“They say the next big thing is here…”

Hey there,

Have you recovered from Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations yet? 🙂 So what’s been going on; other than a return to work that is? Still work. It pays for the nice things in life doesn’t it.

The turning of the year somehow reminds me of that new exercise book feeling I’d get at school. You know, the tired but well loved book would be completed and would be assigned to history. The new one’s first page was pristine: clean and empty for your scrawling. Did you take special care on this first page? Funny, but I did although that resolve never lasted to the third page.

Unusually, school is on my mind at the moment. The Xmas holidays are over and term starts once again. In our house, our little boy will be starting full time this coming week. I really feel for him and I wonder who is the more nervous: the parents or the child? He seems keen and full of excitement for a new environment.

The parents? Well, I didn’t mind primary per say, but in the main I wasn’t keen. As to secondary, well, I feel little point in dwelling in the past – particularly on a time I found less than enjoyable. I didn’t have it bad – not like some kids did. Whatever happens, I hope Wee Man is happy in what he decides to do…. unless it’s football. I really can’t stand sport. 😉 But what about you, did you enjoy school or was it a means to an end?

ps: After last week’s talk about no resolutions: I have now started to try and cut down on the amount of chocolate I’m putting away. It’s that or a whole new wardrobe! Mind you, I wonder if I’ve left it too late for the sales. Still: “diet hard with a vengeance.” 🙂

[ Today’s lyric: The Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey with History Repeating ]


  1. Hope the Wee Man gets stuck in and enjoys his schooling. But I have this funny feeling his mileage will vary from school to school. Doesn’t stop us as parents keeping our fingers and toes crossed, does it?

  2. May his sense of wonder and excitement carry him through the next 20 years or so!

    I’m with you on the resolutions; last year my big one was to try to stay positive no matter what the world threw at me. Not sure how I really did on that one…

    I do need to join you on that last one though…having fought my way from 288 to 188 after a back injury, my wife “pointed out” to me how many things weren’t getting done at home, and how much time I was spending at the gym. I haven’t made it back yet, but in 15 months almost all of those pounds have…

    So your last line is very appropo!

    Happy New Year, Lynn, to you and yours!


  3. Rachel > No, it doesn’ stop us fretting does it 🙂 Still, fingers crossed (as you say). I have a sneaking suspicion that everything will be fine.

    Alan > I hope so. He’s certainly a curious little fellow and I hope that school will be good for him (educationally and socially).

    I thibk positivity is a great thing to have if you can. It’s not so much blind faith but trying to see the ‘up’ in a given situation.

    ps: good luck with the fitness gig (McClane [wink]).

  4. Everything you’ve already given, will come into play for Wee Man now. I really enjoyed alot of aspects of school myself, but I think I enjoyed them more seeing them through the eyes of my son.
    He made alot of the same choices I made, without any interference from Mom or Dad. He also chose to persue a few surprises as well (thankfully, not football). You’re in for alot of memories 🙂

    Starting anything new is always so full of promise and possibility. It’s the continuing that gets tough at times.

    Never been much of a chocolte fan, so I can’t comment on how easy it is to do without. Dieting does seem to be alot like an action movie, but more like Mission Impossible around the holidays! 🙂

  5. Emma > It’s funny how you can’t seem to divorce your child’s schooling without thinking of your own. Hopes and fears and all that I guess. He seems to be doing okay so far although the reversal of roles – me the parent leaving him in the classroom – has provoked numerous memories.

    LOL. Good gag about Mission Impossible. 🙂

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