“I need to get some sleep”

Hello you,

Good week? I hope so…. and it’s a long weekend too. Result!

Nightowl or earlybird?

Rachel said something in passing the other day about early starts and that kicked my subconscious. Are you an earlybird? Tucked up in bed before the late news and jumping out of bed at the dawn chorus? Or, maybe a nightowl? Is your brain at it’s best around 11pm and you’re happy until the small hours (provided you get a lie-in the next day).

Personally, I’m a night person. No, not creature of the night (Ed: T-t-t-t-t-touch me!! I wanna be dirty) – just a night bird. I find it easier to stay up than get up early. It’s always been like this. My brain seems to switch on in the late evening and, if I’ve managed a lie-in, I’m normally good to go until the small hours. It seems all the things that I’d like to do (read, watch TV, blog or research on t’interweb) mean that I’m up until late. Not so good on a school night, but good for conferences or days with late meetings 🙂

A friend once joked to me if from an evolutionary point of view, nightowls and earlybirds where a useful thing to have around. While one group are kipped out in the cave, the other half are up and awake, keeping an eye on the place. It sounded very plausible, but then we had had a couple of glasses of falling down water.

So which one are you? Or, are you neither? Perhaps you’re the modern-day Rip Van Winkle or like the Iron Lady. Apparently she got by on 3 hours kip (after bathing in virgin’s blood?).

[ Today’s lyric, Insomnia by Faithless ]


  1. Can’t say I could get by on three hours, (note to self: new unrealistic goal) but my usual is in the 5-6 range. I don’t like getting up late cause I feel like I’ve wasted the day, can’t get to sleep early cause I think I might miss something. The worst part is I’m a light sleeper, full awake at any unfamiliar sound. Where does that fall Lynn? If you fall back asleep is that even later night? Or is it getting up extra early?

  2. Hmm. I can realistically be either. I can happily be up at the crack of dawn, especially if I have got something exciting/interesting to do, but then I do like the late nights too. Overall I guess I’m a night owl, its when I seem to be happiest and seem to work best. The deciding factor is whether or not I’ve had enough sleep. I like a good 7 or 8 hours and I’m not happy if I don’t get it!

  3. Where does light sleeper fall? You know Emma, I’m not sure. If we’re sticking with the cod genetics and hunter gatherers, maybe folk like you could nap on the go but be alert.

    7 or 8 hours sounds good to me, Maddie. With sleep it seems that 3 is the magic number. 6 or 9 hours is good. If I hit an odd point like 7 or 10 then I wake up wasted.

  4. I’m definitely a night girl. Wake up about 11pm without fail. Can do that for 4 or 5 nights in a row, then it catches up with me. It does catch up sooner these days though, now I’m older.

    Mornings – they are a myth created by the ruling classes to suppress the workers.

  5. “In Virgin blood” LOL.
    I work best from 4 pm to 1, then think ” OMG, I must get my sleep” for the next two hours. As long as my Kylie or Queen music is playing I can keep going but getting up early is only easy if I’m going on holiday or I’ve got a good day planned ahead.

  6. Light sleepers. I’ve found the abstinence from coffee has meant I get a much better night’s sleep. Always considered myself a light sleeper, but without a coffee-soaked metabolism I’m not so sure.

    Still prefer going to bed late as opposed to getting up early.

  7. Mornings… ack. I’m with you on those Jessica. Help! I’m being oppressed! 🙂

    Nights and mornings should be late IMO. Hell, if I can squeeze an afternoon kip in there too, I’m made up!

    Coffee – or rather caffine? Aye Rachel, it plays merry hell with my sleeping patterns. Apart from the odd bit of chocolate, I try and avoid the stuff for that very reason.

    Julie, it’s the first time I’ve heard Kylie used as a replacement for ProPlus… but it might just work! 🙂

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