“Things worked out better than we had planned”

Hey all,

I did say and – well, some of you did ask (wink) – so here’s one from the photoshoot. It’ll be here for a short while. Oh, the vanity… and paranoia! 🙂

Should have smiled more, but hey, there’s always Photoshop 🙂 I may add some of the others later on, but for now, that’ll do.


[ Today’s lyric: Everything’s Ruined by Faith No More ]


  1. Chrissie: Thank you.

    Demi: Ta! It was good enough for Mona Lisa, should be good enough for me 🙂 BTW isn’t there some conspiracy theory about the ML being a femme self portrait?

    T.G.C: Fishnets, a girl’s best friend. Makes a change from opaques tho eh? 🙂

    Not sure they’ll ever release a Trans Barbie, but I live in hope. I bet the doll comes with a massive closet too 🙂

    Becky: Thanks… and length isn’t everything you know. 🙂

    ps: Ta for the linkage.

  2. Looking good… BTW photographer has been raving about this session privately – shes chuffed as well I think 🙂

  3. Jess: Thanks. Debbie did do a *very* good job. The other ‘ladies’ at Chams have been equally pleased. There’s a new group shot of the unusual suspects on the Cham’s homepage.

    Lucy: Thanks, chuck!

    Pandora: Ta! Dry Northern Grin? 😉

  4. Damn nice photo! One that you and Debbie can both be proud of!

    Are you going to keep teasing, or do we need to beg?

    Because I’ll beg if you’d like…

    Here or your inbox?


  5. Alan: Thanks, mister 🙂 Not so much teasing as overcoming my paranoia. I’ll have a look to see what other shots I’m willing to share.

    Oddly, there’s one in Debbie’s photostream on her site. That didn’t half make me jump! 2 mins 35 eh? 🙂

  6. Debbie: It’s a very good shot, Debbie. The folk at Chams were talking about the shoot just the other night. Seems you made quite an impression.

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