kip will set me right. But, it is Friday and Friday night is blogging night. I suppose in some odd way, I have my own personal deadline and if I break it, I wonder if I’ll get out of the habit of regular writing. Well, lets see where this week’s stream of consciousness takes us then eh? 🙂

Health – or perhaps more accurately, head-wise – I’ve been pretty good. I think the malaise over the last day or so is just tiredness. Nothing to panic about and really, would panicking help? Probably not 🙂 I was going to write a post this afternoon, but instead I ended up finishing off a short story. Considering this is YATGB, I suppose you’d expect it to be all very standard trans stuff. Magic wands, genie in a bottle, a cursed pair of killer heels. But honestly, not a sniff of any of that. In fact, I don’t think I’ve written any crossdresser fiction for years. I’m not dissing it, I’m just not…. writing it. Maybe now I’ve got release (and the love from the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones), it’s not something I feel I need. Go figure.

Talking of writing (Ed: another seamless link m’dear) I got a note through the contact form. It was from Circus magazine – sorry Circus Bookazine. Seems they’ve been trawling the interwebs and looking for blog articles and ideas to put in it. I’m not crowing here, I’m sure a lot of other people have had one of these too. I did a bit of research and it seemed on the level. I suppose you put feelers out and see who replies and take it from there. In terms of little old me submitting something, I’m not sure where I’d come into it. I mean, this is a fashion edition and… please note I’m not fishing for compliments here… I’d describe my fashion sense as pure high street, certainly not cutting edge. Ah well, I’ll re-re-read the email and see if I can think of anything.

In other news, and following the theme of springing from one meme to the next, I had an unexpected email from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I’ll spare her blushes unless she cares to out herself. Anyhoo, I ended up driving through the driving rain through Nottingham to meet up at her house for a chat and nibbles. I think I might have done a lot of the chatting – and for that I’m sorry – but it was a fab visit with good company. If you’re curious, no I didn’t go en femme – although the offer was made – and if anything, and perhaps ironically, that added to the evening. I mean, I didn’t have to go through that whole fab to drab routine that a lot of us dread. Instead, a cheery wave goodbye and off into the night again. Fantastic stuff to be honest.

This week has also been the release of the A Level results. I find the whole thing very muddled and rather complicated. On one hand, you’ve got the media: no, that’s not fair – let’s go with certain portions of the media baying about how exams have got easier, fall of standards, blah blah blah. On the other, education folk saying the opposite. Perhaps, and as ever, the truth lies somewhere between those statements.

One thing that does worry me though, is the chances for kids to go to uuniversity. I did go, although it was poly back in those days and no, I didn’t pass. I didn’t do so well and I quit to get a job. Now on the radio, I heard one young lad saying he was going to forgo uuniversity and go for the work experience angle instead. A good idea I guess, although I do know that some employers are very keen on you having a degree. Sure, some should require it, but when it’s any degree, how relevant is that? How do you weigh up an applicant with lots of… life skills?… versus someone who’s been in the classroom. Tough choices.

How about you good people? Did you go or not go? If you did, has it helped and if you didn’t, do you think that’s held you back?

Oh and it’s Chams next week. Yay! Here’s to a good weekend!

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Weather with You by Crowded House ]

PS: To those of who you who I owe and email to, I’m sorry and I am working on it. Honest!


  1. I did go to College (as we say in the US). The degree did help at first, but then I chose to be home with kids. Single again now and a twenty year old Bachelor's Degree isn't helping me. I am back at school for a whole new career. It seems more interesting the second time around.

  2. I went. Twice in fact m'dear. I was too young to benefit. Managed somehow to carve out a niche nonetheless, but not a path I would recommend.

    School is a lovely place. I do hope that your dear one spends as much time there as he is comfortable with. There is a lot to be said for a good degree, but not so much good if it does not come from love of doing the work.

    Happy weekend

  3. I've never held exams in high regard – the fact I'm more of an applier of facts rather than a rememberer has a lot to do with it. The problem as I see it is that exams just aren't a very good way of establishing intelligence. Study for a couple of years, cram your head with facts & regurgitate them on demand… oooh. Now that's clever, I don't think.

