“The bounce has gone from his bungee.”

Ey oop little old lady,

After a battle through the city traffic, I arrived at my meeting only to find that it had been cancelled. Ah well, such is life. Now, I could grumble about this, but I won’t. Let’s see… in town and no-one expects me back until 2pm. Righto, long lunch it is then. 🙂

The funny thing is I’ve kinda been expecting the trans genes to switch off over the last month or so. Faced with a couple of hours shopping, I found myself kind of uninterested. Something must be wrong with me because I found the USB memory sticks more interesting that Ravell’s shoe display.

I think part of it (as Penny wittily blogged about) is that the new fashions just don’t do owt for me. Most of the smock tops I saw seemed to be cheapy polyester or a bad investment. It’s not that I stick to classics, I like a trend as much as the next girl, but I’d like whatever I buy to last more than a single season. It’s just that some of these new-retro tops are so garish. I saw a couple of ladies in town not following that fashion (one had on a simple vest and jeans) and they looked very cool. I guess we’re back to wearing what you want, rather than what you think you should be wearing. 🙂

Tomorrow’s the NC meeting and I’m in two minds about going. Yesterday I took a peak in the wardrobe and all that registered was my collection of shirts. No outfit came together. It’s almost as if I’m tired of the clothes I’ve got. Maybe a good night’s sleep will put a spring back into my step.

Some folk need something proper to worry about eh? 🙂

[ BTW – bonus points if you can tell me which children’s TV show the greeting is from. Note – not the Wallace bit! ]


  1. Hmmmm… black & white? That sounds quite appealing, Stephanie. Thanks for that. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong things or the wrong shops! 🙂

    Joanna > Our survey said: BING! 🙂 Well spotted! Bless YouTube’s little digital socks. I wonder if Fenella will be at Sparkle this year? 🙂

  2. My tran-o-meter has been reading rather low for a while now. Just the same every year. And I too have a distinct lack of anything exciting in my wardrobe. Its all a bit “samey”. I think I may be getting old as I just can’t be doing with these new fashions. They all just seem to be so,……. bleargh! If you catch my drift.

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