“Soothe your temper, wash your eyes,
And give your lungs some exercise…”

Hey ppl,

A good week? I hope so. Mine – or should I say ‘ours’? – was rather good. A very pleasant week spent in quaint rustic setting far away from the maddening crowds. It felt great to have some proper family time together and get away from the modern world… Well, okay, we did still have Freeview and a dishwasher, but then I don’t do tents or ‘roughing it’. If it ain’t got 4 stars, I ain’t going. You can pry my luxuries from my cold well manicured hand. 🙂

There was no timetable or the ever beeping mobile to distract; just leisurely strolls around woodland parks, the odd afternoon tea shoppe visit and the obligatory stop offs at adventure playgrounds to keep the nippers amused. Plus, with the latter, it keeps the Tubby Fairy at bay. You know how it works, you eat a large pie, enjoy a lot of beer and then the Tubby Fairy arrives at night and makes your waistline disappear. I think she may have been featured on Willow the Wisp, but I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

So there you go. Not much to report in a TG stylee at all, but it’s nice to break the routine up!

[ Today’s lyric: Let’s Get Tattoos by Carter USM ]


  1. Nice to break the routine up – indeed it is! I had my own little trip away this week; I had three consecutive days off work, so decided to go over to Melbourne to check out a big exhibition of Art Deco artworks that was being held at their art gallery. Although I only stayed over there for a couple of days, the change of scenery was well worth it, and when I came back, I felt as if I’d been away a lot longer, which was good. The exhibition was good too; among the things on display were some nice ’20s and ’30s dresses, as well as pictures of some pretty young things from the era (one of whom I could’ve sworn was a more feminized version of myself). The only thing that put a slight dampener on the experience was the realization that said pretty young things – so full of youth and vitality in the pictures in which they appeared – would’ve either been dead or pushing 100 by now. 🙁

  2. Zosimus > Ahh, it's nice when that happens; that shift in time that stretches out your time away.

    As to the Bright Young Things, it's interesting and yet slightly disturbing to know that some of these people could be your granny. There's a similar throw when you see pictures of your parents or their parents at your own age…. and that's without the funky fashions.

    Mind you, I've seen some snaps of my Mum in outfits that would be bang on trend. There's a spooky one of her in her 20s and she's a dead-ringer for my sister. If that's the right way round that is 😀

  3. The last time my wife talked me into “camping” we rented a “lean-to” in a State Park not far from her girlhood home. It was very late summer, not even fall yet, and they had a cold snap that had us awake with frost all over the truck and the wooden structure…

    I like your idea of roughing it!

    I also very much like your words to a mutual friend when you pointed out how many there are still trying to find their own place in this world…me especially!

    Thank you for being you!


  4. ^The last time I went camping in the traditional sense was probably when I was still at school, a time of my life that’s receded a fair way into the past by now. One thing I’ve long found funny (in a rather warped sort of way) is the way that when you’re a kid, going to camp has all sorts of positive connotations (I certainly looked forward to it myself), yet when you’re an adult, the only “camps” you seem to get sent off to are ones no-one in their right mind would ever want to go to – concentration camp, death camp, extermination camp, forced labour camp, rape camp etc.

  5. Alan > Ah yes, cold snaps while camping. Mmmm.. Reminds me while we invented houses and fire 🙂

    Zosimus > LOL. My childhood memories of camps mainly seemed to be cheap holidays with my folks. I did enjoy as a young kid though, playing in trees, fetching water or cooking on a camp fire. Not quite so much fun as an adult though!

    BTW: you missed X-factor bootcamp off the list. 🙂

  6. “…you missed X-factor bootcamp off the list.”

    Yeesh! That sounds like the worst one of the lot!

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