“No more poison killing my emotion”

Hey all,

How’s it going? Well, it’s pretty much the Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK. Those extra few days off make all the difference.

Talking of days off (Ed: seamless link, Lynn ) I had some time off this week to help look after the kids. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones was away on business, so it was up to yours truly to play house-husband for a bit. To honest, I really enjoyed it. No computers, no mobile telephones; just me, Wee Man and Little Miss (when she wasn’t at nursery) having some quality time together. We had some good days out together, he got to play with his toys and we even managed a bit of tidying up. The local charity shops certainly did very well that day.

One night, Wee Man was having a sleep-over, so it was just me and Little Miss. Once she was safely tucked up in her cot – she is only ‘ickle’ still, well, not that ickle, but still a toddler bless her little pink socks – there was time to plan a few outfits and exercise my trans powers. Make hay while the sun shines and all that 🙂

Although I wasn’t hitting the town – so to speak – it was nice to be able to take the time putting looks together and trying different make-up techniques and what not. I do need to have a chuck out because there’s a lot of clothes I just don’t wear or are perhaps a little too snug in the wrong places. I guess I’m hanging on to them either due to the memories attached or because they are more occasional wear – long black dress, etc. Maybe when I get a quite night to myself, I’ll go through my wardrobe and try to be ruthless. I might have been a bit late to bed that night 😀

Earlier in the week I’d stopped off at an out of the way beautician and had my nails shaped. It was something I’d thought about for a while and I finally found the time – and the courage – to walk in and get it done. Once I’d got over the initial fear factor, it was very relaxing and I’d recommend having it done if you can. Not too pricey either, but then it was just a shape and buff, no polish or plastic talons applied.

Thursday rolled around quickly and as Granny had kindly agreed to a spot of babysitting, I was off to Chams for a night out with the ‘girls’ 🙂 It was a social do as we had nothing big planned but it was a packed night. I had a great time just chatting and catching up with old & new friends.

Alison had asked in the group’s forum about places to get help with make-up. Not just applying it, but finding out about the right foundation, shades, styles, etc. It is a bit tricky and while there are plenty of videos on-line, nothing beats talking face to face, or trying the products directly. Personally, I don’t mind visiting, but some folk are a little more reserved (Ed: she means they don’t have a brass neck). So, I thought I’d drop a Boots an email on the subject.

I mean, we – the TG community – put a fair bit of money towards Boots, so I was curious to see what they might come back with. I got a reply back from Customer Services and a few names to talk to at our local branch. While I did have a chat with the Branch Manager (a very helpful lady), I haven’t managed to get hold of the Beauty Team leader as yet. But with a little luck, we may get a visit. I asked the good people at chams – trans and “genetic girls” (natals? 😀 ) – for a show of hands and just about everyone said yes. Hopefully 14 people or so should be enough.

Well, that’s me done. I hope the week’s been kind to you and the weekend goes well too.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Remedy by Little Boots ]


  1. England's bank holidays always fall around the same time as America's. Ours is next weekend. Happy Holiday from one Ms. Jones to another!
    I think a make up demonstration sounds wonderful! I hope you'll share the experience with all of us who cannot wait for the end of the week to read your weekly thoughts!

  2. A very kind thing to do, if they will! When someone needs help the most is when they're most afraid to seek it and with new things always coming out it should work out well all around!

    I've been chucking, slowly albeit, for 6 months now and am still surrounded by mountain peaks…


  3. Jessica: It was a top week. So much better than the other one! LOL.

    T.C.G: Thanks Ms Jones! 😀 Happy holidays indeed. I'm hoping the make-up demo works out, that'd be a real treat for certain folk. I hope it's also an eye opener to the company too. I mean, we're regular customers. Well, regular as in repeat visitors anyway 😀

    Alan: I hope so. It's all about making in-roads isn't it.

  4. Alex: Hi there, long time not see!

    I'll keep you posted – the more the merrier – and even if it doesn't come to pass, it would be nice to catch up.

  5. Its not like a trans customer hasn't visited a branch of Boots before and i'd be even more surprised if it wasn't commented upon. Perhaps a targeted ad campaign, here come the (t) girls? I suppose its getting enough folks along to make it worth them coming.
    Lucy x

  6. Lucy: I may ask that (trans customers) although when I emailed Boots, they said they had no official policy on it. A customer is a customer? 🙂

    Here come the t-girls? LOL. Ready for your close up? 😀

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