    Holding a degree is no guarantee of intelligence either. At my last workplace we had a recent graduate who happened to be looking for somewhere to live but didn't know where to start. "look in the phone book", somebody said. "Hmm. how do I do that?" the graduate replied…

    I gave the first year of a degree a good go, but the maths tripped me up (well that & unlocking the Pandora's box which is all matters transgender).. I gave up & went into the world of work instead. I only regret that I threw the towel in – I don't think not having a degree has ever held me back.. infact a lot of people have been surprised somebody as 'bright' as me doesn't have one. Meh.

  4. Lynnd: Back at school huh? Sounds interesting! I think that getting the chance to learn something later on can be a boon. I mean, history, not so interesting as a teen (IMO), yet in later life, you start seeing patterns or picking up on events and I found it sparked an interest. The same with language really.

    Funny how the words are different: Uni here, College there. Good luck with the studies!

    Petra: Twice? Yikes. I think I know what you mean about being too young to benefit. Sometimes, we've got other things to learn before we're ready to take on more academic challenges.

    School? Well, I wasn't so keen, but Wee Man / Little Miss's education is important. They are both book fiends and we try to encourage reading and an interest in learning too. I think staying curious can only be a good thing.

    Justine: Hello! I hope things are going well at Time Towers.

    As to exams and intelligence, I'm with you on that theory. I don't hold a lot of truck with 'parrot fashion' qualifications – is having knowledge any good if you don't know what you can do with it? Glad to read that you've not felt held back by it.

  5. It's my one big regret: not going to college. I have been on my own since my early teens and I was schooled in surviving. Now that I find a college professor in my life, I find myself feeling a bit less? I am very glad that my daughter has plans for 8 years of college.
    So good to see you here, Love…

  6. T.C.G: Welcome back, TCG! It's good to see you back in the saddle – so to speak – and blogging once again.

    Eight years is quite a plan for college – would that be Scene Girl BTW?

  7. Lynn, things at Time towers are fine – albeit short quiet periods interspersed with very loud bawling & crying. We are a family at last and oh boy, what a joy it all is. Half of me wonders why I was ever a party to it & the other half stays in awe of everything the little man does. FYI mother & baby are fine, the birth was a bit complicated (well it would be, being one of my offspring innit) & the stay in hospital was wayyyy too long. I'd blog about it all in excruciating detail but I feel it'd be an absolute giveaway of way too much information.

    Nah, he's generally good as gold, letting us have a halfway decent night's sleep most nights.. and is apparently developing well .. now one month old. Can't quite make up my mind if time has flown or not.

  8. Justine: Wow, one month. I guess you'll be well into The Fear / Sleep Dep phases then? 🙂 It does get easier and certainly routines / a good sleeping pattern are good for them and you too. A wee boy as well, that's great.

    Sorry to hear the birth was a bit complicated, but everyone seems to have come through it from what you've said.

    I guess I should say: congrats, Dad. Good luck with junior and BTW – if you want to off-load to another parent, you know where the contact form is. 😉

  9. I went to Uni (well it is now, kind of the opposite of Lynn 🙂 ) and managed to get a pass of sorts.

    Doing the degree has helped me more than the actual peice of paper itself. The sandwich year job turned into a part time job, which then turned into my first job – with experience in a very unusual programming language. Knowledge of that language is what got me my first job over here in Holland and the rest as they say is history.

    The whole exam thing is a little swings and roundabouts thing for me. Purely remembering facts is not something that prooves intelligence, but then exams where you have to work stuff out and prove that you understood the concepts does. Well about the concepts in question anyway. I struggled like hell with maths in Uni, I struggled to grasp the concepts and failed an open book exam twice – as the book only helps you if you understand it. Third time something clicked and I understood enough to grasp a pass mark.

    Common sense? If only there was an exam for that 🙂


  10. Stace: Maybe it's whatever works for you? I don't really like exams, but some of the on-line assessments, where you have to do a task, they're not so bad. It's not so much memorising the exact command or words, but doing the task that counts.

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