If dysfunction is a function,
Then i must be some kind of genius.

Hi all,

It’s been one of those weeks this… umm… this week. Utter madness at work and I’ve upset the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. Not a good five days looking back at it. 🙁

Work – stressful though it’s been – I can (mostly) handle and really, while I get paid to make things work, there is only so much you can do in a day. Some stuff just has to remain unfinished because there’s only so much cat herding you can do in a day.

The Mrs Jones situation? I was sure I’d talked to her about a work project, but in the words of one the 20th century’s great thinkers: in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. 🙂 Top that off with me being generally clueless and completely misreading the level of upset I’d caused, I went out and well… I was a grade A+ arse. 🙁 The funny thing is – not so much funny ha-ha though – is that I was wound so tight, that I didn’t really relax for most of the evening. Sure, it was good to talk to friends, but mentally, I just wasn’t there. So, again, more apologies: this time to the friends who made the effort to talk, despite me being disconnected.

Twenty-twenty hindsight is a wonderful thing and I wish I hadn’t misread the whole situation. Sometimes the idea of a time machine is very appealing…. or perhaps Time Tippex. Look up the day you ballsed it all up on and apply the time deletion fluid liberally. 🙂 Then again, if you’re prone to more than one mess up, when would you stop? I am a selective perfectionist. 🙂 There are some things I’m incredibly fussy over (Ed: not in a RainMan kinda way though) and if something did exist where you could – as Cher once sang – turn back time, would I know when to stop? Oh the joys of being a selective perfectionist! 🙂

Maybe that’s not the point and the past isn’t supposed to be perfect. Perhaps the words ‘Lessons Learned’ on the project plan apply to life as much as they do in work. Learn and move on. 🙂

Cheerful eh? 🙂 Ahh, but the weekend is upon us and there’s no reports to do. There’s no mad rush to be someplace, so I should take my head out of gear and just relax. Take care of the stuff that really matters: family.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Genius by Pitchshifter ]


  1. Everyone I speak to has been having a stressful time at work and at home). There's something in the water!

    As for reversing time, there are lots of things I've done that I hate remembering, but the lessons I've learned from those events have helped me become a better person.

    I'd only want to turn back time if I could rememeber the original way things went. Otherwise I'd just screw up again.

  2. Had a week a bit like that myself lynn, ended up going round in circles, being late for chams, and not really into being sociable myself.

    It seems to be catching as everyone i speak to feels the same, maybe its the time of year, and we are all ready for spring.


  3. Pandora: Is it the pace picking up after a slow Janurary?

    I think you're on the money about lessons. If we didn't screw up, would we be who we are now?

    Sandi: You too then Mrs? Sorry to hear that. Today (Saturday) was rather good, the sun was out and spring seems to be just around the corner. The local park was packed.

  4. I know what you mean about making mistakes, I just wish I could learn without making so many. Hope you and Mrs Jones are back on good terms again. Hurt is such an easy thing to create, but so difficult to repair.
    You could just blame it on me I suppose,:oD
    just as long as Mrs Jones isnt going to be knocking on my door, rolling pin in hand. :oO

  5. Sophie: Yes, mistakes. I think then that sky diving is not for me or you 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words and the offer. The written word isn't always the best medium and it's possible to under/over-read what's gone on.

    No, there'll be no rolling pin. We're from Nottingham, so it's more likely to be a laser sight 🙂

    … but please… don't have nightmares. 😀

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