“Time it goes so fast…”

A big festive hi!

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. The last few days have gone by in a blur of visits to friends and family punctuated by too much yummy food and the obligatory gift exchange.


I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions; really, if it’s that important, just do it (Ed: today’s sage advice is sponsored by Nike). That said, I think I need to start back on doing a bit more exercise and (maybe) cut down on the mountain of chocolate we got for Xmas.

Talking of getting things for Xmas – wow, was that seamless or what? – what did you get? I got some cool things. A couple of nice ties (clearly a Dad thing), some DVDs, music, etc. Oddly I did get 2 CDs filled with the names and addresses of most of the adult UK population. Not sure what to do with those. Maybe I’ll eBay them. 🙂 H. was very chuffed with the clothes and posh make-up I got her (one of the advantages of having a crossdresser husband). The jewellery seemed to go down well too. Phew! Wee Man was over the moon with his toys- luckily I managed to find one particular toy at the very last minute – well, okay 3.58 on Christmas Eve. He was over the moon. Both of their reactions made the whole shopping slog and wrapping rush well worth it.


I see that the sales are on and that certain portions of the media – or Big Media to use the supposed blogging technospeak – have been ‘bigging’ these up. I dunno about the Winter Sales. I mean sure I love a bargain as much as the next girl (Ed: ummm – geezer?) but given the sack-like tops that were doing the rounds earlier in the year and the metallic / sequined dresses that were ‘frock du jour’, won’t they all date terribly? Maybe it’s a trans thing, but I like my (female) clothes fitted. I need all the help I can get in getting way from the straight up and down boxy bloke shape I have – I really don’t want to mask what (artificial) curves I have. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by Gok – who can say? 🙂

I wonder if the fashion bubble is in danger of getting pricked? I remember reading a fashionista’s column the other month about the young lady’s holiday and subsequent return to the UK. She said that she missed a number of key trends. She went on to say that ‘missed’ as in they came and went, not she mourned their passing. How can a trend be over in a month? That’s one hell of a short shelf life. Funny the difference between men’s and women’s fashion! The piece certainly rang a few bells, as like most folk with two wardrobes to maintain, you only have a set amount of money available. It’s picking the clothes that you’ll get a couple of ‘wears’ out of that’s the trick.


This’ll probably be it until the New Year kicks in, so I hope you all have a good one – whatever you are up to – and that the new year is kind to you.


[ Lyric: The Bangles with Manic Monday ]


  1. Thanks Alan. Mine (ours?) was great thank you. I hope yours was a good one too. Here’s to the New Year! (although we are a few days into it).

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