“It was acceptable at the time”

Hi there,

It’s Friday – or at least it is as I type this – so it must be time for another weekly blog post huh?

[ insert long pause here ]

This week has been a bit odd. It feels a bit like I’ve been treading water. So much seems to have come in – at home and at work – that I can’t seem to swim fast enough to make any progress (Ed: keep flogging that analogy). There’s nothing major / serious – although we did have a bit of a worry about the dog’s health – just a continue flow of stuff that needed to be sorted out. But… it’s a long weekend now – thanks to the May Day bank holiday – so no work stuff to have to worry about for a bit. Yay!

I got my P60 this week and for the benefit of our overseas readers, that’s a tax form and it tells you what you’ve earned (and how much tax you’ve paid) over the year. Looking at the figure made me a little surprised, I suppose the overtime and other out of hours work soon adds up. In that way, I’ve something to be thankful for. Bright sides eh? 😉

Spare time being rather short this week, I’ve yet to catch up with emails – so my apologies to those I owe a reply to. The next Chameleons meeting is an 80s Party, so I’m running ideas through my head of what to wear. Funny, I pulled an 80s style jumpsuit off the sale rail the other month – gasped in horror at the baggy trousers + ankle cuffs (!!) – and put it back. Now I think that may have been just right because it was so very wrong. 🙂 Still, there’s a decade of mad costumery to go through. Not that I think too much about fashion and/or dressing up 🙂 I wonder how much brain power I must lose to secondary processing over fashion / fancy dress pondering. Still, it passes the time while stuck in traffic (Ed: and meetings 😛 ).

As I dropped Wee Man off at school in the week, I stood in the playground chatting to him until the morning bell went. There’s generally more mums than dads there and of those mum, a number of them will be off to the office after kissing goodbye to their offspring. A lot of them dress very well (IMO) and look good. Some opt for higher fashions rather than the more conservative / corporate look… not that it’s a sea of black skirt suits like I imagine the City would be (Ed: and for the ladies, something similar 😀 ). I did wonder to myself, which fashions of the last decade (or this one coming) will cause people to chuckle and ask themselves why did I wear that?

Take care,

[ Acceptable in the 80s by Calvin Harris ]


  1. Dont get confused lynn, there are 5 thursdays in april, so im afraid its another week to the next meeting.

  2. Anon: S or T? 🙂 Ooops. Senior moment. You're right, it is the 2nd week of May. I better change that to 'next time at Chams' 🙂

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. which fashions of the last decade (or this one coming) will cause people to chuckle and ask themselves why did I wear that?

    Gladiator style shoes.

  4. 🙂
    OK – so I can see you don't want the track suit for the party. I guess that leaves a couple of stereotypical genres for you… Do you want power suit big shoulder pads, or Laura Ashley chinz? ;p


    @Jenny – yup I can see those being a 'What was I thinking' item.

  5. Jenny: Glads? I could see that – certainly in some of the more extreme designs. I did consider ballet pumps, but the non-fussy ones have a certain charm to them. I wonder if the skyscraper heels – the ones with the visible front platform – will go into Room 101 too? 🙂

    Stace: LOL. No, I did have a track suit when I was 12. Blue I think. Crimes of yesteryear eh? 🙂 I did think about the power suit, that's more me than Laura Ashley. Anyways, a week or so to get my hands on something (un)suitable.

    Emma: Yeah, I remember reading the about the 70s that it was a decade style forgot… then they said the same thing about the 80s too – except after seeing white stillies and black tight together I believed them this time around 🙂 Hold on… can I add peep toe shoes and black tights as a look for Room 101 as well! 🙂

  6. Could point to a few really bad fashion trends from the 90's as well, every decade it seems is not immune. I wonder if Croc's will be the last decades great fashion mistake.
    Lucy x

  7. Lucy: Oh I dislike Crocs. I really don't get the idea of them at all. They look like sea-side shoes that have outstayed their welcome.

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