“No more stillness, more sunlight,
Everything’s gonna be alright”

Hey folks,

How’s things with you? Shall I get the good news out of the way? That’s not to belittle it. The week before last – if I’ve got my dates right – was my last dip. For the last week or so, I’ve felt… normal. I don’t feel under a cloud, just the normal (re: minor) ups and downs you get as part of living. I must say, it’s very welcome. Yay indeed.

On Thursday gone, a number of the Chams folks headed off to Derby for a meal out. I’ve not had the gossip on what went on, but I’m hopefuly it all went well (update: according to the forum, yes). The reason I didn’t go is that as the kids were with their grandparents (Wee Man, mine; Little Miss, Mrs J’s) so we had an evening of freedom. The Ever Lovely Mrs J glammed up and off we headed for a very nice meal. I’m still feeling a bit stuffed now. 🙂

Channel 4 are running a series called ‘Our Drug War’ and it’s about the effects of recreational drugs and British society. I find that type of thing fascinating, which may seem a bit odd as I’m not actually interested in taking them. Is it a case of forbidden fruit? I’m not sure. One element that surprised me was the shift towards mass production and that once one ‘legal high’ is banned, another crops up almost instantly to replace it. I suppose I expected to hear the standard line of ‘Substance A must be banned’ from those featured in the programme, yet conversely, it was the opposite.

A leading charity was saying that people will continue to take recreational drugs regardless of their legality. They also had a retired policeman asking why we continued on the path of zero tolerance towards users. I’m not going to argue the case that we should drop all laws and let folk take what they want, nor the opposite. If our drug laws are antiquated, would giving them an overhaul help and how would it affect our society now?

I think it was about a year or so ago… hold on, let’s try Google. Nope, it was 2005. Blimey, how time flies. Where was I? Oh yes, the BBC ran a programme called If… Each programme started with a basic statement and then rolled forward on drama, rather than scientific fact (Ed: it being a work of fiction and all, Lynn). Anyhow they did one called If… drugs were legal and from a drama point of view, I found it quite interesting, but again, even if various substances were legal, I don’t think I’d like to fell wiped out in the morning. I mean, the pills I’m on now (for depression) mean I can’t drink, but when I could, I rarely got drunk because it made me feel so lously the next day. The BBC’s website for the programme is still up. I might have a wander through that later on. But what about you dear reader? Not that I mean to pry, but I am curious. There’s always the anonymous option if you wish.

One last thing, this week The Times ran a theme in their Eureka magazine – it’s a science thing in case you’ve not seen it. Anyway, this week was all about sex, and of course, sexuality. Lots of very interesting articles, including research about genetic and being intersex. One thing that struck me as I read it, I like women, but I also dress as one (on occasion). I have a few feminine characteristics (no good with maps, poor spacial awareness), so where does that put me? Where does being CD/TS/TV (pick your lable) fit into any of this?

On that note, toodle pip and I hope the week’s good to you.

Take care,

[ Stronger by The Sugababes ]


  1. Lovely good news Lynn. Delighted you were able to steer yourself out of the ditch. The view is a little nicer up top after all.

    I am quite certain I had an observation on the whole what is my label thingy, but damned if it didn't just flutter away.

    Perhaps my old drug habits. 🙂

    A mere 90 minutes from Cocktail Hour here in the colonies, my I say toodle pip indeed to you too.

    Best – Petra

  2. Petra: Thanks, Petra. The view – and the vibes – are a lot better out of the shadows 😉

    Cocktail Hour? Oh, make mine a Pimms! Chin chin! 😀

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could get by on chocolate, caffeine and beer? We all need prescription drugs from time to time, (not to mention the paracetamol) but not many people realise that comparatively recently all these evil banned substances were quite legal.
    A friend of ours who is a shrink told me that when she started out, she had perfectly ordinary patients (teacher, houswife, bank manager) who were on 'maintenance heroin'. Perhaps that was wrong, but banning them altogether has not improved things, I think.

  4. I'm so pleased you managed to get out if it. Here's wishing you the best for the future.

    I'd love to say I try and steer clear of too much alcohol, but this week I'd be a liar, seeing as I am still recovering (a little) from my party at the weekend.

    I think you can help the users, but prosecute them for the things they do for their habbit. But go after the dealers for the drugs charges.

    I think I may have seen that If program. Was there one about Air Traffic Control as well?


  5. Penny: For instant chaos, just add beer + Brits abroad. Actually, you don't even need to be abroad for trouble…. if said party's had enough pop. 🙂

    A recent 'think tank' study suggested the same thing – that an outright ban hasn't helped – and it went on to say that it was highly unlikely any (UK) government would radically alter the current drug laws. I think society would be a very different place if they did.

    Stace: Thanks, Mrs. Fingers crossed they keep on working and so far, so good.

    I think there was one on Air Traffic too. There's a web site somewhere about them.

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