“In Number 69 there lives a transvestite,
He’s a man by day, but he’s a woman at night.”


The week gone has been a bit unusual. For a start, the house has been only half full as both the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones (Ed: TELMJ?) and Wee Man haven’t been in. The latter was visiting his cousins and, as I write, still is, while *ahem* TELMJ is making her way back from a week long course somewhere down south. That’s left me holding the toddler, so to speak. That’s been nice, lots of father/daughter time: plenty of cuddles, a few books, an occasional snack and the odd tantrum. Her, not me, as way of a change 🙂 I think we are coming out of the Terrible Twos, so Little Miss’s language has really come on. I’ve really missed Mrs J and Wee Man though. The place really isn’t the same without them, but both will be back soon.

I suppose you’d be thinking that I’d be dressed up to the nines every night and snapping away with the camera. Well, in all, honesty, that only happened once and I didn’t bother with the camera either. I spent some time getting an outfit together for Thursday (more on that later) and that’s about it. Instead I read a few books, ignored the telly and caught with friends (emails, telephone calls, etc). I did paint my toenails on the Monday – that light blue colour I’m rather partial too – and it was nice to leave them painted all week. It’s the little things sometimes 🙂 I suppose that might sound a bit odd to non-trans folk, but getting up in the morning and seeing a pretty colour on your tootsies, puts a little spring in your step for the day.

So Thursday? Well, it didn’t come to pass. Often Little Miss goes to her Granny’s on a Thursday night. That saves us travel during the Friday rush hour and I get an early start at Chams. Really, what’s not to like? I had packed my outfit and, truth by told, I was looking forward to driving home in Lynn mode (like I used to). However, Granny wasn’t well and clearly dropping the bundle of energy that is my daughter would not be right. (Ed: the good news is Gran’s on the mend.) So, LM stayed home with daddy. Previously I would have been gutted/narked/stroppy about not being able to go out. Not so much this time, which makes for a pleasant change. Instead, I shrugged it off and dropped Sophie an email: fancy a brew, mrs? Okay, I may have put a bit more in it than that, but you get the gist 🙂 So while the Chams massive where doing their thing at the Centre, she and I were chatting about this, that and the other with plenty of tea and cake to fuel us on into the night. I’d like to add that that was in Bob Mode and again, not having to go through the faff of getting changed at the end actually added to the evening. It’s funny in that when I started going out – from a crossdresser point of view – I was quite guarded about my real name, job and where I lived. Now, okay, I don’t go shouting it from the rooftops, but I feel more relaxed about it at least with people who’ve gone from acquaintance to becoming friends.

I did buy far too much cake, so some of that went to Nursery as a thank you for squeezing Little Miss in at the last minute. The staff were made up by the unexpected surprise and having come out from the gloom – at least for the last 4 days – it made my day seeing the smiles on their faces. Again, little things eh?

Talking of cakes and all things nice, comment was made about keeping trim. I know I do watch what I eat and try to get a bit of exercise. So it goes for a few (male) friends but also a number who don’t. I wonder if being trans, you watch your weight more because female fashion is orientated towards the lither end of the scale. I do find it a bit annoying that many shops will stop stocking items above a UK 14 or UK 16. Seems a bit daft when the population seems to be getting taller and bigger. 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Neighbourhood by Spaced ]


  1. Yes, I get a buzz out of having painted toenails. Pale pink, really so pale that it hardly shows, but I know it's there. Excuse? The nails underneath are pretty ugly and the varnish tidies them up!
    Yes, being a tranny is a great motivation to watch your weight. A sort of secret weapon. 😎

  2. Penny: Maybe well preppd toes is akin to good underware?

    T.C.G: I do like the bluer shades – particularly the lighter ones for summer. Dare I ask what your Dad said about it?

  3. Oooh, you've hit a cord there Ms Jones. I, too, wear nail varnish on my toes. It's like I'm making a connection with myself that doesn't have to be on show and possibly attract the usual negative comments. And yes, Penny, it's lovely to get out of bed and see those painted pinkies 🙂

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