“Cheer up you old b*gg*r,
c’mon give us a grin!”

Hi folks,

Or should that be ‘hi friends?’ Crikey. What a week that was eh? Storm in a C cup 🙂

(Ed: Oo, a smiley, is she on the mend?)

All flippancy aside: I’d like to thank you all for your kind messages and advice; those sent through the blog, via email or by PM. They really did mean a lot and helped move me from the dark cloud I’d been sat under. Sometimes I guess you gotta clear the air… no, not like that… and get it all off your chest.

I had a good old ponder about what the underlying issue may be, but I still can’t put my finger on it. Still, I took your suggestions at face value: I had a good long chat with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones (surely the sage of the Jones family); tried getting a few early nights and kept an eye on what I’d been eating. I’ve switched to eating more healthily and tried to stay away from cake and biccies (yummy tho they are) as I wonder if the mid afternoon sugar crash wasn’t helping.

All things considered: I feel pretty good at the mo. Maybe Tuesday was just lots of little things that built up and up and then… BOOM.

I also took some shoes back (although I may have worn them to Chams. Shhh 😛) and got a refund. Much as I loved them, they were perilously high and while I don’t mind suffering for a bit of glamour; there’s a bit of foot pain and then there’s beating your tootsies with an iron bar. Still, that’s propped up the old funds…. and I may have seen some others. Time will tell if the Shopping Fairy waves her magic wand so I find them in my size.

I’ve also booked a bit of time off to get away from work. Some of that will be with the kids, but I don’t mind. When you’ve no deadlines and just the fabby blue skies to run under, it all starts to feel more worthwhile.

So, there you go. Nothing particularly exciting or a deep insight into the trans-mindset, but you can’t have it all can you? 🙂

Take care… and thanks again.

[ Today’s lyric: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python ]


  1. Well, Lynn …

    Good thinking, execution and results all around. Delighted to hear all the little steps accumulate up into a positive trend.

    Staring down the biccies is a great place draw a waistline in the sand too.

    Moderation in all things, including moderation.

    Tempest in a C Cup … Good god, where your mind goes…

  2. Petra: Some good advice, followed = good results? I'd like to hope so. 🙂 Good gag re: waistline. Much LOLage 🙂

    where you mind goes…

    It's best not to ask, it really isn't… and to think I sanity check these posts before they go out too. 😀

  3. Great. We watched that episode of Boston Legal where Denny Crane reveals his Shirley Schmidt doll – so I can't get that image out of my mind. And now it's got a soundtrack…

    Look on the bri-ight side of life!
    Look on the bri-ight side of life!

    Carolyn Ann

  4. Shoes are a problem, especially [ahem) with larger size feet. After getting blisters I discover:
    a) The elastic strap around the back of the foot should be loose.
    b) small wodge of good quality upholstery foam in the toe works wonders, if a little unorthodox.
    The missus giggles at my recovering toes; I suppose that's a good sign.

  5. All the more biscuits for me. But seriously, I'm catching up, sorry I couldn't have been there earlier, you've read my blog anyway and seen what a mess I can be lol. Glad you're taking steps.
    Luce x

  6. Carolyn Ann: I really have no idea what you've been on about 🙂 But maybe Google's going to help 😀

    Penny: Larger and in 8+? Oh aye. Funny thing is, New Look, M & S, Clarkes and Next all do a 9. 'Course, by the time you get around to visiting the shop they've all gone. You'd think stores would learn from this and stock more larger sizes?

    Thanks for the tip about the foam in the toe space. That does sound a good idea!

    Giggling? Giggling's good, much better than a Paddington Bear Hard Stare 🙂

    Lucy: No problem, missus. Enjoying the biccies. 🙂

  7. First, thanks to Lucy for saving me from having to Google "biccie"…

    Glad the skies are brightening, my friend! A bit of insight into your beautiful mind is always welcome…you've seen me lay mine out for display more than once (though keeping the man with the scoop shovel away is always hard)…

    A bit of space to breathe in is always a good thing; that time will be treasured in years to come, filed away memories for all!


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