“Not with a bang but a whimper.”


There. I’ve cracked the ice. The empty white background that’s the backdrop of the Blogger window. Now I feel galvanised into action, the breakage freeing my mind to actually do something. Something. Anything. For a bloke who can talk until the cows come home, there are times when words don’t come so easily. That’s why the quote: almost high brow compared to my usual pop-scene. 😛 Is that how blogs end, they slow up and eventually stop? Anyways, for the last ten minutes, I’ve sat; staring into space or studying the fact that my keyboard could do with a clean. So it goes sometimes. I so didn’t want this to be another post about darkness or shadows (Ed: any other band references you could fall over?) because it p*sses me off…. and I don’t want it to rule my life.

< deep breath >

Let’s talk about nicer things eh? It’s late summer and already there’s fruit to be picked from the hedgerows and garden. The apples on the tree are looking good and my local bramble patch up the hill is coming along nicely. There’s also a spot not too far from work and I have been known to take in a plastic box and go blackberrying in my lunch hour. I don’t know about you, but I find picking fruit very relaxing. I wonder if it’s down to the fact that you have to concentrate on it rather than on anything else. Stop paying attention and you find a thorn in your finger, or your jeans caught on a bramble… so you focus on the task in hand.

Once the box is full, I head back and it’s not long before it’s time to go home. The berries freeze well and provided I remember to pack the apples properly, there’s a chance for apple pie – or better still, apple crumble – well into the later parts of autumn. Food-wise – and, being an earth sign – I enjoy creature comforts and I think there’s a special treat in being able to have such a wonderful summer pudding in the depths of winter (and without the air miles). What about you guys out there, any particular pudding favourites?

In other news, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is after some new shoes (as she’s got a work thing soon) and therefore we’ll be visiting town for a spot of shopping. Little Miss is with us, so no doubt she’ll be raiding the stands and picking the most glamorous shoes she can find. I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Longtime by EMF which samples – quotes? – T. S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men.]


  1. Cooked blackberry and apple with either custard or vanilla ice cream.
    Or anything with raspberries, especially triffle. ;o)

    Nom nom nom. :o)

  2. I can go with the whole not wanting to do the dark posts. Sometime I look back over a few posts and think maybe I need to write about the good things going on…

    I used to enjoy pickng fruit when I was growing up. Strawberry picking in the summer, eldeberry later in the year (OK we didn't eat those, but the wine was nice).

    Apple crumble has to be up there as a favorite pudding… Or of course nearly anything with chocolate 🙂


  3. Just this last week our fig tree out back came ripe. Unbelievably fresh, sweetness without all the weight. Nature has charms no doubt.

    Blogs too have their seasons I suspect. I do hope yours has more fruit in it Lynn.

    I rather enjoy hearing from you on Fridays. Enjoy the shoe shopping. Surely, there will be inspiration there.

  4. And cakes. Don't forget about the cakes too!
    I liked Dame Edna's remark when asked for her recommendations regarding diet; she recommended cake because of all the cake minerals and cake vitamins…

  5. Sophie: Or with custard & ice cream for serious nommage 😉

    Stace: There are good times. Fingers of sunlight that pry back the clouds 😉 But when you're in one of those moods, it's hard to think of the good stuff. Today, I feel fine – go figure. Maybe it's the thought of summer puddings. 😀

    Petra: Ooh, figs + a dash of toffee sauce and some cold ice cream!

    Blogs blow hot and cold, just like life. Sometimes there's no so much going on and therefore, there's less to report on. So it goes. Quiet is not always bad either 🙂

    Penny: Let them eat cake! Cake is sooo a weakness of mine.

    ps: Will you be up at Chams again?

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