“Yeah, here comes the water,
It comes to wash away the sins of you and I”


I have stared at the white white box that is the Blogger Editor. Left it and come back to it. Put off the thought that creatively, I’m dry. But, no, it’s not about wit or ‘having something to say(tm)’ – it’s about effort or drive.

It’s not all lipstick, heels, self-doubt and elation – other things go on my life too. To that end, I’m having a lull in the Trans Force. I think it may because we moving towards that time of year where the trnas genes begin to slow down. They never turn off – after all, they make us who we are – but they do go quiet.

For example, on Wednesday I was in town and I had the chance to do a spot of shopping. Rather than go on a shoe or top quest, I bought a sarnie and a bottle of water and then went and watched the world go by in Market Square. Shirt sleeves up, tie undone and headphones in. How many million did we pay for a large flat square? Still, maybe it’ll allow us to enjoy a concert in the heart of Nottingham. Now, that would be cool.

But why the lull? It’s not guilt and I’m still keeping up the war against my inner Wookie (Ed: Laugh it up fuzzball). I wonder if it’s a hormone thing? Does your brain chemistry change during the summer months? Do your sex hormones shift because in the dim and distant, having a baby in the winter months meant cold nights and a lack of food? Hmmm… I feel a bit of search engine work coming on.

Talking of Nottingham, that reminds me that I’ve posted the first draft of a leaflet for the group. There’s been a few minor alterations, but so far, people seem happy with it. It’s only a few paragraphs and if all goes to plan, it’ll be sitting pretty on the stand at Pride this year. If it helps a few folk find their way, that can only be a good thing.

I hope you have a great bank holiday!


  1. It’s a mystery isn’t it. Where do all the tranny thoughts go during the summer. Perhaps they migrate to colder climes to replace the birds.
    As for the Market Square, in 2003 Nottingham had an open area in the centre of the city where events could take place and people could meet. Now, 4 years and £7 million later it has, err, an open area for events and for people to meet! Money well spent then!
    As for a concert in the Market Square, there have already been several. The Magic Numbers, Beverly Knight and Tony Hadley have already performed there, apparently.

  2. “Does your brain chemistry change during the summer months?”

    Indeed, this has been confirmed by a poll in The Sunday Times a few years back. The conclusion of which was that the brain boiled under the wig in the hot summer months turning the wearer into a geletanous (is that a word?) mass.

    Other trannies took note and thus avoid trannying in the summer months.

    Me, I can’t shave in the summer months as this would raise too many questions from my girls, one of whom has already asked me if I’m a tranny. And yes I side-stepped the issue.

  3. Perhaps they migrate to colder climes to replace the birds
    Maddie, that’s wonderfully surreal. [lol] I can almost hear Sir David’s learned tones saying “And we see a group of transgender memes crossing the North Sea to roost on the Finnish tundra for te summer.” I knew I shouldn’t have had that extra slice of cheese before bed!

    too many questions
    Yes, shorts and t-shirts are too revealing if you’re de-wookied. A floaty summer dress just doesn’t seem right with opaques does it? 🙂 Still, there are some nice long white floaty trousers out this year. Team with cute flats and I may brave a summer visit!

    Good luck on the smoke and mirrors with the offspring. Dare I ask how old is your daughter and how come she knows about trannying?

  4. It’s like this, Lynn, the older one is just turned 17 and has seen trannies in the media. Also, she’s seen my hairless arms in the past. But she knows nothing for sure.

    My younger daughter (14) got out of bed when I returned, dressed, from Leeds at 4am. I think she was 9 at the time. I didn’t expect her to wake up when I came into the house! I saw her at the top of the stairs but in the dark couldn’t make out if she was one of my daughters or my wife (my wife is very small) so I said quietly, “is that you xxx?” No answer, but she came down the stairs. I looked through the bannister but still couldn’t be sure who it was. I went into the downstairs loo and changed. When I went up to bed I asked my wife if she’d come to the top of the stairs, but she said not.

    I said we ought to talk to my daughter but my wife said she wouldn’t remember in the morning – I wasn’t convinced.

    Maybe I’m reading things into certain comments and actions of my daughter, but may be we’ll never know.

    But if things do come out into the open with my daughter and she asks why I didn’t tell her, she will be told the truth.

    TBH, both my daughters are well-balanced and now they are old enough if they asked me directly whether I am a trannie they’d gat an honest answer. I won’t have it said I told a direct lie.

    As I’ve said elsewhere not telling a close family member something like this is a form of deception, but this has to be balanced with a right to a certain amount of privacy and that’s where it becomes difficult to decide where to draw the line in the sand.

    No easy answers, I guess.

  5. It always surprises me that summer is trannie downtime. Think of all those summer clothes… still, I’m not really driven to dress either, at the moment. Perhaps its all that harsh sunlight and heavy makeup, and the sweating under the wig?

    Kids eh, what a dilemma. The problemm with telling them isn’t just their reactions, it who they tell. I knew a guy once who said that the best way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone about it, the implication being that the worst way to keep one was to tell…

  6. this is a form of deception,
    True to a point, although the other arguement – besides your privacy – is their right not to know. Is there a downside to them never knowing?

    Think of all those summer clothes…
    [sigh] 🙂 Not with my woolie pins.

    Kids and secrets are probably not a good mixture. Hell, it’s touch and go with adults most days. 🙂

    If they freak out they may want to tell their mates and who knows where that’ll stop. Still, perhaps they deserve to be treated with honesty.

    What did Franklin say about secrets? 😀

  7. Late fall/winter seems to be my down time. In the US there was snow to contend with, and here in Oz there’s rain/rain/rain (hopefully). Neither is exactly conducive to skirts and hose. But being in the southern hemisphere, I’m in sync with you. . . a bit like our “tribe” all getting our periods together.

    All women have down time anyway.

  8. “is their right not to know. Is there a downside to them never knowing?

    My parents went to their grave not knowing, and it didn’t do our relationship any harm.

    I won’t tell my sisters and spouses coz I wouldn’t expect a favourable reaction – and for whose benefit would the telling be all about, mine only I suspect. 🙂

  9. Honesty with your nearest and dearest is one thing, but family members. Ahh, you can pick your friends. 🙂

    My Mum thinks I stopped – which at the time (93?) was true – and I don’t think it would do anything except upset her if I told her what was going on now. For her, it’s better that she doesn’t know.

    Ahh, we’re back to the terrible truth, or the beautiful lie. 🙂

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