“Here I go, off the road, crank the stereo…”

Hi peeps,

How’s life treating you? Well I hope!

There’s a them to this blog: well, other than cross-dressing and all that goes with it. It’s not the journey of nervous n00bie to whatever I am today either.

It is, of course, music…. or more precisely: lyrics.

I don’t know what it is about the stuff, but even the bad stuff entertains (well, depending on your definition of bad I guess). Funny how what was naff can become pure disco cheese: sometimes capable of making the most seriously cynical museo cut some rug in a comedy turn. Yeah, like most of you don’t know the words and the actions to Reach for the Stars or YMCA 🙂

But -and as usual – I digress. Such is the bumps and lumps that come with a stream of consciousness blog. On many nights, ideas seems to rattle out of my brain and shoot out as a burst of gibberish from my fingers. On good days, I get whole sentences out. Sometimes, they’re even grammatically correct. Today, I’m a little all over the place. Perhaps writing it down first would be better? Oh well!

Anyways, there’s a point to this wordgasm and it’s this: there are songs that speak to you.

Now I don’t mean if you play your metal albums backwards there’s hidden messages of corrupting Satanic lore (“Eat your greens” or “The Darling Buds of May is sh**!” for example). I also don’t just mean emo angst, metal rage, the heartfelt strumming of country nor the UK equivalent: the Sarf Landen rap-talk-sing divas: but sooner or later, and unless you’re listening to just instrumentals, there’ll be a line or a couplet that rings a bell in your head and you connect.

Maybe even you misconnect: maybe the lyric is interpreted by you in a way the artist hadn’t originally mentioned. The joys of context and personal experiences I suppose. I won’t quote any examples – I’m sure you’ve got a few that mean something to you personally and if you do, I’d love to hear them.

But one thing I would like to know: who is writing the stuff for Girl’s Aloud and why do I seem to connect with those lyrics? 🙂 Maybe I’m just egocentric… am I a blogger…. and trans. 😉

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: No Good Advice by Girls Aloud ]

ps: I was sent a link to Glender Blender the other day (thanks Harry). It’s a series about a TG folk. There are a few teasers on YouTube which may interest you. If it catches your eye, there’s a number of videos available on CrushedPlanet. Happy viewing!


  1. Misconnect: In Temptation by Heaven 17 whenever I hear the line “Every second counts, I can’t breakaway” I think of naff quiz shows fronted by short balding magicians…

    Connect: In Love Machine by Girls Aloud whenever I hear the line “I need a squeeze-a-day, ‘stead of this negligee” I sigh and think “too true.” 🙁

  2. I keep listening to Genesis’ “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”…

    I’m not sure if that’s good or not, but the surrealism of the piece definitely speaks to me. And I’m gradually learning the language. I think.

    (The other groups I keep listening to is The Who – Live at Leeds and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon! (I’m going to watch their 1994 Earls Court show (Pulse), right after the debate analysis. If that ever ends.

    There’s a lot to discuss with this one! 🙂

    Carolyn Ann

  3. Sorry, I lied. Or at least – I changed my mind. I watched “War of the Worlds”. I’m now watching Pink Floyd. I’m sure that is vital information to someone. I’m just not sure who. 🙂

    Carolyn Ann

  4. Henry Rollins’ Low Self Opinion was a song that spoke to me when I first heard it, many years ago. I think I was suffering a bit from the title affliction at the time (not, I hasten to add, because of anything to do with the TG aspects of my personality); as a result, that song’s forceful but sympathetic lyrics made quite an impression on me. (A similar song that I also found inspiring was Suicidal Tendencies’ The Prisoner, a piece about the power that self-limiting beliefs can have.)

    Another song that spoke to me, albeit not in a good way this time, was one titled Waste by a rather disgusting (and now defunct) death metal band from Melbourne called Abramelin. While I was able to take most of their songs (which dealt with things like grisly murders, necrophilia and all the other usual extreme metal subjects) in my stride, this one – a piece about somebody dying of vastly accelerated aging – really depressed me, as some of the things its lyrics described reflected my own experiences a little too closely (for years now, I’ve worked in an old folks’ home, and have seen the aging process do some truly horrible things to people). Funnily enough, given the cheerful subjects heavy metal bands seem to like making songs about, this is the only song from the genre that’s ever really brought my spirits down, which is an impressive track record, I suppose.

    OT, I was disappointed to see that “Stephanie’s Pillowbook” is no more. That had some interesting stuff on it.

  5. Pandora: LOL. Highs and lows in your comments! I guess I’ll not be able to listen to that H17 track again 🙂

    Carolyn Ann: The Who. So much more than CSI intros 🙂

    Zosimus: Rollins is capable of some great lyrics (IMO). His stand up was also pretty good from what I recall. He wasn’t afraid to send his hard man image up either – which I think speaks well of him.

    Re: the metal song about Waste: I guess (and as you say) it hit home pretty hard because of who you work with. I feel that must be difficult because folk are pretty much on there way out by the time they get to you. Still, there may be chance for a grand exit: going out with friends rather than on your own. Cheery thoughts eh? 🙂

    Wow. I didn’t know Pillowbook had gone. That’s a shame, I did enjoy Stephanie’s writing.

  6. Several years ago now, my sister gave me a book of all Joni Mitchell’s lyrics published as poetry, and it truly is. Were they found after the recordings are no longer around they will stand on their own…

    I am mourning the loss of Stephanie as well, though I’m grateful for your introduction to her!

    Fingers crossed that all is well and she will come back again…


  7. When I write my blog, I often seem to have Queen’s “Heaven for Everyone” in my mind. I think if I decide to stop writing, I’d sign off with that. It wasn’t written with gender issues in mind, but a large chunk of it could have been.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Lynn!

  8. Everyone needs a uncool pleasure (to say guilty pleasure implies that they’re crap) even John Peel had some Status Quo in his record box he took everywhere amongst the acts he championed.

    Girls Aloud are a fantastic pop act, brilliantly produced by Zennomania imo.

  9. Lucy: LOL. I’d say guilty personally as I’m kinda passed caring if what I listen to is cool or otherwise. I remember a mate saying: there’s two types of music, stuff you like and stuff you don’t. It’s trite, but it’s true…. or at least I think so. I could well be wrong! 🙂

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