“And it feels like running with your eyes closed,
If you forget what you’re supposed to be.”


This week I feel like I’ve been dragging my sorry ass through what seemed like a desert of tedium. I don’t know where that is on the planet, geography was never a strong point of mine, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere were it’s hotter than a clingfilm catsuit. Wow, those last two words are really going to throw my input from Google 🙂

But over the top drama and negativity aside, I’ve had a few patches of welcome shade and comfort in the last week or so (Ed: don’t oversell the metaphor, Lynn). Firstly, my little girl has learned to wave. Sure, she won’t win an award for that, but it’s a parent thing. 🙂 I’ve still got a job (when lots of folk haven’t) and there’s been a few of those little things than make life flow so much smoother.

I had a bit of a spring clean at home ready for last night’s trip to Nottingham Chameleons. The group were having a bring & buy sale. It’s a good way of recycling things we don’t want and it helps boost the group’s coffers. I decided to be brutal. Okay, not iron fist in silk glove, more brutal over what items I should really let go. I looked through the cupboard and pulled out items that while I still liked, I hadn’t worn for 9 months plus. Still, you know how it is. Once you get some wardrobe space, you kinda have the need to go and fill it back up don’t you? 🙂

So, in an effort to break the cycle of work, working lunch, work, home, veg out, sleep, repeat until Friday; I headed into town to see what’s new in the clothing line. Luckily I didn’t see any of those scary Dallasty power dresses I’ve seen in the glossies. Great if you’re doing a Crystal inspired drag act, but not exactly stuff I’d want to wear. Mind you, I did see a very cute pair of acid bright heels (Ed: or Day-Glo as they were called it back in the day) and some denim leggings. Obviously not together! 🙂 I don’t know if the latter will prove to be a step too far into the 80s, but I like my jeans snug. Anyways, while the above wasn’t in my size, I did get a rather nice stripey top and a denim skirt. The latter got shortened as it was a touch too long.

Suitably armed and fabulous, I made my way to Chams. To be honest, my heart wasn’t really in it and I wasn’t sure that I fancied going through the whole dressing up gig. But… I was glad I made the effort! Arriving early, I helped Gillian set the tables up. We made some inane gag about them looking like a table tennis venue and then that was it, imaginary paddles and a non-existent ball was… ummm… not zipping between us. I think we both need to get out more. 🙂

I got changed and usually I have the room to myself. We had four new people turn up and, well, I struggle with names so hello new people! 🙂 Two peeps on their own and a couple too. I had a bit of a natter as I got dressed up before heading downstairs.

Debbie – the photographer from last time – was kind enough to drop off the CDs with our photo sessions on. She has a real talent there. While I probably should have smiled a bit more (nerves eh?), I’m very impressed with the end product. I’ll get round to uploading one at some point.

The bring and buy went well. The group made enough cash to avoid dipping into the funds. Nice to have that stash for the slow months and also to save up for the Xmas party too. I bought a necklace – too cute to resist. My old wig went quickly (lucky Tina! Blond to brunette eh chuck?) as did the books and my paisley skirt. A little bit of history disappearing I suppose, but then I wonder if people will link their own history to the item as they go through life. Life? Made up of good memories.

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Raoul by The Automatic ]


  1. Sometimes things take on a life of their own; it would be interesting to see where these items are in 10 or 15 years…

    Sometimes looking out from the center of the tedium it’s hard to appreciate it, but there is much to be said for it, especially, as you say, given our interesting times!

    I always look forward to photos; you always downplay them and they’re always lovely! So smile…


  2. Hi Lynn

    Glad you liked the photos and I’m looking forward to seeing them on-line 😉

    You look amazing BTW.

    Take care

  3. Alan: True, very true. Who had them and what events or memories are associated with them.

    I handed in a number of said items to a charity shop today – the ones the group didn’t want. I get a wry smile wondering if the buyers have any inkling of the previous owners.

    Thanks for your kinds words: we are, still I think, our harshest critic. I think that’s because I can see through the soft focus at the real me peaking out.

    Debbie: You’ve already seen them, so [engage bad German accent] for you, Debbie, ze var is already over 🙂

    I was impressed with what you’d done. Good stuff indeed. Thanks for your kind words and the work you did.

    If there’s a next time, I’ll pack more outfits. 😀

  4. I wonder where the items I dropped off are today and if somebody wears them. Just prompted me that probably its time for another assessment of what I’ve worn and never will again.
    You’ve also made me look forward to seeing there photos.

  5. Lucy: It’s good to have a chuck out. You get the wardrobe space, the charity shop gets the cash and a lucky punter gets something new . What’s not to like? 🙂

    Yes, those photos. *ahem* No stress! %-)

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